Keds Vs Converse: Which Pair Should You Get?

Even if you aren’t a social media enthusiast, you must have heard of significant brands engaging in a marketing battle to be the absolute best in their respective industries. For example, McDonald’s vs. Burger King, Google vs. Bing, Chanel v. Schiaparelli, etc.

Keds Vs Converse

One such comparison is also made in the shoe industry: Keds vs. Converse. Since both are canvas-style sneakers, they are absolutely loved by the youth. Even with great comparison, we concluded that both have impressive features, and it all comes down to personal preferences.

If you are curious about our conclusion and want to know more about Keds and Converse, you’ve landed on the right article. We shall discuss both types of footwear along with a detailed comparison to help you make the right call.


Keds & Converse: Brief History

Keds is an American brand owned by Wolverine World Wide. They are canvas shoes made with rubber soles. Since their construction allowed “sneaking around without making any noise,” they came to be known as sneakers. Interesting fact, isn’t it?

Generally, Keds were made with recycled rubber, organic cotton, and non-toxic dyes.

Converse has several different names, like Chuck Taylor All-Stars, All Stars, Cons, Chucks, Chuck Taylors, etc. These shoes are made with either leather, suede, or cotton canvas. The original concept of a loose lining of soft canvas was to prevent blisters and enhance flexibility.


What is the difference between Keds and Converse?


1. Which is More Comfortable?

The main reason people buy shoes is to provide the utmost comfort to their feet. You’d want your shoes to be similar to the feel of pillows under your feet. Well, that can be achieved by getting the most comfortable shoes.

Keds have stretch knit uppers that fit along the contours of your feet. Since the material is breathable and stretchy, you can wear your socks without causing excessive sweating. This feature also allows keds to remain true to their size.

The lightweight and cushioned foam make the footbeds and soles more comfortable. In addition to that, the heel has neoprene padding that helps keep your feet stable during excessive movements.

Converse has seamless designs that maintain your balance during all kinds of physical activities. Since they are more lightweight as compared to keds, your feet will not wear down in the middle of the day. Even if you wear these shoes on a regular basis, your feet will not be prone to blisters or pain.

However, it must be noted that they lack foot padding. This might prove to be uncomfortable for people with flat feet.


Winner: Keds


2. Which Shoes Have Better Construction?

Let us compare the outsole and upper of Keds and Converse.

The outsoles of keds are made with durable rubber. This makes them slip and water-resistant. With fantastic traction, Keds will help your feet remain stable on the ground.

Moreover, the outsoles are flexible and lightweight to help you move around comfortably.

The upper of Keds is made with canvas and leather. While it might be a little stiff, this feature helps increase its durability.

They have a standard lacing system that helps adjust the fitting of the shoes as per your liking.

Converse soles are made from OrthoLite, which helps keep your feet dry and cool. Along with that, such a construction helps increase the overall flexibility.

The upper in Converse is stitched with a rubber top cap. Similar to Keds, it might be made from leather or cotton canvas. So, if we compare the comparison, we believe Converse shoes are more lightweight and flexible.


Winner: Converse


3. Which Shoes Have More Breathability?

When it comes to the breathability factor, both- Keds and Converse are equal.

Both the shoes are made with soft, breathable lining on the upper, ensuring complete breathability.

Irrespective of what you choose, your feet will remain dry as the material will instantly wick out any moisture and sweat.

Winner: Both


4. Which Shoes Have More Durability?

Keds are said to be less durable as compared to Converse. Most of the customers complain about the upper not holding up against the test of time. There have been several claims where customers have noticed wear and tear in the upper of Keds.

On the other hand, Converse is said to be highly durable. Even though they have a lightweight construction, the material does not get compromised.

Winner: Converse


5. Which Shoes Are More Stylish?

Even though Keds and Converse are available in several types of styles, designs, and colors, we have to prod towards the direction of Keds.

They are more lucrative in terms of the overall design. This makes them easy to pair with denim, skirts, shorts, and basically any type of clothing.

At the same time, we aren’t saying that Converse isn’t stylish. They have their own place in terms of design and colors. However, if you are looking to create a bold and fun look, we’d prefer Keds.

Winner: Keds



Converse fit the same?

While Keds remain true to size, Converse might create issues with fitting since they run bigger than your normal size. If you are planning to buy Converse, we suggest going down 1.5 sizes to get a proper fit.


What are Keds and Converse suitable for?

Both Keds and Converse are reliable work shoes. You can use them for playing basketball, tennis, and other sports. Moreover, you can also use these shoes for light jogging and regular workouts.



As we said, it is difficult to make a firm decision between Keds and Converse. But if you have to choose between them, it is best to determine your priorities. If you want comfort and style, go with Keds. On the other hand, if you are looking for better construction and durability, we suggest Converse.

We hope that the aforementioned article will help you select the best types of canvas shoes. Pair them up with your best outfit, and let your feet do the talking!

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