Sno Seal Vs Obenauf’s | Which One is Better for Leather Boot Waterproofing

After spending hundreds of dollars on it, we all want our boots to last forever, don’t we? But coming back to reality, the truth is that they are susceptible to damage after a point, especially leather boots.

People consider conditioning or treating leather to be a marketing gimmick. But according to the experts, it is a fundamental condition to increase durability.

When it comes to leather treatments, there are two worthy contenders- Sno Seal and Obenauf’s. If you are torn between the two, read along and make an informed decision about the said products.



What is the Sno Seal?

Sno Seal

Sno Seal is the original Beeswax waterproofing leather treatment from Atsko, dominating the market for almost a century.  It was created by a man named Ome Daiber in the mid-1930s. He was a mountaineer in the Seattle area who wanted to waterproof his leather boots while preventing them from getting softened.

As the regular grease-based boot coatings did not work effectively with crampons, Ome added beeswax to the product to enhance its waterproofing capability.

The main selling point of Sno Seal is its effectiveness. It does what it guarantees- protects your leather boots from deteriorating their quality due to the weather conditions!

It makes the leather boots airtight as well as watertight. But at the same time, it does not make your feet sweaty. It prevents the leather from getting mushy and preserves its suppleness.

Moreover, it also conforms to the comfort levels of the wearers. It keeps the feet dry and warm, which is a significant plus point in winters or colder weather conditions.

Thus, it can be concluded that the Sno Seal has aged well over the years, making it a powerful addition to the leather conditioning market.


What is Obenauf’s?


Obenauf’s was created by Marv Obenauf. As he was a firefighter, he has lost a lot of boots due to his work responsibilities. This pushed him to research the best leather treatments and conditioners to save some bucks.

Obenauf wanted something that would protect his boots in the most challenging situations. As he had to deal with fear regularly, he was aiming for better protection. This led him to try out different ingredients that would extend his boots’ life and avoid getting softened.

After much deliberation, he came up with Obenauf’s beeswax leather conditioner but added his touch to it. He supplemented the beeswax with natural oils to preserve the sanctity of the leather boots.

The Leather Preservative by Obenauf’s is free of harmful chemicals. It has the right blend of beeswax and natural oils that prevent leather boots’ quality from getting degraded.

The beeswax helps in protecting the surface, while the natural oils soften the leather. Along with that, it also keeps the dirt and water out. After applying it, you will see a renewed shine on your boots.


Sno Seal Vs. Obenauf’s: What’s The Difference?

After having a basic understanding of both the leather conditioners- Sno Seal and Obenauf’s, it is time to differentiate between them.

Ing residents

As mentioned earlier, Sno Seal has beeswax, while Obenauf’s has beeswax, natural oils, and propolis.



As Obenauf’s has more fillers like natural oils and propolis, it might be more effective on the leather boots. However, this does not mean that the Sno Seal is entirely ineffective. But the difference in the ingredients is felt while applying it on leather boots.




If considered individually, both the leather protectors have immense water-resistance capabilities. But in comparison, the Obenauf’s LP excels and outshines Sno Seal.


Oil and Mud Resistance

As leather boots have to endure grim, mud, and mushy particles, it is crucial for the leather protectors to resist such substances.

Sno Seal has higher resistance against muddy particles, and it does not leave a stain behind. However, Obenauf’s is not entirely the best option when it comes to such circumstances. You might see a change in color after coming in contact with a dirty environment.

Sno Seal is much better at resisting oils when compared with Obenauf’s.


Affect on the Interior

Even though Obenauf’s is better when it comes to water-resistance, there is little to no effect seen on the boots’ interior with the Sno Seal applied.

The color of the boots’ interior with Sno Seal remains unchanged, while the one with Obenauf’s gets darker in the shade.

Note: There are no significant differences when it comes to the price range. The only major difference is in the ingredients and the final result.



What is Sno Seal Made Of?

Sno Seal is a wax that is made of beeswax. Along with that, it has certain natural additives that make the boots water-resistant. Several other additives make it a reliable option when it comes to leather conditioners.


Does Obenhauf’s Darken Leather?

Obenauf’s has two major products- Heavy Duty Leather Protector (LP) and Leather Oil.

When it comes to the leather protector, you will see a change in your leather shade. However, the leather oil resists this. Initially, you might see a difference in the shade, but once it is completely dried out, it will look the same as it did before.

As it has natural oils, the leather is bound to get darker.


What Is The Difference Between Obenauf’s Heavy Duty And Just Normal Obenauf’s?

The Obenauf’s heavy duty leather protector (LP) has a paste-like consistency. On the other hand, the standard Obenauf’s leather oil is in oil form. It works as a leather preservative.

Moreover, the heavy-duty LP works well for work boots, belts, baseball gloves, etc. But the leather oil is widely used for furniture or breaking-in in new boots. It is also used to apply in-between the applications of the heavy-duty LP.


The bottom line

The article’s final synopsis mentioned above is that both the alternatives- Sno Seal and Obenauf’s are more nuanced choices for protecting your leather boots. Yes, the Obenauf’s has natural oils in its product, which the Sno Seal lacks. But when it comes to water-resistance, Sno Seal has the upper hand.

In The bottom line, you can choose either of those products according to your need and personal preference. But make sure to conduct patch tests for better results.

Leather boots are a crucial investment, and they need to be preserved with more than just mere cleaning. Do not get worked up about your leather boots sustaining cracks with a suitable leather treatment. Lastly, we advise you not to leave your shoes untreated. Use either of the products and see the difference for yourself.

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