How To Pack Shoes For Moving?

Packing Shoes For Moving

Are you planning on moving to a new locality, to a new house? You may be in a hurry due to the excitement of such a significant change in life. But do not let this enthusiasm get the best of you that you start clumsily packing everything.

Packing is an art, and you must get it right, especially when it comes to shoes. Not only are those critical investments, but also some might not be able to withstand the pressure. So, you must systematically pack your boots to maintain their integrity.



Ways to Pack Shoes for Moving

As mentioned earlier, shoes need to be organized in a coordinated way. If you want to get that right, follow these steps:

Assort, Donate or Throw Away

You wouldn’t want to carry the extra baggage, would you? There could be some worn-out shoes that you might be hoarding for years. This is the time to sort it off.

Check the working condition of all your shoes. Have you worn them in the past couple of years, or even planning to wear them in the future? No? Are they in a good situation? Yes? Donate them to a local charity.

If the shoes have a compromised structure and are beyond repair, you should throw them away.

The intention behind doing this is to reduce the hassle and commotion of packing and carrying unwanted shoes.

After you get the remainder of the right shoes, sort it out as per your liking. It can either be according to the occasions or types of footwear. This will allow you to fasten up the packing as well as the unpacking process.


Clean your Shoes

Clean your Shoes

After having sorted the shoes, you must clean them before packing them in their boxes.

Clean the dirt and debris by wiping the shoes with a clean cloth. If the soles are muddy, use the relevant cleaning solutions.

Let the shoes dry if you have used water in the process.

Before you pack them up, make sure that the shoes are odor-free.

You can try spraying them with an odor-neutralizer. If that doesn’t work, try freezing them overnight and place lemon or orange to eliminate any foul smell.

Baking soda works wonder for shoe odor as well. In the end, you must place some dry tea bags to bring fresh-smelling shoes to your new house.


Stuff the Shoes

Stuff the Shoes

You cannot stuff your shoes between your clothes or other items. It might imperil the overall structure of the boots. So, you can load them with some crumbled paper. This will keep the material and appearance of the shoes intact.

If you do not want to use paper, some socks can also do the trick.


Pack them in Boxes

Pack them in Boxes

Avoid stuffing your shoes in a plastic bag. Pack them in their original boxes. If you can’t find them, you can also use plastic containers or boxes.

Not only will such boxes prevent any accumulation of dust or dirt, but they also maintain their shape.

Lastly, you can also carry these boxes easily while moving. Make sure you pack the heavier boxes at the bottom.


How do you Pack Shoes for Long Term Storage?

If you have to go a long way and need to store your shoes for a significant amount of time, you need to take a few extra steps.

Consider the following methods:

Pack in Reliable Storages

If you have to keep your shoes stored for an extended period, you must get some dependable boxes or storage units.

A standard or typical storage unit can expose your shoes to all sorts of dirt and germs. To keep them clean and tidy, invest in a trustworthy storage unit that allows climate control and prevents pests infiltration.


Get the Necessary Packing Paraphernalia

If you are planning for long-term storage, you cannot shove your boxes in a plastic bag. It will ruin the material of the shoes.

You must get some packing paper, labels, duct-tape, cardboard boxes, etc., to follow a proper packing and storing procedure.


Clean them Thoroughly

Before you start packing them, get rid of any stains or accumulated dirt on the shoes. If the soles are torn, get them repaired. If not, toss them away.

Spray odor neutralizer in your shoes to get rid of the odor. You can also use some anti-bacterial spray to prevent any bacteria build-up.

After the shoes are dried out, carefully cover them with packing paper and place them in the cardboard box. You can also use bubble wrap for the same.

Close the boxes with some duct tape and label them for utmost convenience.

Places these boxes in the areas away from any moisture.



Is it OK to store shoes in plastic containers?

You can store your shoes in plastic containers. But clean them before you store them. If you do not have any plastic boxes, you can also use cardboard boxes. Keep the shoes in individual containers to prevent any cross-contamination.


Can you use a shoebox to ship?

A shoebox can be used to ship. But the box needs to be taped up and labelled. It should have the correct address written on it, and you can use it to send anything anywhere.


Is it better to keep shoes in boxes or out?

If you use your shoes regularly, you can avoid storing them in boxing. But if those shoes are for special occasions, you must keep them in boxes to prevent dust or dirt accumulation.


The bottom line

Moving to a new house has its own share of excitement and fun. But this can double up if you store your personal belongings properly, especially your shoes.

Adhere to the methods mentioned earlier and move into your new home in the best possible way!


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