How to Wear Running Shoes with Jeans?

How to Wear Running Shoes with Jeans

Jeans are no doubt a versatile option for everyone starting from an athlete to a fashion statement maker. However, one thing that goes amazingly with jeans is running shoes. While this option might not have been trending for a long time, it sure is seeing a quick entry into the fashion and comfort world in the past few years.

While the standard combination of leggings, cropped sweatshirts, and sneakers are good to go, at times, there might be occasions when you would want to put together something unique. Whether it is your love for wearing something stylish and sensible in terms of footwear or trying to create your very own style statement, a running shoe surely goes well with jeans.

With a hint of creativity, you can keep the comfort factor intact with the help of running shoes you are going to wear with your favourite pair of jeans. This combination would surely be comfortable for running or walking without actually compromising on the personal style statement.

So, how would you exactly pair your jeans with running shoes? In this article, we are going to discuss the same. Without wasting much time, let’s get started.



Pairing Up With Accents

When you are going with the white shoes with certain accents, pairing the same with simple, bold jeans yet with a color-pop jacket would be the way to go. To create an ensemble look, you need to coordinate the shoe accent with any other piece in the entire outfit. You can either go with a bomber jacket that is light in weight.

On the other hand, if you plan on opting for a bright shoe or fluorescent shoe color, the key is to go with darker colors for the entire outfit. It will help create a good flow to the complete combination of the outfit while making your shoe pop up for the onlookers.

Alternatively, if you plan on going with pastel colors for your running shoes, the key is to go with light-coloured jeans and a light color top to create that fun look for a get-together with friends or a day out on the beach. When going with dark-coloured running shoes, you can pair them up with rich, black jeans or opt for dark-coloured jeans to create a natural flow with a bright-coloured top to break the monotony.


High-Top Running Shoes with Jeans

Jeans and sneakers are no doubt highly versatile items in the wardrobe. However, pairing them together could be a tad confusing. In order to keep the overall look polished and stylish, there are several rules that you need to follow in case you plan to wear your favourite jeans with running shoes.

In this attempt, you need to consider the shoe’s height & the way it couples up with the jeans. Apart from this, you need to coordinate while taking into account these specific looks:


1. Opt for jeans with slim fit:

Jeans with a slim fit and straight work in the leg pair up best with the high tops. However, avoid any super skinny jeans while going with a rather tailored look. It means the jeans need to bring in a slim look while keeping them comfortable in terms of fit.

In case you have a rather tough time in finding great-fitting jeans for your running sneakers, go for anything but skinny fit, especially with any bulky variant of a high top. It would make it rather unflattering & drastic in terms of contrast.


2. Jeans grazing the shoe top:

Jeans grazing the shoe top

The first thing you need to do is try to locate a jeans pair that falls just on the sneaker’s top without actually covering up the same. You surely wouldn’t want the look to seem like the pants have been tucked into high tops. That is why you need to make sure that the ankle area isn’t tapered enough.

Plus, avoid any baggy jeans when pairing them with sneakers. It will uncomfortably bunch up around the ankles & high tops.


3. Rolled up Jeans Cuffs:

Rolled up Jeans Cuffs

Finding jeans that fit you exactly in terms of length can be a tad tough. However, rolled cuffs sure are trendy in terms of the latest trends. However, avoid the jeans that require to be rolled multiple times & opt for jeans that can be rolled only two to three times.

The key is to roll the cuffs of the jeans about 1 to 2 inches above your high tops. You can also roll the jeans in a way that grazes your sneaker’s high point. In case you find that the jeans have been covering the sneakers partially or completely, opt for a double or single cuff.

Keep in mind that you need to avoid pin rolling. Pin rolling is fine with the low cut sneakers. However, it might not work fine with high top sneakers.


4. Avoid denim with boot cut:

Avoid denim with boot cut

Given the fact that the jeans with boot cut design tend to cover your sneakers, it is better to avoid them completely. The wider bottom design tends to swallow the sneaker while covering them completely or partially. The flared denim bottoms would graze below your shoes leading to ripping and fraying. It will create a rather sloppy look. So, the key is to go with jeans that line well above your running shoes.


The bottom line

Running shoes are often designed for durability and to handle impact from uneven terrains. So, they might be bulky and might not look right with your jeans. The key is to go with a running shoe that is light in weight with a sleek design.

Although you might not want to compromise on the comfort factor, seek the right balance between comfort and a sleek look. It will allow you to create a look that accentuates the shoes without actually overpowering the complete look. Well, ultimately, it’s your call, and the key is to be comfortable in what you wear while channelling your inner confidence when wearing your favourite jeans with a cozy & snug sneaker.


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