What is the most comfortable sandal to wear: Oofos or Crocs

The advancement of technology is meant to ease our lifestyle. Such progress is seen in every field- as superficial as rocket science to as minute and general as footwear. Earlier, people had to comply with uncomfortable shoes, even if they were suffering from foot ailments.

However, as it became a common sight, shoe manufacturers came up with different types of shoes to give an extra touch of comfort and support. This led to the birth of shoes like Crocs and Oofos. Even though both are excellent choices, certain subtle variations can make all the difference in the results.



What are Oofos?


Oofos was launched by a longtime athlete named Lou Panaccione. It was designed and presented to the audience to make people feel better and more comfortable.

A unique and exclusive closed cell foam, known as OOfoam, is used for its construction. Such a structure makes the footwear lightweight and easy to wear for hours.

The OOfoam offers more impact absorption than EVA, making them a priority choice for athletes. Moreover, this allows the feet to have constant movement without suffering from any joint or muscle pain.

Unlike the other footwear brands in the market, Oofos is made with its patented foam, free from any toxic or harmful materials. Such a natural and harmless construction does not cause any allergic reaction to the skin. Moreover, they are painted with non-toxic paints.

As there is an absence of latex in Oofos, people with latex sensitivity can wear them without any trouble.

Along with comfort, Oofos are also well-known for their durability. The outsoles are less prone to abrasions and wear as opposed to other athletic footwear brands.

Oofos guarantee the following benefits:

  1. Reduction in knee and back pain and sore feet.
  2. Enable a free-flowing foot movement.
  3. Cradles and supports the arches.
  4. Enhances walking technique without stressing over the primary joints.


What are Crocs?


Crocs were founded and launched in 2002. Its unique and never-seen-before design made it an instant highlight worldwide. The main reason behind it was to create a kind of footwear that would be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

In the present times, they are sold in over 90 countries, making an annual sale of approximately 1 billion!

It had started as boating footwear due to its waterproofing properties and non-slip threading and construction. It was produced in Canada in clog-form, but the manufacturers added a strap for better utility.

Crocs are available in multiple colors and styles. But some people consider them to have lesser aesthetic value.

However, they have numerous therapeutic benefits, like the following:

  1. Elimination of plantar pain.
  2. Supports aches and reduces the weight on the feet.
  3. Helps with feet injuries, people suffering from diabetes, and bunions.

Crocs have a lightweight construction, making them easy to adjust to. They flaunt ample toe room, making it a favorable choice for people with hammertoe.

The material used to make Crocs have anti-microbial properties, thereby eliminating the risk of getting any skin infections. Moreover, the extra room helps people with foot injuries.

As Crocs have official approval from the APMA, they are an optimal choice for feet and ankles.


Main Difference Between Oofos and Crocs (Oofos vs Crocs)

Main Difference Between Oofos and Crocs

Even though both the footwear brands- Oofos and Crocs are explicitly made for comfort and protection of the feet, they differ in the following aspects:

Arch Support

Arch Support

Oofos provide a substantial quality of arch support. They position the foot according to the shape of the shoe. The arches are pushed up, giving toes the liberty to lift up. Little to no pressure is pressed onto the toes.

On the other hand, crocs have good arch support, but they might not be suitable for all-day use.




Oofos are made to be used round the clock. They are light in weight, and soft rubber material is used for their construction. However, you might get sweaty feet.

Coming to Crocs, they have a practical foam construction that not only makes it comfortable but also shock-resistant. In other words, these shoes will protect your foot and ankle movements from any sudden external jolts.




Oofos offer impact-absorption properties that alleviate the pressure from the joints. Such a feature protects the feet from severe muscle pain and injuries.

Crocs are known for their comfortable feel and overall protection. They have generous arch support and impact-absorption properties to protect the joints and arches.


Medical Aspects

Oofos’ technology is its main highlight. Due to their lightweight construction and 37% more shock-absorption ability, they are recommended by various health professionals and podiatrists. Most athletes prefer this for their practice sessions.

The approval from APMA for Crocs allows the health professionals to recommend them to people with foot ailments and injuries. Not only for the athletes but they are also made for regular usage.


Do Podiatrists Recommend Oofos?

Health professionals and podiatrists highly recommend Oofos for multiple reasons. They offer ample ankle support as well as arch support.

The Their unique design and impact-absorption quality make it ideal for people suffering from foot ailments and injuries. Doctors highly recommend it to athletes as well as people from non-athletic backgrounds.


The bottom line

Many shoes come and go, but there are always some that linger in our minds. Some of which are Oofos and Crocs. As we are coming to the article’s end, we can conclude by saying that even though both the shoe brands are pioneers in their ways, Oofos take the prize for medical reasons. Podiatrists highly recommend them for faster healing. However, if you are not suffering from any significant foot problems and are looking for something stylish, Crocs are the way to go!

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