Sanita VS Dansko; What Clogs Are the Good for You?

Dansko Vs Sanita Which one is Better

Gone are the days where there were little to no varieties in terms of footwear and shoes. A simply-designed shoe was sufficient to fulfil its purpose. But with the advent of time and technology, newer types of shoes were developed for enhanced comfort and support.

One such type of footwear is clogs which are either entirely or partially made out of wood. Two brands- Sanita and Dansko, are famous for manufacturing clogs. What started as shoes for agriculture soon became dancing shoes. So, if you are looking for something along the lines or are confused between the two brands, you must consider their specifications before deciding.



History of Sanita


Sanita clogs were first handcrafted in 1907 in Herning, Denmark, by Christen Meldgaard Andersen. He made his first pairs for farmers, bakers, and local masons.

In the present times, the clogs are worn by people working in fancy restaurants, hospital wards, salons, classrooms, etc.

The leading distributor of Sanita clogs is Sanita, USA. Their current headquarter is situated in Maine. They are one of the preeminent manufacturers of clogs with ergonomic design and sufficient support.


History of Dansko


In the late 1980s, a couple named Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup stumbled upon clogs on their trip to Denmark. They were inspired by its design and construction and decided to establish Dansko in 1990.

It specialized in clogs, boots, heels, sandals, etc. Gradually, the sales skyrocketed, and the company witnessed substantial profit margins.

In 2007, Dansko started selling its products beyond North America, including Australia, Asia, Europe, New Zealand. In 2014, they were also recognized as “Best Shoes for Workers.”


Dansko Vs Sanita Which one is Better?

Dansko Vs Sanita Which one is Better

Initially, Dansko and Sanita were being manufactured by the same company. As they separated a few years back, certain similarities are evident. However, there are dominant differences between the two that can help you make a better choice. So, if you are confused between these clogs, go through the following differences:


Clogs are not meant to be heavy like other sports shoes. As clogs are used in taxing and rigorous environments, being lightweight is one of the topmost priorities.

In terms of weight, Sanita clogs are lighter than Dansko’s. They are made for extreme comfort. Even though this might affect their overall durability, it allows you to wear them for hours without feeling any foot irritation.


Slip Resistance

Accidents wait for nobody, especially if you are working in a hazardous situation. Slippery or moist surfaces can push your feet to slide and slip, causing grave or severe injuries. Such situations can be avoided by wearing clogs with slip-resistant outsoles.

Even though Dansko and Sanita have rubber outsoles that can effectively stop any slipping accidents, Dansko takes the prize when it comes to utmost slip-resistance. Its outsoles are durable and made with qualitative rubber that can allow you to maintain a grip over the surface.


Shoe Size

As Dansko is manufactured in Denmark, there might be differences in the shoe size. Your regular size might not fit ideally, and you will have to try it before purchasing them.

On the other hand, as Sanita has its manufacturing plants in different parts of the world, the shoe chart will be accurate, and your regular fit might be your correct shoe size. You will find less hassle while buying Sanita shoes.



Dansko has a broader heel, as compared to Sanita’s clogs. This makes them more stable in terms of support and adjustment. Moreover, the broader heel prevents any ankle rolling.

The clogs by Dansko allow you to move the shoe naturally without any possibility of blisters. It also has a polyethylene heel counter that assures lateral stability.

Lastly, the leather sock-lining guarantees a long-term comfort that can allow you to wear the clogs for hours without any soreness. The TPU heel counter manages to provide lateral stability.

The broader heel makes it easier for people with flat feet to walk without any discomfort as well for people with high arches. As such qualities are missing in Sanita’s clogs, if you need heel comfort, choose Dansko’s clogs.


Upper Material

Sanita’s clogs are made with double-stitched upper for finer detailing. As it is made of qualitative full-grain leather, the appearance might be better than that of Dansko’s clogs.

However, Dansko’s upper material is made of oiled leather that guarantees stability and durability. It provides protection to the feet and legs.

The material is breathable that allows your feet to stay ventilated and sweat-free. The upper has a Poliyou sock-liner that keeps the moisture away. As the upper is treated with 3M Scotchguard, the fabric remains unstained.



The flexibility of a shoe is directly related to its comfort levels and overall support. As the clogs by Dansko are made for wider feet, you might feel more comfortable in case you have wide feet.

You get more toe room, allowing your toes to wiggle and remain free, thereby avoiding any toe pain or blisters. Moreover, Dansko’s shoes have immense flexibility to enable rigorous and constant foot movements without any negative consequences.


Medical Problems

Several foot problems like plantar fasciitis result from wearing the wrong shoe size. Such issues can be treated or avoided by wearing the right-sized clogs. Dansko and Sanita have proven to be successful in treating such foot issues.

It helps with arch pain and torsional support. But make sure you choose the right size, or else the entire motive is annihilated.


Patent Number

It is crucial to get the original clogs to reap maximum benefits. If you are going for Sanita clogs, look out for patent number 0060240. As the same company manufactured them up until a few years back, Dansko and Sanita have the same patent number (for the shoes manufactured before 2007).



It can be deduced that both- Dansko and Sanita have the same features, more or less. But the main reason why people prefer Sanita is its price. It is less expensive as compared to Dansko. Moreover, there are several Sanita plants and workshops all around the world that are responsible for their reasonable prices.


Do Sanita’s Clogs Run Smaller than Dansko’s?

Sanita’s Clogs

Several customers have complained about Sanita’s clogs running smaller in size, especially for people with wider feet. Such an issue can be solved by purchasing Dansko’s clogs as they are specifically made for wider feet.

However, if you wish to buy Sanita, we suggest you buy a size larger for the utmost comfort.

Can You Put Insoles in Dansko’s Clogs?

Not all of Dansko’s clogs are orthotic-friendly. However, there are certain clog models that can allow you to remove the insoles and replace them with a new one.


Should I Wear Socks with Danskos?

As Dansko clogs are made of leather, they are breathable in nature. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting your feet sweaty. But it is advisable to wear socks with clogs as they can prevent any foot slippage.


Is Danskos good for flat feet?

Dansko clogs are made with superior leather; you get the required arch support. This makes it beneficial for people with flat feet. Moreover, its sole is made of Polyurethane, making it ideal for people with flat feet.


The bottom line

Shoes will not be worth it unless you get the proper comfort and support. Clogs are meant for long-term usage, given their construction and structure. So, if you are confused between Sanita and Dansko, we suggest you go for Dansko. However, if you are working on a tight budget, clogs by Sanita will work just fine.

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