How To Shorten Your Shoelaces?

How To Shorten Your Shoelaces

There are plentiful things and factors that need a staunch eye and consideration while buying shoes. Length, width, comfort, structure, color, and many more. But along with these, laces are a crucial factor that can determine the shoes’ overall performance.

If you have already purchased your shoes with long shoelaces and can’t afford to exchange or change them, consider following the methods mentioned below to shorten them.



Method of Shortening the Shoelaces

Method of Shortening the Shoelaces

Yes, we understand that buying a pair of laces are be an easy way out. But it can also cost you a few extra bucks. If you wish to save your money, you can simply emulate the following tricks to get the world done.


Measuring and Cutting the Shoelaces

Measuring and Cutting the Shoelaces

The quickest way to shorten the shoelaces is to cut the excess part. But in reality, it is easier said than done.

You cannot blatantly cut the shoelaces as it needs to be measured accurately. You can get this started by wearing them. This will allow you to get the right measurements while getting a snug fit.

Tie the laces as per your comfort levels and mark the excess parts with a pen. You can also utilize a ruler to measure the part that needs to be trimmed off.

As most of the shoelaces are made of cotton, nylon, or textured polyester, they are easy to cut with a pair of scissors. Ensure that the scissors are sharp enough to prevent any frayed finishing.

Cut the laces along the marked area.

To get the perfect match of laces, cut the lace from the middle. As this will result in getting two pieces of shoelaces, you can easily tie them together to form the perfect length of lace.

Keep on trying your shoes with the cut laces to get the perfect length.

Tie the two pieces firmly. You can secure the same by applying some amount of glue to the knot. Let the knot dry and trim any excess length. If you do not wish to secure it in this manner, you can also sew them together.


Finishing the Ends

Finishing the Ends

Wrap some adhesive tapes around the end of the laces. You can do so by placing the tape’s sticky side and keeping the lace at the center. Roll the laces to cover it tightly. Cut any excess lace with a pair of scissors.

Note: If you want a reliable tip, you can place a few glue dots beneath the tape’s end before sealing the lace. You can create a tip on the laces that will resemble the store-bought shoelaces.

Apply some amount of glue (not instant glue) to the ends of the laces. Allow the laces to absorb the adhesive to reduce the thickness. After the glue has dried up, trim any excess part of the lace and lather it with another layer of glue. This will help in increasing its durability.

With the help of heat shrinking tubing, you can create a reliable and effective aglet (laces’ sheath or tip). Cut the tubing according to the length of general aglets. On average, it would be ½”.

Put the tubing over the lace’s end and contract the material by holding the tubing over a candle or any heat source. You can also use a lighter for such purposes.

Hold it far enough from the heat to avoid burning it all.

Heat it till the end of the laces melt to get a fine tip.

You can also use a hair straightener for the same. Simply clamp it over the end of the lace for a few seconds, and you will be good to go.


Lacing your Shoes

Lacing your Shoes

Now it is time to lace your brand-new shortened laces.

Start with bottom eyelets (the ones closest to the toes). Push the laces’ tips through the eyelets to get a tightened and firm fit. Consider getting equal length on both sides.


How to Lace your Shoes?

How to Lace your Shoes

Once your shoelaces are trimmed, it is time to lace your shoes. You can try several techniques like cross lacing, lattice lacing, straight bar lacing, etc. But crisscrossing the laces is said to be the easiest and the most useful pattern of lacing the shoelaces.

After passing the shoelaces from the bottom left eyelet, thread it across the highest eyelet on the right side and repeat the process.

After the laces are well-set, you can tie your shoelaces as per your comfort. Ensure that the shoes provide a snug fit to your toes. You can also connect the knot (if required).

If you feel that the laces need a bit more trimming, you can repeat the entire process.


Should you Buy New Shoelaces?

We understand that the process of shortening your shoelaces can be tiresome. If you do not have the time or do not wish to put in any extra effort, you can simply buy a pair of new shoelaces.

You can select and purchase the correct size by taking one of your old shoelaces and getting the same length. You can also count the number of eyelets to get the right size.

If the laces are slippery, rub them against sandpaper. This can give them the required texture.


The bottom line

Shoes are made for comfort. Along with its overall structure and design, shoelaces play an essential role in providing a comfortable fit and the right amount of support.

We hope that the technique mentioned above will prove out to be useful in shortening your shoelaces. If you want to save yourself from the hassle, you can simply buy new laces from the stores. Moreover, most of the shoes come with the laces intact, which gets the job done efficiently. You can also take a professional’s help if that is not your cup of tea.

But ensure that you are not compromising with the support and comfort of the shoes.

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