What Shoes Does Police Wear? (Explained By Ex-Police Men)

What Shoes Does Police Wear

Police officials are dedicated to safeguarding the law in the area. But, who is supposed to safeguard them? Well, with the right gear and technology by their side, modern-day police enjoy utmost safety while dedicating their life to the service of their country and community. Apart from your usual gun, safety belt, bullet-proof vest, and others, officers must also consider the importance of a good shoe.

Police shoes are an important gear for officers to help protect the toes and feet from any blunt outside trauma. However, without the right pair on your feet, you might not be as protected as you think you are.

Whether you need a waterproof boot, safety boot, or the classic “SWAT” style boot, you need to scope out the dos and don’ts before you bring home the best pair for your daily needs. So, if you are a police officer wondering what shoes do police wear, let us help you make a quick decision with this guide.



What Should You Consider When Buying Police Shoes?

What Should You Consider When Buying Police Shoes

As an officer of the law, you need to be ready and aware of anything. Apart from the tactical training & quick reflexes, officers must be ready with the best gear to do the job the right way. Police officials tend to spend a lot of time standing or running on their feet. It calls for a protective, supportive, & comfortable shoe that can evade abrasion occurring from regular use.

Here are some important factors you must consider before buying the right police shoes.



Comfort is an important factor for police officials to consider as their entire day can be tasking. On average, an officer of the law might have to be on his feet for more than 15 hours. These long shifts require you to invest in boots that can handle your body’s weight with ease.

Fatigue and pain must not concern you at any cost as they can alter your productivity. The boots you must choose should pack in the soft lining on the interior to prevent possible irritation, blisters, or hot spots. Apart from this, the material used in the upper must also be flexible enough to help your feet move easily with the leg movement.

Also, ensure that you get yourself a well-fitting shoe or boot that isn’t too tight or too loose. An ideal shoe must take care of different pressure points in the foot and helps disperse them throughout the foot. Your boot must have proper toe room to evade any swelling or pain.

A well-ventilated shoe design will help tackle any unpleasant odors that might bulk up in your boots as you work.




When working under strenuous circumstances, comfort shouldn’t be your only factor to consider when buying boots. When working for the law, you need to grab on to a pair that helps you avoid fatigue and injuries even in the long run.

The upper material must support your ankles and foot, while its sole must absorb all the pressure emerging from the body weight. Most police boots flaunt a sole system with 3-tier integration, including the inner, midsole, & outer sole.

The outsole connects your foot with the floor, while the midsole functions as the 2nd layer, which is dedicated to the dispersion of pressure throughout the foot. It also links the outsole with the insole. Apart from this, your boot must also flaunt a sturdy shaft added to the midsole for additional support.

The insole allows your foot to rest and evade any bounce-back pressure you might feel from standing for long hours and handling any impact with ease.




As a police official, you might have to run, chase, or scour through varying terrains to handle the malefactors of society. In such cases, you need a boot that can help you avoid any falling or slipping accidents. Most police boots are designed to be slip-resistant as well as oil-resistant to help keep you stable regardless of the terrain you choose to venture.

It is also advised that you must select boots that are non-marking in design with deeper lugs to help add to the overall traction.



Given the fact that police boots are designed for safety, you might have to pay up a hefty amount for the same. However, you wouldn’t want them to wear out too fast, even after paying a premium price. That is why the durability and use of material matters a lot. The materials that are used in the shoe can massively affect its weight & durability.

A police boot with good material can handle different types of demanding arenas with ease. However, a flimsy boot wouldn’t stick by your side, and you must avoid making such purchases just because it might not cost you a lot.

Depending on your duties, you can list out the requirements and make a purchase accordingly. If you are on a desk job and sit throughout the day, you can go a bit cheaper as the footwork is minimal. However, if you are patrolling officer, you might have to go with sturdier materials that can withstand the abrasion with ease.



Another factor that must not be overlooked is the need for a light yet sturdy pair of boots. Police boots must be light in weight to allow the officer to move around with ease without lifting a load with the feet.

Police officers tend to spend prolonged periods standing or moving around. A heavy pair of shoes will make you tired even before the end of the shift. However, as per mandatory standards, police boots are designed as tactical, military-style boots. It means they are sturdy & aggressive enough to handle tough situations.

Obviously, this adds to the weight factor, making them heavy. Fortunately, with technological advancements, manufacturers have established footwear that is durable yet light in weight to help evade any weighing down effect for the police officers on duty.


Agency Mandated Boots for Police Officers

When looking for the best shoes for police, you should surely consider affordability, comfort, as well as safety. However, you must also adhere to the uniform rules and regulations set by your precinct to avoid being fined by your superiors.

In general, most police departments mandate their officers to wear completely black boots or shoes with no fancy design whatsoever. However, the rules might vary from one precinct to another. One type of boot that is specifically prohibited in most precincts is the cowboy boot. It could come under exception if the officer is diagnosed with a foot condition that requires the use of cowboy boots or any other type for that matter.

Most deputies tend to wear half-wellington shoes that are mostly shined to achieve a high gloss look. However, today you can see several officials switching to lugged lace-up boots that are safer, secure, and more comfortable than the former.


The bottom line

As you deal with challenges in your daily regime, make sure you don’t have to deal with bad foot pain or uncomfortable shoes while protecting the citizens in your county. With a durable and comfortable pair of police boots, you can impart happiness and health to your feet for years to come!

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