Nike VS Adidas Sizing – Find the differences between sizes

Are you planning to buy a new pair of sports shoes? Do you want to switch from Nike to Adidas or vice-versa? Are you unsure about the brand sizing? If yes, we have got you covered. This article will discuss Nike vs. Adidas sizing to help you choose the right pair of shoes.

When it comes to sports shoes, Adidas and Nike are the most common brands that come to one’s mind. While both brands are a crucial part of the sportswear and activewear industry, they have some differences.

However, both the companies manufacture a wide range of shoes, varying in styles and sizes, for people of all ages. Adidas shoes tend to run larger than Nike by more than 0.1-inches.

Hence, if you buy a new pair of sports shoes similar to your existing shoe size, and you are switching from one brand to another, then your shoe might not fit your feet properly. In this guide, we will discuss Nike V/S Adidas shoe sizing to help you choose the right shoe size for yourself. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


How Different are Adidas vs Nike shoe sizes

How Do Nike Shoes Fit?

Nike Shoes

In terms of fitting, Nike shoes tend to fit slightly smaller than the other regular brands. Also, most of the time, Nike shoes not only come in shorter lengths but also the widths tend to become a bit small.

The brand strives to omit the problems regarding oversized shoes that wearers often face while wearing them. Hence, Nike features its footwear in smaller sizes. However, some users often report that the boots run a bit smaller than the typical running shoes.

On the other hand, according to some people, Nike shoes run absolutely true to size. Those who have flat feet can also experience slight discomfort while wearing Nike shoes. Thus, it is vital to buy half-size larger footwear to ensure a proper and comfortable fitting.

Ordering a half-size up snug fits with your feet size, making it exceptionally comfortable to wear and walk. One best part about Nike shoes is that it provides wearers with enough space in the toe area to avert foot fatigue.

How Do Adidas Shoes Fit?

Adidas Shoes

When it comes to fitting, unlike Nike shoes, the ones offered by Adidas are not much narrow. Usually, Adidas shoes are engineered to provide proper fit to broader feet type. Thus, the size variations of Adidas shoes come for wide and extra-wide feet types.

However, for narrow-foot people, the brand may not be suitable enough as the large size can cause discomfort. But there are a minimal number of users who complaints about the fitting of Adidas shoes. Though the foot gears offered by Adidas and Nike can appear to be quite identical when you place them together, Adidas shoes run half a size larger than the brand Nike.

The roomy toe box and wide footbed present in Adidas’ footwear make it great to serve running shoe requirements. It is advisable for those who love Adidas over any other brand, stick to the true-to-size fitting. You are going to get enough room in it. So, there is no need to buy one size bigger if it’s not too necessary.

Sizing Guide for Nike

Sizing Guide for Nike

Nike shoes start from US size 3.5 and range up to US size 22 for men when it comes to shoe sizing. The footwear for women category, on the other hand, starts from US size-5 and ranges up to US size-23. The conversion rate between men’s and women’s shoes is usually 1.5 sizes up.

Nike shoes are available for narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide width variations for both men and women. The reputed brand also provides a centimeter-wise measurement chart, along with the UK and EU conversions for their shoe size guides in both categories. For those who are having feet size of 4, we recommend buying 4.5 for the best and comfortable fitting.


Sizing Guide for Adidas

Sizing Guide for Adidas

Adidas usually comes with a very generic sizing chart for all their shoes. The sizing comes in the form of heel-to-toe measurements. Adidas includes all the UK, US, EU, and JP conversions for all their shoe sizes.

For men’s shoes, the size range of Adidas varies between 4 to 15. Also, for in-between fit type shoes, Adidas offers their half size bigger variations. In the case of the women section, the size ranges from 5 to 13. The conversion for Men’s and Women’s shoes in Adidas varies by one size. For example, the US size 4 for men will be equivalent to the US size 5 for women.


How Do Nike & Adidas Compare?

Nike & Adidas Compare

When it’s about drawing a comparison between Nike and Adidas shoes, the sizing difference may not be typically visible. However, regular wearers can easily spot the difference after stepping into both brands’ shoes. Here are some of the areas where you can compare these two reputed shoe manufacturers.

  • In terms of narrow fit: Adidas tends to come true to size, whereas Nike shoes run a half size smaller than those offered by Adidas. For example, an Adidas 11 shoe size is equivalent to size 10.5 for Nike. Thus, while buying Nike, it is recommended to opt for one size up. Hence, for the narrow feet type, Nike shoes are the best.
  • In terms of wide fit: Adidas’ foot gears are naturally wide when it comes to width. The company strives to provide more room in the shoe so that your feet can breathe well inside. For those who have wider feet, Adidas shoes accommodate them rightly. Nike, on the other hand, is not so suitable for wider feet. But Nike shoes do come with an exclusive collection of wider foot size variants. Shoes like Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, Nike Zoom Vomero, and Nike Air Zoom Structure are spacious enough.

How Do I Choose the Right Shoe Size?

Choosing the right shoe size is crucial to ensure the best fit for your feet. Wrong shoe size can lead you to discomfort, which, in turn, can ruin your experience of wearing a shoe. Here is how you can choose the ideal size for yourself.

  • It would help if you first started with tracing your foot size on the paper. Place any of the shoes on that trace and then decide whether it is smaller or bigger to your feet. If the footwear is smaller, it’s better to put it back.
  • Always consider measuring both of your feet while you go to buy a new shoe. Feet size tends to change over time due to various reasons. Thus, it is better to measure every time you purchase new footwear.
  • Wear a thicker pair of socks while trying on a new shoe. Too thin socks might lead you to buy a smaller size.
  • After wearing the shoe, stand and try to take a test walk. If it feels uncomfortable, opt for a bigger size.
  • In case you require an orthotic sole, pick a shoe that comes with enough room so that you can insert your customized orthotic footbed.
  • Pick a shoe that gives you ample space to wiggle your toe. Make sure the toe box has enough room.
  • Prioritize your comfort level over the words of the shoe seller.
  • Ensure that the width and length of the shoe are proper for you. If the ball of your feet feels pressure, get half a size wider shoe.
  • Ensure the outer sole of the shoe is solid enough to protect your feet from any sharp object.
  • While buying Nike shoes, carefully examineif you are comfortable in them or not. If necessary, buy half a size bigger variant.
  • For Adidas shoes, buying a bigger size is not necessary as it runs quite right to size.

The bottom line

While buying a proper shoe for yourself, you should trust your comfort and not the brand name. However, while comparing Adidas and Nike, Nike is a much bigger name than Adidas. Hence, the quality and construction of the Nike shoes are much more upgraded.

But if you have sizing issues due to your broader feet type, it is better to switch to Adidas shoes for comfort. The shoes manufactured by Adidas are great for a roomy shoe experience. However, Nike’s quality cannot be compared to its competitors.

So, as per your feet type and preference, opt for the brand that suits you the most.

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