Tecovas Boots vs Lucchese Boots: Quality and Price

In this day and age, your clothing and accessories define you, but your shoe choices determine your taste in lifestyle. We’ve seen all sorts of comparisons between brands, such as Nike and Adidas. Today we are diving a bit deeper with the Boots segment and one such category called the ‘Cowboy boots.’

Tecovas Boots Vs. Lucchese Boots:

If we talk about Cowboy Boots: two particular brands are loved by millions around the world- Tecovas and Lucchese. While it is extremely challenging to pick from the best of the best, we’d have to side with Tecovas Boots.


Well, our reasonings are based on intensive research and detailed comparison. If experimentation with Cowboy boots intrigues you, we suggest going through the following article.


1. Quality:

The main reason why you would purchase any of these boots is, of course, going to be their quality.  The details, comfort, style, and fashionability of the boot, are the segments that define perfect footwear. Let’s find out which one claims the title of ‘Quality done right.’

Lucchese Boots

Lucchese Boots

Since 1883, Texas-bred Lucchese used honored crafting techniques to produce a handmade pair of Cowboy boots of extraordinary quality. The comfort, style, and statement of these boots narrate their story and love for the boots.

If you’re into the pedigree and lineage of a brand that has been doing it for a long time now, Lucchese boots might just be the answer to your explorations for cowboy boots.

The fine craftsmen at Lucchese hammer the Lemonwood pegs into the leather. This helps tighten the sole to deliver handmade patterns to their customers.

They have decoded the formula to long-lasting boots, which is also why they are premium.

Often using machinery for a certain stitch, the comfortability present in their boots makes them upper-quality segment boots.


Tecovas Boots

Tecovas Boots

Created out of love for the Cowboy boots, Tecovas boots are purely an example of good craftsmanship and quality.

Other than the fact that the boots were made to appreciate a personnel’s style and taste in footwear, it’s the comfort and the feeling that takes the cake. Because in the end, it’s all about how someone feels when they wear that particular pair of shoes.

Using the highest quality leather even for their most affordable boot range, they use only sewing machines and hands for their artisan boots.

Handcrafted by the experts, these boots are produced by the Goodyear welt, which has been in the using practice for over 150 years.

The comfortability and long-lastingness of these boots are what make them stand out.

Winner: The Tevacos delivers on comfort, style, and the pay range for the boots. The preferences of any consumer can only determine their choice when it comes to picking between these two.

Still, the price range and quality allow Tevacos to be accessible to everyone looking to experiment in the Cowboy fashion segment.


2. Value for money:

Now, the first thing after you’ve liked the boots of any of these particular brands is going to be their price.

After brief research and time to figure out which ones justify their price range, here’s the differentiating factor.

These boots are highly expensive because of the high-quality leather and a handsome amount of skills that go into making each of them. Such a combination can only be fulfilled by a niche segment of manufacturers, the demand of which is already declining.


Lucchese Boots

The Lucchese is the most premium Cowboy boot brand out there. There’s no dispute in that with the history and brand name it has established for itself. This justifies their prices, but they might be well above your budget.

The range of boots at the Lucchese begins with $295. But then these are the most basic range in boots. There are a total of eight different categories of boots that start with $2000, which should be enough for you to understand the price segment and the audience they are looking to serve.

But if one is born with a silver spoon in their mouth, Lucchese caters to their needs with one particular model touching $13k.


Tecovas Boots

On the contrary, the Tecovas boots lie in a range that talks to audiences interested in the Cowboy statement but can’t spend a huge chunk just on experimentations. Their price range begins at $200 to $250 with their Suede boots and Calfskin range of boots.

Their most expensive, comfortable, and the premium product is their Aligator boot, which costs less than $700, which should be a reason enough for a reasonable consumer to opt for the Tecovas than for the Lucchese.

In the end, it’s not just the pricing points and brand value that a consumer is looking for; it’s the product value and the comfort. This seems to be the case with the Tecovas boots.

Since the brand is a lot newer comparatively, the value that the brand brings to your feet will not be added in the cost as much as the Lucchese.

Winner: Regardless of the words and reviews, it’s the consumer comfort and preference that matters for any of these boots to be bought.

But if it were up to the reasons, pros and cons, and the value of a brand, the winner would be the Tecovas cowboy boots. The reason is straightforward- the price range, comfort, and quality justify the value you get in return for your money.



What is the meaning of Tecovas?

Tecovas means “roofed” in Spanish and comes from the term ‘Techados’. However, the people who now connect with Tecovas boots only know one definition of the word: the power of reaching out to the audience.


Are Lucchese boots comfortable?

With their snug fit, Lucchese boots are extremely comfortable. These classic cowboy boots have an ostrich inlay with a walking heel and a traditional round toe.

To get the ultimate fit, we suggest buying a smaller size as compared to your normal shoe size.



As we are gearing towards the end of this article, we hope you’ve used the aforementioned comparison to make the right call.

When it comes to picking boots, Tecavos stands out from the crowd. There are several factors at play like quality, price, construction, etc.

But if you have money to spend, and by that we mean a lot of money to spend, Lucchese is an excellent investment as well!

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