Nike Roshe VS Tanjun (Differences & Which Is Better)

Humans are brilliant as we have excuses for almost everything. Don’t want to work? We make ourselves sick. Don’t want to go for a run? We don’t have good shoes. Well, there might not be a solution for the former one, but we certainly have a quick fix for the latter.

Roshe VS Tanjun

Nike is one of a giant multinational corporation that has its expertise in footwear and other affiliated accessories. Out of its various shoes, Roshe and Tanjun have always been a highlight.

Choosing between the two can be difficult, and we are here to help you make a concrete decision.



Roshe VS Tanjun | The Ultimate Comparison

Nike Tanjun

Nike Tanjun

Even though Nike is known for its expensive shoe ranges like Air Jordans, Tanjun made it to the headlines despite the low prices. It was considered to be U.S.’s most popular shoes when it was released in December 2015.

Nike Tanjun’s main selling point is its simplistic and sleek design. It is made for all– runners, casual shoes, everyday wear, etc.

This athletic leisure footwear is specifically designed while keeping comfort in mind. It features a no-sew, breathable, and flexible mesh upper. It is held in a casual sneaker style with a round toe.

When it comes to the outsole, they are flexible and bendable. Such a feature stands out when it comes to running.

The soles have EVA foam that works well for absorbing any external shocks. This keeps your heel and arches intact without causing any internal pain.

It has a slip-on lacing system that adds to the convenience levels. The thin layer of the perforated material prevents your feet from getting sweaty, even after wearing it for hours at a stretch.

The shoes are roomy enough to minimize the pain on the pressure points. As they are incredibly light in weight, you can stretch out your daily miles.

Note: As the soles are made of synthetic material, they have commendable traction over varied surfaces. However, this might decrease over time.


Nike Roshe

Nike Roshe

Nike had released Roshe before Tanjun in the year 2012. Just like Tanjun, this was reasonably priced.

It is made for everyday use due to its moderate, minimalist, and unadulterated structure. Such a design can work with any outfit.

Just like Tanjun, this shoe also boasts a lightweight architecture. It features a padded collar for enhanced ankle support.

The shoes feature an upper, breathable mesh that increases comfort levels. You need not have to worry about getting your feet sweaty, even after intensive usage.

As they have a removable insole, it fits according to all the contours of the feet.

The midsole has a phylon cushion construction, which is basically pellets of EVA foam. This also helps with shock absorption.

The pressure-mapped outsole works for better traction over uneven surfaces. The shoes are kept at a distance from the dirt with their elastic gusset on the tongue.

Note: As it is incredibly lightweight, it might not be the best for durability.


Nike Tanjus VS. Roshe Comparison

It is evident that even though the same brand designs both the shoes, there are specific differences between the material and its build. The following are some of the main points of differences that would help with a better understanding:




Tanjun and Roshe have a similar, if not the same, design. Both the shoes are made for everyday use and intended to be used for athletic purposes.

Roshe is often considered to be a fashion statement. It has a low-top arch where the back runs higher. The real reason why they are mostly assumed to be inclined towards fashion is its cylindrical laces.

Tanjun beats Roshe in terms of minimalism. Unlike Roshe, it lacks holes in the tongue and reinforced eyelets.

As Roshe goes up just past the ankles, it has a more aesthetic appeal.




Coming from a well-established brand like Nike, both the shoes excel in terms of comfortability.

Tanjun is a priority for people with wide feet due to its roomy build. It has interior padding with cushions on the tongue and the heel.

Due to its breathable material and smooth fabric, you can wear these shoes without any hassle. Moreover, it has a removable insole that you can replace with your orthotics. Such a feature is not a necessity but an added comfort. It has an EVA midsole that allows you to wear it for an extended period.

When it comes to Roshe, there is a supportive insole that absorbed any external shocks. This keeps the feet free from any sudden jolts and internal pains.

However, it lacks any removable insole.

It features a Phylon foam midsole that cushions the arches and feet. Just like Tanjun, it has a breathable mesh that keeps your feet dry and fresh.




As both alternatives are light in weight, they are flexible enough for all kinds of leg movements.

However, it should be noted that as Tanjun has an elastic mesh upper and no rubber on the outsole, you are in the position to move your feet as per your liking. This is why they are a preferred option when it comes to running or other athletic purposes.




When it comes to durability, Roshe and Tanjun have their share of drawbacks. As Tanjun has a combined outsole and midsole, you cannot afford to expect the durability to go over the roof.

On the other hand, as Roshe boasts its extreme “lightweight” construction, the durability is more or less the same.




As mentioned earlier, Tanjun is a preferred choice for people with wide feet. Moreover, it remains true to its size.

Roshe lags in their criteria as it can either run larger or smaller than your regular fit.




Roshe provides immense support to the heels as well as the sides. But Tanjun does not have a snug heel counter for the necessary support. But it does have the option of removable insoles.


Which Shoe is Better For Running?

Roshe and Tanjun have their merits and demerits. Even though both have the necessary functionality and support, they are not the foremost choice for running.

This does not mean that it can’t be used for running infrequently. As it lacks durability, it might not be the right alternative for avid runners. But it works effortlessly for daily workouts.

As they have shock-absorption qualities, they can be used to walk or work out on uneven surfaces. The outsoles of both shoes are thick and sturdy to maintain traction.

Moreover, as they have generous padding and cushioning, you can carry out your daily activities without worrying about any heel pain.

Hence, even though there are better alternatives for running shoes, you can use either one of them for your workouts or casual walking.



Is Nike Tanjun good for standing all day?

Nike Tanjun has a combined midsole and outsole. Along with that, the cushion provided around the heels and arches makes it an ideal choice for standing all day.


Is Nike Tanjun true to its size?

You will not face any issues when it comes to sizing in the Tanjun shoes. They are true to their size.


Is Nike Roshe for training or walking?

Nike Roshe has covered all the aspects- comfort, sustainability, and endurance to make it a good alternative for training or walking.


Final Verdict

As we are coming to the end of the article, we hope that you have a better idea when it comes to one of Nike’s best selling and most affordable footwear ranges. The Roshe vs. Tanjun is an elaborate debate, and it all comes down to a personal preference.

Regardless of your choice, as both come from a well-known brand, you will not be disappointed. Choose what fits you and your style, and start your workout today!


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