Why Do Logger Boots Have High Heels?

Why Do Logger Boots Have High Heels

If you are working in an industry that requires you to stay outdoors, you are probably aware of logger boots. Kudos to you if you already use it while working! If not, we strongly recommend it for your safety.

Logger boots are heavy-duty footwear having leather or rubber construction. But besides the material, they have some intricate structure like its raised heel. Have you ever wondered about the reason behind adding high heels to logger boots? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

There are several reasons behind the inculcation of such a feature in logger boots. Let us gain an in-depth understanding of the same.



What are Logger Boots?

As the name implies, logger boots are used in the logging field. Besides being go-to footwear in the timber industry, they are used by hikers, trekkers, bikers, linesmen, etc.

Logger boots are not like any normal work shoes, nor in terms of appearance, neither in terms of construction. Generally, they are made of leather or rubber. Such materials increase their tensile strength.

They have a lace-up build till the ankles, covering and protecting the entire foot.

As they are intended to be used in forests, they have a water-proof construction. They have a thick layering that prevents the water or mud from ruining the interior of the boot.

Lastly, they have a raised heel that sets it apart from the rest of the work boots. This is a vital feature as it enhances its benefits.


Why Do Logger Boots Have A High Heel?

Coming to our main question, what is the point of having a raised heel in logger boots? There are multiple reasons for it, like the following:


Heels Help with Climbing

Heels Help with Climbing

The people in the logging industry have to walk on uneven terrains to get the wood. It is far too easy to slip and cause harm to oneself and others by walking or climbing on such surfaces. To prevent such casualties, logger boots come with a raised heel that prevents them from falling or slipping off.

Besides that, the hikers and trekkers also have to climb on rough and uneven platforms. Having a raised heel to rely on can provide them with the necessary support.


Provides Elevation

Walking on unpredictable grounds can lead to grave accidents in a fraction of a second. The places where logging activity is conducted can have muddy and mussy areas. As such areas are highly unpredictable, it is better to keep our guard’s up. This can be accomplished by the raised heel of logger boots.

As it provides an adequate amount of elevation from the ground, your feet do not come in direct contact with the exterior surroundings.

Even though the outsoles are made rugged and sturdy to withstand the pressures from the external sources, the raised heel keeps it dry. In a way, the elevation helps in the protection of the shoe as well.


Helps Walks on a Steep Slope

As the People in the logging industry have to climb steep slopes to get the logs, it is not always an easy task. Along with maintaining their balance, they are required to carry paraphernalia of equipment.

This can be burdensome but the raised heel can help ease some tension.

The heel is the first thing that comes in contact with the ground. It can assist in maintaining balance and sturdiness.

The heels can affirm itself to the ground, irrespective of it being muddy or rough, and can help in making the climb easier. It allows you to maintain your balance even on a slippery slope, thereby making the work easier.



Comfort is a necessity when it comes to footwear, especially when it is going to be used for hours at a stretch. People often complain about the heel area of their foot hurting badly after a long day at work.

Such issues are significantly eliminated with raised heels. The heel in logger boots is not that high to make the wearer uncomfortable. It has the right amount of length and width to support the heel, foot, and ankles.

Besides that, as hikers and trekkers have to be on a move at all times, they prefer wearing logger boots for an added level of comfort.


Good for Health

Good for Health

It is not a child’s play to work all day on uneven surfaces. If anything, logger boots can help alleviate some of the pain.

A special type of boots like logger boots is necessary to remove the possibility of suffering from foot pain. The elevated heel turns out to be the one-step solution for that.

As the weight of the entire body is divided due to the raised heel, the ball of the foot is safe from enduring everything. Hence, with no added weight exerting your feet, you can climb and walk freely.

Moreover, did you know that a raised heel boot can help you with your body posture?

It supports the torso while you are walking or climbing. The heels keep the body in the correct position without any slouching.

All of such benefits make logger boots ideal for maintaining good overall health.


Better Traction

Last but not the least, the raised heel helps with better and enhanced traction. The logging business is generally conducted on slippery or muddy grounds. It is necessary to maintain firm traction with the ground to run things smoothly.

Flat-soled shoes might not do the trick in such a matter. However, the raised heel can hold the required friction to the ground, thereby stabilizing the wearer. This is an essential advantage as traction is a must on slopes and uneven platforms.


What Are Logger Boots Used For?

Logger Boots Used For

After understanding its advantages, you must also understand the target audience for logger boots. As it has an intricate and unique construction, it needs to be used for specific purposes only. The following are some of the professional fields where logger boots can outshine the other kinds of footwear:


Logging Industry

This is an easy guess as logger boots are extensively utilized in the logging industry. As the logs need to be cut and carried through coarse and rocky areas, logger boots are a must.

These kinds of boots have heavy-duty construction and a rugged outsole. This type of construction makes it ideal for physical and outdoor jobs.

Its weather-proof build adds to its features as it only makes it easier for people to work, irrespective of the conditions. The raised heel makes it easier to have a firm grip on the floor along with preventing the water from penetrating the shoes.




The daily job requirement of linemen is to climb utility poles. They need to remain extremely cautious while doing so as they cannot afford to make any mistake. Such physical work can’t be accomplished with the help of regular boots. This opened up the doors of logger boots for linemen.

The gap due to the raised heel makes way for climbing spurs to wrap under the sole of the boot. Furthermore, this prevents any accidental foot slips.

It not only makes their job’s a tad bit easier but also adds a layer of protection.


Farmers and Ranchers

Farmers and Ranchers

Most people are surprised to know that farmers or ranchers can use logger boots to their advantage. As farmers and ranchers have to spend their entire day walking through their farmland, they need sturdy footwear. This can be fulfilled with the help of logger boots.

The raised heel keeps their feet dry from the mud and muck.

Ranchers are often seen riding a horse and logger boots can be effective for such an activity. The elevated heel allows them to have a proper grip and prevents any accidents or slips.


Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle Riders

As previously mentioned, bikers prefer wearing logger boots due to their structure. The elevated heel prevents the feet from slipping. Moreover, as logger boots cover the foot till the ankle, more protection is affirmed in case of an accident.


The bottom line

There you have it, the entire detailed explanation of the reason behind the unique raised heel in logger boots. As logger boots are not like normal boots, they shouldn’t be treated as so.

As a quick recall, the elevated heel helps with a better grip, traction, and also for avoiding any foot pains.

So if you are related to any such field that requires you to stay outdoors on uneven grounds, make sure you keep your logger boots handy!

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