How to Keep Knee High Boots Up?

How to Keep Knee High Boots Up

Do you ever face a situation where your boots refrain from staying up high? Do they fall down from the knee height down to your shin or maybe even lower? If this is you, we’ve got a quick solution with the right ways that guide you on how to keep knee-high boots up!

Though Knee-high boots look stylish, they need some tweaking every now and then to make you look stylish throughout the day. Your entire look can be distorted with a knee-high boot that drops down or sinks lower than intended.

So, here is a quick guide to help you keep the boots high up while being at the top of your style game.



Techniques to Keep Knee High Boots Up

Knee High Boots Up

When using a knee-high boot for a quick getaway or outing with friends, here are some techniques that you need to keep in mind to keep your boots high up to your knees.


Keep your Pull Ties Tightly Knotted:

Keep your Pull Ties Tightly Knotted

In case your boots feature pull ties on their back, the key is to try to pull the string tightly through its eyelets or the little metallic holes through which the laces are threaded. If the boot has enough slack, the key is to double knot its pull tie without actually allowing it to get undone.

Make sure you don’t tie the strings way too tightly, as it might lead to unwanted cuts or bruises. Further, it could also cut off the circulation of blood to the lower parts of your leg. If possible, you can ask help from a friend to tighten it better through a better angle.


Wear Thigh-High Thick Socks Underneath:

While these socks aren’t actually a part of your knee-high boots, putting in thick socks before you wear your boots will help keep things in place. The tightness and friction of boots against the thick socks will help support the boot’s thigh area and keep things in place.

In case you do not have thigh-highs with thick fabric, you can try and layer multiple socks one over another to fill up the boots without making them drop-down abruptly.


Fold Your Boots’ Top:

Fold Your Boots’ Top

At times, when nothing works, you can try the classic folding of the top of your boot to add to the tightness factor. Simply hold two different ends of your boot and fold it over to layer it up. However, keep in mind that this folding act could be particularly damaging for your boot material.

It is particularly true for suede. So, make sure you double-check whether it might form a permanent tear or crease.


Visit Your Local Cobbler to Get a Secure Solution:

In case none of these solutions works for your knee-high boots, the ultimate solution is to visit your local cobbler and ask him/her to alter the fitting of your boot’s thigh area to keep it aligned with your regular measurements.

Buying a knee-high boot every now and then can be a pricey affair, and this can definitely be solved with a cobbler’s help.


Pair it up with Denim Jenis:

Since denim is thick in terms of texture, it could be partnered up with knee-high boots ensuring a tight fit. So, pick up your favourite pair of jeans and style your boots the right way.


Opt for Boot Adhesives/Fashion Glue or Tape:

You can find different boot adhesives online that serve as your style secrets and help your boots from falling down or slouching. Further, they do not harm the boot fabric or your skin.


Stuff the Boots:

In order to ensure that your boots are in place, you need to maintain their shape. So, you can make use of boot trees, pool noodles, or newspaper to stuff the boots. Without stuffing, your boots might fold & crease up, making it a recurring issue.


Boot Straps:

Whether it is a DIY elastic version or Velcro, bootstraps are something that can be fixed around your shoes’ top rim to hold it together in place. You can simply stitch looped elastic onto your boot to ensure a comfortable fit or add a Velcro on one portion to be clipped onto another.


In case you make use of these techniques, make sure you treat your boots right, especially if they are made of leather or any other material that is prone to abrasion. Make use of boot conditioners to keep your footwear shiny and long-lasting.


Nifty Device: How to Make a Boot Bra?

Boot Bra

In case these tricks do not work on your boots, here is a quick hack to help you create a quick nifty device, which is termed as the boot bra. This method will help you keep the boots high and mighty.

To do this, you would need a touch-fasten strip with industrial-strength along with a scissor, sewing material, and knit elastic. Now, follow the given steps:

  • Pick up the knit elastic & wrap it all around the lower thigh area to measure your circumference. Measure the thigh about ½ inches below the thigh boots’ actual rim reach.
  • Further, make sure that the elastic has been pulled tightly. It will ensure that your boots stay perfectly in place while keeping them comfortable.
  • Cut the measured elastic as per requirement.
  • Next, fold your boot bra elastic in half & sew along its loose ends to create a perfect circle.
  • Now, pick your touch-fasten strip from any end & attach it outside with the help of the elastic strap.
  • Next, pick the 2nd half of the same & place it about ½ inches down from the boot top. Fasten this in place either with the help of fabric glue or via sewing.

So, here you go, your boot bra is ready to rock. Simply pull the boots up & fasten them together to up your style quotient.


The bottom line

Now that we have decoded different ways to keep your boots stuck high up to your knees, it is imperative to follow them with devotion and avoids slouching issues. So, the next time you bring home these versatile & chic boots, do not worry about seeing a slouched boot in the mirror.

When you have access to a super-stylish pair, a few simple tricks and tips will help you look super-stylish from the start of the day till night and even beyond. We hope these tricks would help you pull off any look you want.

In case we forgot to mention any tricks or DIYs, do comment down and let us know!


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