Why Are Shoes So Expensive?  (Answered)

Why Are Shoes So Expensive

Gone are the days when people wear shoes only to protect their feet. Today, shoes have become an integral part of our wardrobe and fashion statement. There is a wide range of shoes available in the market, ranging from army boots, athletic shoes, loafers, sneakers, hiking shoes to gumboots. One can choose any shoe style according to their sizes, dresses, and so on.

Since not all shoes are created equally, you can witness a fluctuation in price. The prices of shoes may vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. However, paying less and ending up with quality shoes is a rare case to be witnessed. High-quality shoes usually come with a high price tag. But do you know why? Well, here we will discuss those factors that decide the prices of shoes.



What Impacts the Prices of Shoes?

What Impacts the Prices of Shoes

Undoubtedly, purchasing shoes from manufacturers is a great way to reduce the cost. But not everyone can travel to factories to buy shoes. Mediators play a vital role in enhancing product costs. But several other factors play a crucial role in deciding the price of shoes. Let us check out those factors.

Manufacturing Factors

Qualitative work:

Qualitative work

Extremely creative and talented artisans design the branded shoes. They have experience and specialization in creating a pair of quality shoes, which is the prime reason for its higher price. Such designed shoes fit well and do not tend to pinch your toes. Also, these shoes have proper cushioning to absorb impacts and protect your feet from injuries. As a result, the shoes tend to be expensive.


Design of the shoe:

Design of the shoe

While there is a wide range of shoe designs available in the market, the shoes are designed to fit regular feet. But what if you have extra-large or extra-small feet size than usual? Obviously, you will need different size shoes. Here is where the customized shoes come into play. Brands allow you to customize your shoes as per your comfort and style, but you have to pay extra money for extra service.




Running shoes, walking shoes, hiking shoes, work boots make use of cutting-edge technology to meet the user’s needs. For instance, breathable, lightweight, and safe shoes are designed after complete research and tend to be expensive than regular ones. So, the manufacturer has to spend time and money to bring new technology and innovation, which adds up the cost of shoes.


Expensive Raw Material:

Expensive Raw Material

Boots, sports shoes, jogging shoes, and so on are designed with the utmost care. Generally, cheap shoes are made with the help of plastic or a hybrid version of leather. However, quality shoes are made of vinyl and leather. Apart from this, these shoes require different types of raw material, including rubber, EVA foam, leather, nylon, laces, etc. And the cost of raw material is too high, which makes the shoes expensive.


Limited Distribution:

The demand and supply of a product directly affect the price of a product. It applies to all industries, including the shoe industry. Hence, when a particular shoe model is high in demand, but the supply is limited, the prices automatically go up.


Customer Perception

Brand Value:

Brand Value

Customers often tend to judge products through their brand names. They are always assured of the quality and designs while buying from Puma, Nike, Woodland, and other brands. That is why the name of the brand adds massive prestige to the product. In short, the reputation of brands makes the price of your shoes go beyond our budget.



brand promotion

Nowadays, advertising is a crucial part of marketing and severely influences the buying decision of the customer. The more you promote your brand, the more audience will recognize you. That is why many brands promote their product and hire celebrities as their brand ambassadors. Such endorsements play a vital role in pushing up the prices of products.


The bottom line

We hope that this article has helped you understand why shoes are expensive. Since not all shoes are designed to cater to the same needs, their price may differ with the style and brand. However, when you buy a pair of shoes, you should consider other factors apart from the price. Otherwise, you may end up getting lucrative but worthless shoes.

Make sure you do proper research. Don’t get swayed away by the design and color of shoes. Always remember, shoes are to be worn. Therefore, your comfort should be at the top of your priority list.

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