What Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans To Make You Style Icon

With each passing day, jeans become more and more important to us. As we grow, we understand our personal style, and jeans have now been a staple.

They came to us as a casual trend, and now there is no turning back.

Whether you are in your 20s or 50s, jeans look good on every individual irrespective of size, age, color, or any imperfection. Skinny jeans, however, in themselves is a style statement.

Well, often as you age, you want to move towards mom jeans, but hey there, you don’t always need to when you know to style them well.

Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jean

Don’t let styling issues make you change your personal style, as we are here to help you find comfortable, chic, and stylish shoes that you can wear with your skinny jeans.

Also, dear girls, if you are bored wearing the same shoes with your skinny jeans, you might just need to change your shoes to look a bit more different.

While you feel everything looks great with skinny jeans, it also can be a bit tricky. But that’s not rocket science either.

Sometimes flip flops can look too casual, and combat boots can make you look too much. So the trick is to follow your favorite celebrities and trust their stylists.

We already did the research you need, and here we are with the 10 best shoes to style with your skinny jeans.

Read on and shop for your favorites from the comfort of your home.



10 Shoes to Wear With Skinny Jeans: Your Complete Guide


1. Loafers with Skinny Jeans



To begin with, shoes that are comfortable and stylish, loafers could be the best choice.

They are available in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, which make them look elegantly chic and stylish.

They show off a bit more of your ankle, and so either you have cropped skinny jeans or a regular one, loafers can be paired with them all.

However, the task is to find a balance between the curve-hugging, bare skin, and the big soles of your loafers.

The empty space near the ankle helps you draw attention towards your skinny jeans rather than distracting the attention.

So loafers will be more than just shoes that you wear to work or college. They can look really dressy and give you a polished look with their elegant texture when paired with your favorite skinny jeans.

You can either wear an oversized top or a jumper with your skinny jeans and put on your favorite loafers for a chic look. Also, remember to buy loafers in basic neutrals like brown, black, white, grey, or dark blue.

Accent colors can often be challenging to pair with, as they don’t really always look good on dark-washed denim.


2. Pumps and Skinny Jeans



There is hardly anything that looks as stylish as classic pumps. They are a versatile piece of shoes that every woman already has and can easily elevate the look no matter what.

When you want a sleek and easy to style look, basics like pumps can be a perfect choice you can make to pair with skinny jeans.

Basic shades like black, white, or nudes can be paired with all shades of your denim.

In case you want to style pumps with light washed skinny jeans, go for neutrals or dark colored pumps like burgundy, blue, olive, brown, etc.

With dark washed skinny jeans, colors like white, nude, sky blue, lemon yellow, orange, etc., can add a fun element to your overall look.

Neutrals are good when you don’t want to look too dressy but want to keep it stylish.

Accent colors like orange, lemon yellow, olive are for days when you are in a mood to stand out from the crowd or want to add a fun element to your neutral look.


3. Sneakers with Skinny Jeans



If comfort dressing is your thing, sneakers will be your best friend. Sneakers are wardrobe essentials, and so are skinny jeans. When paired together, they give you a complete sporty look.

With skinny jeans, you can either go for lace-up sneakers or slip-on sneakers. Both are available in a variety of styles and shades, making them easier to pair with your top.

We all have days when pumps might feel too dressy and boots might feel too heavy. Those days are for sneakers. Skinny jeans, when paired with sneakers, are the ultimate weekend combo.

Also, sneakers are pretty lightweight and so can be a perfect travel essential as well. On days with heavy snow, you can also have sherpa-lined sneakers. They are warm and stylish as well.

Gone are the days when you always had to pair your skinny jeans with hoodies and oversized shirts. Well, yes, they have a vibe of their own.

But now you can also wear a sporty crop top, a hat, yourfavorite skinny jeans and put on your sneakers for your next picnic or a walk at a park.


4. Pointed toe flats and Skinny Jeans

Pointed toe flats


Due to few styling tricks and lack of exposure in the market, we have almost forgotten how classy pointed toe flats looked.

When paired with skinny jeans, no matter the shade, pointed toe flats can easily elevate your look within seconds.

Black and nudes are the easiest ones to pair with your skinny jeans, so make sure you have at least one for the days when you want to look a bit dressy.

On days when you want to make a style statement go for brighter colors as they will add a fun element to your overall look.

If you want to experiment, animal prints can be a great choice. Pair your skinny jeans with a basic top and put on neutral shaded animal print pointed toe flats of your choice.

You can wear them for your work or visit your kid’s school or even your college. Pointed toe flats are incredibly comfortable, chic, and stylish.

For women with border feet, wearing pointed toe flats creates an illusion of toned feet, making you look sexier.


5. Thigh-high boots with Skinny Jeans

Thigh-high boots

We all love winters for warm coats and thigh-high boots. And skinny jeans become a perfect companion to style them up.

Baggy lower torso fits can take your boot’s charm. So, days when you are just in awe of your thigh-high boots are the days when you need your skinny jeans the most.

No matter if you go for heels or flats, with thigh-high boots, we recommend going for darker wash denim.

Also, keep the colors of your boots neutrals like black, brown, or nude. You will likely get bored with the accent colors, so avoid doing that.

So tuck your skinny jeans into your socks, this will make pulling up your boots way more manageable, and your pants won’t likely feel bulky throughout the day.

To pair them up, you can style your skinny jeans and boots with a sweater, jumper, or a top that is just right above your hips to find a perfect visual balance.

Your winters just got a way more warmer, you see!!!


6. Sandals with Skinny Jeans


Winter is not the only season we know, and summer footwear, too, can be equally stylish.

The first name that comes to our mind is sandals when we are talking about hot summer days. So versatile and chic that no girl ever grew up without having at least one statement piece.

Whenever it’s hot outside, the first shoes that you likely want to put on are sandals. They are extremely comfortable and elegant to style with skinny jeans, giving you a complete girl next door vibe.

Also, they don’t put too much pressure on your heels. They have proper airflow and hence keep your feet away from sweating.

Even if you are not a fan of heels or in a mood to look dressy yet comfortable, sandals can be a good try. You can choose a flat gladiator, or platforms can be one of the easiest ways to level up your style game.

You just need to make sure you pair ankle grazing skinny jeans or even roll up jeans to keep it chic and stylish with sandals.


7. Stillettos and skinny jeans



Walking in style and walking with stilettos are no two different things. This might sound a bit dicey to some, but they are perfect to pair with skinny jeans to have an elongated body and your style.

They are great both for summers and winters, just like your skinny jeans. The best part about stilettos is that they can never look too much or too less for any formal occasion.

And this makes it a part of even women’s wardrobe no matter what.

It goes with fancier looks like skinny jeans and a sheer, street style, and blazer for the days when you want to look dressy formal.

They quickly add glamour and style to your basic skinny jeans no matter what you want to style them with. Also, they look great on all body types and foot types.

We often recommend pairing stilettos with skinny jeans that have slightly high ankle length. If you don’t have them, you can also roll up your jeans a bit to give your feet a bit more attention.

Apart from basics like neutrals, you can go for animal prints or neon colors if you want to add a fun element to your overall look.


8. Strappy heels with Skinny Jeans

Strappy heels


If you are looking for a classic pair of footwear to pair with your skinny jeans, strappy heels can be a good choice. Also, on days when you are done with your pumps and stilettos, strappy heels could be a perfect style statement.

They look suitable for your formal meetings or casual outings. Switching from a day look to a night look can be easier with strappy heels.

They give you a fancy look and add precisely the amount of style and glamour you need in your overall outfit.

Unlike most footwear, strappy heels suit all foot types when paired with a both light wash and dark wash jeans.

We recommend the longer ones coming to the style of skinny jeans to pair with your strappy heels. They look great with skinny jeans that are just near your ankles.

With strappy heels, you get to choose your own style and color to pair with skinny jeans. All of the shades and patterns look excellent.

Whether you want to invest in neutrals like nudes, grays, and blacks, or add a pop of colors like pink, orange, blue, animal prints, etc.

All work really well when we are talking about strappy heels and skinny jeans.


9. Ankle boots and Skinny jeans

Ankle boots


Try pairing your classic black ankles boots with your favorite light wash skinny jeans, and we assure you you won’t like to put on anything else.

Ankle boots are excellent when it comes to days you want to walk out in comfort and style.

On cold winter mornings when you don’t want to step out of the house, ankle boots and skinny jeans can give you the warmth and motivation to dress up and move out.

Pair this classic footwear with either medium wash or light skinny jeans and make your basic looking outfit glamorous and stylish.

They look amazing with a plaided shirt, a variety of crop tops, tank tops, and everything in the upper torso with some amount of definition.

When it comes to colors, ankle boots work well in all neutrals, animal prints, pastels, etc. Just make sure to achieve harmony in the look by balancing the colors well.


10. Nude mule sandals with Skinny Jeans

Nude mule sandals


Neutrals have their charm, and when it comes to mules with jeans, nude mules are something you should not miss out on.

They are great to pair with skinny jeans as they quickly take the shape of your foot, just like the skinny jeans hugs your body.

Whether flat mules or with heels, the choice is all yours depending on your comfort. They often go with formal attire as well as casual, making it a versatile wardrobe essential.

Mules did take longer to hit the fashion industry due to tricky styling and lack of comfort. But once designers and people knew them, there was no turning back.

They easily camouflage foot variations and give you perfect coverage while walking. Pair them with your favorite top or a coat and skinny jeans, and you are set to step out in style.

Final Notes

So that was a wrap. The 10 amazing shoes to style with your skinny jeans depending on your personal style, weather conditions, and most important, occasion and comfort.

Styling your skinny jeans with basics like sneakers, loafers, sandals, stilettos, and pumps for days when you want to make it a classic outfit just got easier, we hope.

But also consider thigh high boots, strappy heels, mules, and pointed toe flats to look chic, glamorous, and stylish effortlessly.

Always know that the color of your shoes matters the most, and now that you know what shoes you want to wear, make sure you don’t miss the color coordination.

For days when you are confused, always go for neutrals like blacks, greys, whites, and nudes. And keep accent colors for days you want to go out a bit dressy and loud just with styling your skinny jeans.

We hope you would love your skinny jeans a bit more with these 10 best shoes you can pair with them.

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