Wolverine Vs Timberland Boots: Which One You Should Buy

Wolverine VS Timberland

The rivalry is a common sight everywhere. Be it in show business, in terms of wealth, and even when it comes to brands. If you have looked into McDonald’s and Burger King’s feud, both the contenders are strong yet distinctive. The same thought applies to the footwear industry between Wolverine and Timberland.

Wolverine and Timberland are pioneers in the shoe industry, mainly because of their sturdy build and impeccable structure. But as both the shoe brand models offer the best of the best, which one is better? Is it Wolverine? Should you go to Timberland? Let us find out with a detailed analysis.



Wolverine Boots

Wolverine Shoes

Let us understand both the shoe models for a better understanding.

Like all great and reliable footwear brands, Wolverine is an astounding 135 years old! It was founded by G.A. Krause and Fredrick Hirth in 1883. What started as a tannery soon converted into a successful establishment manufacturing shoes.

Along with shoes, they also produced pigskin gloves for the U.S. Navy.

The name of the company was changed from Hirth-Krause Company to Wolverine World Wide, Inc. in 1964. The company is based in Rockford, Michigan, and Waltham, Massachusetts. Besides the U.S., they also have corporate offices in Canada and the Netherlands.


Critical Characteristics of Wolverine Boots:


Wolverine Boots Material

Wolverine boots are made with full-grain leather. As it is full hide, it has not been sanded or weakened in any manner. This makes the leather more durable and dependable than other types of leather. If taken care of correctly, such leather can withstand the test of time much better than the rest types of leather.



Wolverine Boots Soles

Wolverine shoes have a removable insole that is fully cushioned. The midsole is made up of a lightweight PU (Polyurethane Fabric). Coming to the outsole, it has a rubber structure that is oil, slip and abrasion-resistant. This adds to the comfort and flexibility of the shoes.

Along with that, if you work in a hazardous situation or background, these boots will work admirably as it is also resistant to chemical and heat.



Wolverine Boots Technology

Wolverine boots are known for their innovative technology called Wolverine MultiShox®. It offers all-day comfort that allows the wearer to wear the shoes for hours at a stretch.

The shoes feature compression pads that help in absorbing any external shocks. So, if you walk on any uneven surfaces that push a constant foot movement, these shoes will not allow your feet to take their toll.

It has gel footbeds that help with comfortable flex.


Protection from Electrical Hazards

Wolverine shoes have an EH construction that protects the wearer from any electrical currents. This adds to the safety quotient, making these boots more dependable for regular usage.


Welt Design

The welted design in Wolverine boots guarantees flexibility, support, and comfort. It gives the required freedom to flex and move the feet as per his/her wish. This makes way for a more remarkable performance.


Timberland Boots

Timberland Shoes

Did you know that the timberland shoes were considered to be so legendary and efficient that the makers named the entire corporation after them?

Nathan Swartz purchased the Abington Shoe Company in 1952. The company moved to Newmarket, New Hampshire. The location had a wide range of mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, etc. Moreover, the region was more prone to rainstorms, blizzards, and even summer heat. In other words, the weather worked on extreme levels.

This gave a push for the company to manufacture water-resistant boots.

Timberland was invented in the year 1973 and was known for its superior quality- water-proof.

As they were made with an innovative molding technique, they established their name in the footwear industry in no time. The boots were sold and loved on such high levels that the company changed its name from Abington Shoe Company to Timberland Company in 1978!

The boots were loved by nature enthusiasts who needed a reliable pair of footwear to withstand weather conditions. Its rugged structure and construction made it everybody’s favorite.


Critical Characteristics of Timberland Shoes:


timberland boots Material

As opposed to the Wolverine shoes, Timberland boots are made of nubuck leather. It is a top-grain cattle leather sanded or buffed. This allows it to have a velvet-like texture. It is wear-resistant. Therefore, it is softer than full-grain leather.



timberland boots Soles

Timberland boots have a rugged outsole that can endure rough surfaces and platforms. Furthermore, the rubber lug outsoles have sturdy construction to withstand the pressure of time and weight.

The midsole has a second layer for additional comfort and support. As the insoles are injected-molded, it has high durability.



timberland boots Technology

Timberland boots are made with anti-fatigue technology that does strain the wearer’s feet. Along with being waterproof, they have Primaloft eco insulation. This keeps the boot warm, even if they get drenched.

The exterior material is rust-proof, thereby extending its overall lifetime. Lastly, enough room is provided in the toe box for your toes to wiggle around. This can reduce the possibility of blisters.


Difference Between Wolverine and Timberland Shoes

Difference Between Wolverine and Timberland Shoes

Now that we have a clear-cut idea about their distinctive characteristic, it is time to differentiate between the two.

Let us look at the individual features for a more profound differentiation.



Durability is an essential factor in footwear because what good are those shoes if they can’t last long? Wolverine takes the win when it comes to durability and sturdiness over time due to its material.

As Wolverine boots have a full-grain leather construction, which is the finest leather out there, they last a lifetime. On the other hand, Timberland boots have nubuck leather construction. Even though such a type of leather is soft, it can lose its texture over time.

Supplementary Wolverine boots are resistant to chemicals and heat, giving them an upper hand in durability. As they are specifically designed to withstand different types of weather conditions, they have higher endurance.




Flexibility is a pre-requisite when it comes to shoes as it permits free-flowing leg and foot movements. This is essential when walking on steep hills or mountainous regions.

When it comes to flexibility, again, Wolverine takes the win due to its Multishox construction. Moreover, its flexible counter welted construction allows the shoes to move around without compromising the fabric and material.




Traction is a crucial factor as it determines the wearer’s balance on various kinds of surfaces. It helps keep a level of the fraction with the ground to avoid any accidental consequences.

Timberland shoes offer better and enhanced traction as they are slip and oil-resistant. The outsoles have a unique construction that creates a reliable contact with the ground.


Water Resistance

Wolverine and Timberland shoes- both offer resistance to water. But as Timberland shoes were explicitly created for protecting the boots from water-laded conditions, it triumphs in this factor.

The material is such that it does not absorb water; thereby there the fabric is not ruined due to the extra moisture. This allows you to wear these boots in the monsoon season without any fear.



More or less, both shoes have the same amount of endurance and strength. As both the boots come from trustworthy companies that have been established for decades, you can take their construction and strength to the bank!

The outsoles in both shoes are made with sturdy material, thereby elevating the shoes’ overall sturdiness.


Cushioning and Comfort

Cushioning and Comfort

Wolverine shoes have full-cushioned insoles that support and comfort the wearer’s arches and heels. On the other hand, the Timberland shoes have a roomy toe box that keeps enough gap between the toes and the shoes’ edge. Therefore, both boots have enough amount of cushioning to provide comfort to the feet and ankles.


Chemical Resistance

As mentioned earlier, Wolverine boots are resistant to chemical damage. So, if your occupation demands you to work in a chemical factory or any hazardous situation, Wolverine boots will do the trick. The material can withstand any chemical damage, thereby increasing its durability.



Lastly, when it comes to safety, both the shoes outshine each other. Wolverine and Timberland boots come from esteemed companies. So, with their reputation at stake, the boots are constructed while keeping the safety factor in mind.

Both the material are thick enough to prevent any sharp object from penetrating. This reduces the chances of getting any foot injury.


The bottom line

After deliberating over the characteristics of both the shoes- Timberland and Wolverine, we can easily conclude that Wolverine is an undefeated champion. It excels in terms of support, comfort, and durability. On the other hand, Timberland shoes are also a reliable alternative but lag due to their material.

In The bottom line, go for Wolverine boots if durability is what you are aiming for. You will certainly not be disappointed!

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