UGGs Boot Sizing Information

UGGs Boots Sizing

There is a reason why the UGG boots are among the most copied boots on a global scale. Given the fact that this brand carries an iconic style, design, and comfort factor, it has definitely been the most loved shoe for quite some time. These cozy boots are perfect to be worn in both the winter and autumn months.

However, unless these boots fit you perfectly, there is no point in craving coziness or longevity. So, how can you spruce up this coziness? Well, with the right fitting shoe, you can amp up the comfort factor.

So, check out this quick guide for UGG Boots sizing.


How Do UGG Boots Fit?

UGG Boots

Given the fact that UGG provides a collection of different styles, the fit for each would definitely be different. Ranging from the zippered boots to the pull-on styles along with the lace-up boots, UGG definitely sets precedence in terms of comfort and coziness.

If we go with the general user consensus, the UGG boots tend to run a tad larger than normal. Mostly, the cardi, classic, & rainboots are known to run larger rather than being true-to-size. However, snow boots, fashion boots, & other styles tend to be true to their sizing guide.

What Boots Does UGG Offer?

The original UGG Boots sold in the market are created from the Grade-A Sheepskin Twinface with the lining that is created from natural woven wool. Apart from this, the UGG soles are the signature tread lite material that is designed to provide added cushioning & traction on wet surfaces, making it ideal for the cold winter months.

The types of boots offered by UGG include:

  • Mini Boots
  • Tall Waterproof Boots
  • Waterproof Snow Boots
  • Classic Short Boots
  • Metallic Boot
  • Waterproof Leather Boot

The makers of these boots have employed the use of the best materials with an uncompromising viewpoint towards craftsmanship and quality. The shoes are uniform in make with flawless & fine-grained texture. Further, the boots provide luxurious and natural woven wool that brings in a plush and sensory experience.

The boots also feature heat-regulating and moisture-wicking features that keep you cozy and warm even as the temperature drops down. Additionally, the classic UGG shoes tend to have flat soles & do not pack in built-in support. In order to compensate for this lack of support, you can add in comfortable insoles and check their fit when buying the boot.

Sizing Guide | Women’s, Men’s, Kid’s, Toddler/Baby

UGG Boots bring warmth, coziness, and comfort with high-quality materials that can never be replicated by any other brand. Here is a quick sizing chart to help you get an amazing fit added to all these features!

Women’s UGG Boots Size Chart

Women’s UGG Boots

Men’s UGG Boots Size Chart

Men’s UGG Boots

Kid’s UGG Boots Size Chart

Kid’s UGG Boots
Foot Length (MM)UGG   SIZEAUSUKUSAEUROPESuitable for Children Aged

Toddler/Baby UGG Boots Size Chart

ToddlerBaby UGG Boots
Foot Length (MM)UGG SizeAge
105S0-6 months
115M6-12 months
140L12-18 months

How do I choose the right UGG size?

Even though there is a standard size for most shoe brands, finding the right fit varies according to the buyers. So, here are some tips to help you out!

Lace-Up Boots:

Lace-Up Boots
  • When trying the lace-up boots, try to wear the socks that you would be wearing regularly to understand how they fit.
  • Place any insoles or orthotics you would be using within your boots. Since they would definitely take up some room within the boot, you should use it while checking the fit as well.
  • Shop for the boots in the afternoon or evening as they are at their largest size after sitting, walking, or standing the entire day.
  • Alter the lace fitting to understand the fit of the boots in a better way.

Pull-On Boots:

Pull-On Boots
  • The pull-on boots are mostly soft and would expand with use. So, make sure you keep this in mind while making the purchase.
  • Apply some gentle pressure on the shoe as you slide in. In case the foot slips in pretty easily without any resistance, the shoe is definitely too big. If the force is too much, the shoe is too small. So, choose something accordingly.
  • The interior of the sheepskin-lined boot must feel secure and snug on your feet rather than being tight, especially in the instep area.

The bottom line

UGG Boots are sure to stay a fan favorite for a long time. Given the fact that they are very comfortable, these boots could be your go-to option for years to come. With a plethora of options to select from, you will definitely find something that would fit you the right way.

Key Takeaways:

  • UGG Boots run both true-to-size as well as larger than normal
  • Purchase your UGG boot in the afternoon or late in the evening
  • Pull-on UGG Boots are soft & tend to expand with usage

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