Powerstep VS Superfeet Insole; What are the Differences?

Powerstep VS SuperfeetA good shoe owes its credibility to several factors, like comfort, arch support, material, durability, etc. All such essential characteristics can be enhanced with a reliable insole. Even though most shoes come with a built-in insole, they can be worn out over time most of the time.

As such, insoles are mostly removable, you can get a pair of new insole. However, before you select one, there are two types of insoles that you should look out for, Powerstep and Superfeet. Both types are known for the comfort and support they provide. Read along and learn the difference between the two and pick the best one!



What are Powerstep Insoles?

Powerstep Insoles

Powerstep is a premium insole brand that is made by professional orthotics. As they have intricate construction, they provide more than just comfort and cushioning. It carries the ability to relieve your foot pain, including plantar fasciitis.

To cope up with the fast-moving world, many are suffering from severe foot pain. Buying uncomfortable shoes or insoles is one of the primary reasons behind this. As Powerstep insoles are specifically made to alleviate such pain and injuries, it makes them a top choice for everybody, including kids, the elderly, athletes, runners, workers, etc.


History of Powerstep Insoles

Dr. Les Appel founded Powerstep insoles in the year 1991. He is a podiatrist and carries a love for running. He felt the need for ready-to-wear insoles that could help him run better and safer. This kickstarted his journey in formulating innovative insoles that will be affordable and useful for all.

After studying a recurring pattern in his patients’ foot pain medical history, he constructed Powerstep insoles.

With its growing success, Powerstep became the number one clinically-recommended brand.


Features of Powerstep Insoles

Features of Powerstep Insoles

Powerstep insoles consist of the following features:


Powerfeet insoles have a synthetic construction. Some varieties of insole feature a double-layered material for added safety and comfort. The fabric used is long-lasting, and its quality remains intact, even after several usages.



The Powerstep insoles have an anti-microbial lining that keeps the feet dry and fresh all day long. Even if you sweat profusely or your work requires you to wear your shoes for long hours, the insoles will keep your feet dry.

Moreover, this will help in containing feet odor. It helps in reducing the possibility of getting blisters.



Powerstep uses its contemporary technology to give maximum comfort to the wearer. The full-length insole fits perfectly in the shoes for full support.

It features deep heel cups that remain intact, even with rigorous foot movements. Optimal arch support is guaranteed due to the hard bottom. This makes way for your instep but might require some breaking-in time.



Sudden jolts and shocks can damage your feet and cause injuries. This is avoided due to the shock-absorption property of the Powerstep insole. You need not worry about suffering from any pain or shocks while walking or running.



Besides the quality, durability is the main selling point of Powerstep insoles. They are made to last even in the most demanding situations. You can use them for years with proper care.


Types of Powerstep Insoles

The following are the major types of Powerstep insoles:

  1. Powerstep Original
  2. Powerstep Pinnacle
  3. Powerstep Slim-Tech
  4. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx
  5. Powerstep Slenderfit Fashion
  6. Powerstep Powerkids Paediatric 3/4 Orthotics


What are Superfeet Insoles?

Superfeet Insoles

Another excellent alternative for insoles is Superfeet insoles. They are explicitly made for comfort and pain relief.

History of Superfeet Insoles

Dennis Brown is the founder of Superfeet insoles. He started it in 1962 when he met Dr. Bill Pozer at the California College of Podiatric Medicine. This inspired him to take up a project of constructing orthotics for ski boots for the people who had an amputation. As this required customization, it needed focus and time.

He partnered up with Chris in 1965, and both intellectuals came up with Superfeet insoles in 1977.

But as very few people had any concrete idea about orthotic insoles, the work and sales were slow. However, they developed a way that could cut the normal waiting process by fitting the wearers in half an hour. This was the beginning of a revolutionary product.

In 1980, the first biochemically-engineered insole was manufactured by Superfeet. It was known as Superfeet Green insole and was loved worldwide.

It is a 100% employee-owned company that is working towards making a better place for people with feet problems and ailments.


Features of Superfeet Insoles

Features of Superfeet Insoles

The following are some crucial features of Superfeet insoles:


Superfeet insoles are made of rubber or synthetic materials that make them highly durable and robust. The full-length insole covers the entire area of the foot to give more stability and comfort.

Latex-free and vegan materials are used to construct Superfeet insoles.



Superfeet insoles have an odor-control coating that prevents any odor built-up. It eliminates the bacteria, thereby keeping the feet dry and fresh. This also reduces the chances of getting blisters or skin infections.



The Superfeet insoles have a stabilizer cap as their base. This supports the foot in all conditions and foot movements. Such a foam layer keeps your feet cushioned and comfortable.

The insole has a high arch for utmost support. They fit most of the shoes, both men’s and women’s.

The NXT anti-bacteria coating keeps the shoes clean and dry. Moreover, it also helps with sweaty feet, making it a comfortable and pleasant walking or running journey.



The insoles have four shock-absorbers placed inside to absorb all external jolts. This helps with foot pain, arch pain, keel pain, and also plantar fasciitis.



As Superfeet insoles are made with man-made synthetic and rubber materials, the durability is satisfactory. You can use them for all your physical workouts and walking without any hesitation.


Types of Superfeet Insoles:

The following are the types of Superfeet insoles:

  1. Superfeet Green
  2. Superfeet Orange
  3. Superfeet Berry
  4. Superfeet Blue
  5. Superfeet Carbon
  6. Superfeet Copper
  7. Superfeet Black
  8. Superfeet merinoGrey
  9. Superfeet Everyday Comfort


Difference Between Powerstep Insoles and Superfeet Insoles

Difference Between Powerstep Insoles and Superfeet Insoles

Both insoles- Powerstep and Superfeet work wonders when it comes to comforting the feet and supporting the arches. However, there are specific differences between the two that could help you make a decision:


Even though both the insoles are made with solid materials, Powerstep has higher durability. As the insoles are harder and more rigid than Superfeet insoles, they last for a longer time.


Comfort and Pain Relief

Powerstep has shock-absorbers placed at the right places. Such a systematic construction helps in relieving foot, heel, and arch pain. It also has enough cushioning to support the arches and heels.

You get a balanced control of movements with Powerstep insoles. There is reduced friction against heat that makes it a more comfortable user experience.

On the other hand, Superfeet insoles come with a stabilizer cap at their base that acts as a foam layer for the feet. They have the required heel cups that allow you to keep your feet intact, regardless of the movements.

It can be concluded that even though both are incredibly comfortable and supportive, Powerstep is a superior choice. As Superfeet has narrow insoles, they might be uncomfortable for people with wide feet.



Both the insoles are made of robust, firm, yet soft materials that give a pleasant experience to the wearer. However, Powerstep takes the lead due to its qualitative fabric.



Powerfeet uses its innovative technology to make the insoles rigid for more durability. It allows the insole to absorb any additional shock and eliminate any friction.

Similarly, Superfeet insoles are made systematically to adapt to the foot.


Foot Odor

Powerstep has an anti-microbial lining that prevents any odor build-up. It allows your feet to remain dry and fresh throughout the day.

Likewise, Superfeet has an NXT anti-bacteria coating that intercepts any formation of odor-causing bacteria.

Therefore, both the insoles can keep your feet dry and odor-free.



Both the insoles are available in multiple sizes for both- men and women. But as their construction is different, the sizes might differ.



Powerstep insoles have wider heels, while the Superfeet insoles have a narrow heel.


Break-in Period

As the insoles are more rigid in Powerstep insoles, more break-in period is required. Contrarily, a less break-in period is required in Superfeet insoles.


Similarities Between Powerstep insoles and Superfeet insoles

Even though different companies make the insoles with varying materials, both the alternative strive to alleviate foot, arch, and heel pain.

Foot injuries are a common sight, and more often than not, they are caused by uncomfortable or wrongly purchased shoes or insoles. But Superfeet and Powerstep insoles are here to solve the problem.

Both insoles protect your feet from any injuries, pain, or shock. They absorb any additional or external shock and disperse it strategically so that you do not feel any pain.


The bottom line

Insoles are here for a reason, and they should be rightfully used for. If you ask for our opinion, we would choose and recommend Powerstep Insoles. They have been in the footwear industry for years, and the credibility lets them take the prize.

So, if you are wondering about getting a new pair of insoles, go ahead and get the Powerstep insoles. You and your feet will not be disappointed!

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