Vans Sizing VS Nike | Things you have to look!

Vans Sizing VS Nike

It has been observed that every brand may have different shoe sizes, and even the different models of the same brand can have different sizes. It makes it difficult for the customers to find the accurate shoe size.

Whether you like shoes from Vans or Nike, it is vital to choose the right shoe size. Otherwise, you may end up buying a pair of tight or loose shoes, which may cause painful blisters or make it difficult to walk respectively.

So, if you are confused about your shoe size from Vans and Nike, you are not alone. Here we will tell you everything you should know about Vans VS Nike shoe sizing to help you choose the right shoe size. Without ado, let us get started.


Vans Sizing VS Nike | A Complete Guide To Buy And Measure Your Shoes

How Does Vans Fit?

Vans Fit

Vans offer true-to-size shoes &its shoes are examined by the Brannock device as per US size standards. So, if you wear shoes of size-10 from other brands, then the Vans 10 shoe size will fit you comfortably.

To check the comfortable and right size, stand on your feet while wearing the shoes, and now, try to stretch your feet. It should feel comfortable on your feet & you must be able to insert one finger in the shoe. When you do not find the perfect match and are confused with a little smaller and bigger size, then always try to get bigger because you can adjust the size by wearing a pair of extra shocks.

Generally, Vans offers unisex shoes, and usually, the size starts at 9. So, it may be challenging for a girl or woman to get their match.

Another best alternative to know the outright size of your feet is to use the wall. For this, stand up with your shoes against the wall and mark it up. Once you get the mark, compare it with the size chart.

How Do Nike Shoes Fit?

Nike Shoes Fit

Nike shoes seem to be a little smaller than other brands like Puma, Rebook, and Adidas. You can find variety in smaller sizes but might have to face some complexity if you have larger feet.

The shoe size can be smaller than its length as well as its width. So, if your feet are wider than normal and fit shoe size 10, you may find your shoes a little uncomfortable on your feet in the beginning.

However, the shoe will stretch the length and width wise over time. Also, this will be comfortable and more flexible to use.

Sizing Guide For Nike

Sizing Guide For Nike

Nike is a US-based brand that is known for its athletic wear and shoes. If you are looking to buy Nike shoes, you need to be aware of its sizing, as the right shoe size is a must for better performance and a comfortable feel. So, check out this table to understand Nike shoe sizing.

US Men’sUS Women’sCMUKEU
21.523 2153.5
2223.5  54
22.5   54.5

Sizing Guide For Vans

Sizing Guide For Vans

Vans manufacture true size measured as per US standards. Also, it offers larger and wider sizes as well. Vans also provide a shoe size guide on their website where you need to fill up your feet size in centimeters & you get your shoe numbers with several suggestions. However, this table will help you understand Vans shoe sizing.

US Men’s US Women’sUKEUCM

How Do Vans & Nike Shoes Compare?

Vans and Nike have a few similarities, but they are not the same when it comes to shoe size. Both the shoe manufacturers have a great reputation in the market. So, you need not worry about the shoe quality. However, the following are a few variations that make both the brands different.

Fit and comfort

In terms of good fit and comfort, the Vans shoes are better because a quilted collar and a cushioned footbed offer relaxation to your feet and protect them from blisters and sores.

On the other hand, Nike shoes tend to fit in a snug manner. The addition of an enhanced tongue design with its fused elastic band provides you wearability for a long duration.

Grip and Feet Feel

When buying a pair of shoes, always opt for a pair that provides you a better grip and flick. Since Vans shoes offer good grip and flick, these shoes are perfect for snowy surfaces.

On the other hand, this also provides better feet feel compared to Nike SB. Nike SB carries a geometric pattern and has a thick sole, which is not for snowboarding.

How to find the correct shoe size?

Whether you want to go with Vans or Nike shoes, you need to see a few key terms before spending your money. So, check out some tips from experts that you should follow when buying your shoes.

  • First, you need to take out an imitation of your feet to measure the actual size of your feet. If you got a shoe that is narrower or shorter, avoid that shoe on the spot.
  • Whenever you buy a pair of new fashionable shoes, try to acquire that in the afternoon because your feet tend to extend properly at that time.
  • It can be possible that your one foot is bigger than the other. So, in that case, always measure the bigger one.
  • Always wear a pair of socks when buying a pair of shoes.
  • After wearing the shoe, stand out and stretch your feet gently and ensure that it has enough space for mobility.
  • Rather than seeing the features represented by brands, focus on your rational and personal judgment as you are the real user. So, always opt for shoes that give you the perfect fit and comfort.
  • Also, it is vital to check the shoe weight, especially if you’re an athlete.
  • Also, press the shoe to check the softness of the outer and inner soles. It will help you to ensure that the shoe can provide your feet protection against sharp objects.

The bottom line

Since the shoes from Vans and Nike can have different sizing. Therefore, always follow the brand’s personal sizing and imitation of your feet. Also, check the official site of Vans and Nike. Remember that Nike shoes are a little tighter and do not stretch as much as the Vans.

We hope that this guide has cleared all the doubts that you were looking for. If you feel this is a helpful guide for you to buy the perfect shoe, please leave feedback as a comment and spread it out among your friends.

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