How to Remove Security Tag from Shoes?

How to Remove Security Tag from Shoes

Shoplifting sure is a bad gesture on your part, but at times, there might be instances when the billing agent forgets to remove the security tag even if the shoe is billed. Now, you cannot wear your shoes with the security tag itself. Right? Well, there are several DIY methods that you can try in case this is something that has happened to you.

To ensure that you do not have to return to the store to remove the security tag from your shoe, here are a few tips and tricks to safely remove the tag.



Security Tag Removal for Shoes: Tips and Methods to Try

Now, there are multiple DIYs that would help you take out the security tag from your shoes with ease. However, not all of these removal methods could be realizable or practical. So, here are some tried and tested methods to help you out:

Use Rubber Bands:

Use Rubber Bands

In order to remove the security tags from your shoes, all you need is a strong rubber band. First, place the tag’s ink cartridge in a face-down position. This cartridge is located just outside on the opposite side of the complete plastic make.

Now, try to pull the tag a bit away from the shoe to ensure the ink, which comes out from the tag, doesn’t ruin the shoe cloth. Slip your band around the security tag pin. Make sure the band is thick and large enough.

Doing this will successfully loosen your shoes’ security pin. Hold the bigger section of this ink tag using one hand. Now, pull this pin off using the other hand. Make sure the pressure is strong enough to make the pin pop off with ease. In case the band of your choice doesn’t loosen the security pin, try again using a different band.


Use a Screwdriver:

Use a Screwdriver

When you use this method, the first thing you need to do is place the tag facing in an upward direction. Now, pick up a screwdriver that is thin and flathead. Place the screwdriver along one edge of its raised pyramid. Try and press hard in the downward direction.

It would next pierce the raised plastic section & pull it in the upward direction. Continue and pop up this plastic using force. Once it is done, remove the silvery paper lining beneath which you can see a metal plate.

Now use the very same screwdriver to nick off the metallic arm that holds this security pin together in place. Slide this pin away and remove the tag.


Try Freezing:

Try Freezing

You can also opt to freeze your shoe overnight. However, make sure you do not opt for this method, especially if your shoe is made up of leather. Once the freezing process is done, you can easily rip open its security tag using your hands or rubber band technique or even a pair of pliers.

Make sure you freeze up the ink in such a way that it doesn’t spill on your precious shoes and damage them.


Pull Away from the Tag:

If your shoe has an electro-magnetic tag, you can make use of brute force to remove it from your shoes. Most modern security tags consist of an electromagnet as opposed to an ink-pouch.

When you break it off, you won’t find ink within it. In order to add some slack to the tag, add something strong between its tag & pinhead. Next, bend this pin in a back-&-forth motion until the same breaks.

Pull this tag right off and break it open to ensure that your shoe is as safe as possible.


Use the Pliers:

Use the Pliers

In this particular method, you need to hold your shoes’ security tag in such a way that the ink cartridge is on the upside. Hold one of its two sides from the rectangular piece with the help of pliers. Use another pair to hold the other side of the security tag.

Go gently use force to bend down both sides as you hold the security tag. Make sure you refrain from bending way too hard as it cracks the tag in half & hence spills the ink all around the shoe. Keep bending this tag till the pin pops off or loosens.


Burning the Tag:

Burning the Tag

Another way to remove the tag from your shoes is by burning the tag. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to burn down the entire tag. Here is how you need to remove the same via the burning method. Make use of a lighter with medium heat & burn down the dome section of this tag.

After you have burned it for a few seconds, the tag would most likely fire up, given the fact that it is made of plastic. Make use of a sharp object like a knife to chop down the dome portion. Now, scoop in & pull the spring portion that would pop-out from the shoe and thereby getting rid of this unwanted element from your shoe.


How is an Anti-shoplifting tag made?

In the anti-shoplifting tags, the makers use modern tags that bring in a combination of gates known to transmit pulses of radiofrequency of low-range. Within each tag, there is a device, known as a resonator, that helps pick up the signal being transmitted repetitively.

These gates also house a receiver programmed to concede whether it successfully detects the targeted signal within the two broadcasted pulses(one after another) by the detection gates.

The anti-shoplifting tags are mostly formed of durable plastic & the pin is created from nickel-plated steel. On the other hand, disposable anti-shoplifting tags are created from flexible plastic material like polypropylene. The conductive & non-conductive sections of the security resonator units are materials such as aluminium, copper, acrylic, cellulose acetate, and polyester.


The bottom line

Security tags tend to differ in terms of shape, size, as well as make. However, most of them utilize a similar locking mechanism. The key to safely remove the tag is to first analyze the type and make of your security tag. Once you are done, make sure you select the best option available for your shoes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Freezing the ink-based security tags would give you the best chance to enjoy a spill-free removal process.
  • Wear a good set of gloves to avoid any nicks and bruises.
  • When burning the tag, do so in an open place to avoid any accidents.


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