OluKai Men’s Ohana Flip Flop for Arch support


OluKai Men’s Ohana Flip Flop and Plantar Fasciitis


Olukai Men's Ohana Flip Flop for arch support

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When it gets really hot outside, not many of us want to wear shoes when we’re not working. The last thing we want is to have our feet caught in a closed shoe, for as much support as it offers.

So, if you’re planning to spend the beautiful hot summer days that await us on the beach, by the pool, or just catching up with some friends, I would recommend you think about purchasing a good pair of flip flops, ones that will help you with your Plantar Fasciitis even when you’re not wearing your shoes.

True, flip flops will not give you the same amount of positive benefits as a shoe, it’s only logical—there’s much less material to work with in a flip flop. However, they can still provide you with enough support, comfort and protection so your foot doesn’t suffer and your Plantar Fasciitis doesn’t get worse (the pain should actually disappear just the same) during your time off.


Looking For Your Future Go-To Flip Flop?

There are many amazing options out there. Thankfully, many companies realized that just because a person has Plantar Fasciitis or any other kind of foot condition, this doesn’t mean they can’t wear flip flops and started working on giving us different alternatives.

One of them is OluKai Men’s Ohana Flip Flop. A great option for all those summer days! It will give you everything you need to help with your healing process and it is a stylish, never-goes-out-of-style flip flop you’ll feel comfortable wearing anywhere you go.


1.      Arch Support and Cushioning

As always, one of the main thing you should always look for if you struggle with Plantar Fasciitis is good arch support. OluKai’sOhana for men make sure your foot is properly supported thanks to its high-quality footbed.

It is anatomical compression molded and consists of an EVA midsole and ICEVA drop-in. This combination of materials, molded in a way your foot will always be in your most natural and anatomically correct position, will give you the support your foot needs, it will protect your foot from impacts (EVA is known to be a great shock absorbing material) and provide you with the comfort that will make you never want to take the flip flops off.


2.      Stability

The upper part of the flip flop is wide and well thought out, so when you put your flip flop on you can feel it hold your foot in place. This is very important since it’s what’s preventing your foot from dancing around in your flip flop while you walk.

By keeping your foot steady, you can also always be sure that it’s in the right position and that your arch is supported.


3.      High-Quality Materials

These flip flops are meant to last you a long time. The materials used are of the best quality, and will not let you down.

The sole is made of rubber that doesn’t mark, so you can even consider wearing these flip flops at home if the slippers are a bit too much for the summer heat. It also has a coral reef lug design, which helps to further enhance the grip and makes sure you don’t slip.

The upper part is made of synthetic leather, neoprene and jersey knit lining, which are great materials for protecting your skin at all times, so you don’t have to worry about getting blisters while you enjoy your summer.


4.      Water-Resistant

You can wear these flip flops in and around water with no problem. The materials dry fast and are very breathable, and the rubber sole with added grip will make sure that even when wet, you won’t be in any danger of slipping.

This is an amazing advantage since it’s one more thing you don’t have to worry about – you can jump in the lake, get thrown into the pool or get caught in the worst summer storm ever – your flip flops can handle all of that and more!

Pros & Cons

So far I’ve mentioned the most important features these flip flops bring to the table, which are, overall, amazing. Let’s take a moment now to review the pros and the cons as well.



  • Since all of the materials used are synthetic, this product is vegan-friendly.
  • The comfort this flip flop offers is excellent!
  • You can wear them for hours at a time without feeling any pain.
  • A wide variety of colors to choose from.
  • Available both online and in stores.
  • Compared to other flip flops for Plantar Fasciitis it’s quite wallet-friendly.
  • Extremely lightweight.



  • Some reviews mention that the toe strap tears quite easily. However, the number of these issues reported is really small.

Should You Go For It?

There’s no doubt in my mind that OluKai Men’s Ohana Flip Flops are an amazing product and can really make a difference if you have Plantar Fasciitis. The support they give to your foot, the overall comfort of the flip flop, keeping you foot safe, not slipping or marking the surface, high-quality materials, etc., make this a product you should at least consider when shopping for your next flip flops.

However, make sure to try them on before purchasing. For fitting purposes. When you’re dealing with a specific condition such as Plantar Fasciitis, you need to make sure that the footwear you own is the absolute best fit for you.

Most likely, if you’re willing to give them a chance, you’ll really love these flip flops. They’ll help you get through those difficult days and enjoy the summer without worrying about the pain or what to put on, since they are truly versatile, you can wear them around the house, outdoors, at the beach, at the pool, if you go to a party, a festival, or just for some ice cream.


They’ll quickly become your favorite summer companion and your Plantar Fasciitis’s worst nightmare.

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