How To Fix The Heel Of A Boot?

How To Fix The Heel Of A Boot

Walking may be a simple activity, but it has a subtle technique to it that can save you hundreds of dollars in hospital bills. The best way to walk is to let your heel touch the ground first and then the feet’ balls. Such a method allows you to transfer and segregate your body weight properly for enhanced foot movements.

Now, as the heel touches the ground first, it is subjective to more wear and tear. In the worst conditions, the heel could break off as well. But fixing the heel of the boot is a straightforward task that can be done in the following manner:



Fixing Heel of the Boot: Repair Guide

Your heels could have suffered damage from frequent usage or due to heel slippage. Regardless of the reasons, you can repair the boot’s heel through subjective solutions according to the damage caused.

Minor Damage Fix

Minor Damage Fix

Some heel damages are not that severe, or there could just be scratches on the heel or a little part of it coming off. Such minor damages can be fixed subsequently:

Take a cloth and clean the heel’s interior. Scrap off any dust particles or grime. You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush if required.

Cover the damaged area with adhesive. Ensure that a generous amount of it is poured into fastening and elevating the repairing process.

Place the heel onto the adhesive and press it firmly. Apply the required pressure on the heel so that it sticks to the sole properly.

Once the heel is intact, leave the boots to dry for at least a day or two. This will allow the heel to stick to the glue permanently.


Manual Fix

Manual Fix

Manual fixing is when an adhesive is not required to fix the boots’ heel. If the heel has a slightly off alignment, you can mend it in the following manner:

Turn the boot over and keep the heel on the upper side.

Press it down to get it into its original place.

Turn it over again and press it against the floor to get the right alignment.

You can purchase extra pins from the cobbler’s shop and fix them with a hammer.

Try it out by walking around the house to ensure its fit and alignment.


Major Damage Fix

Major Damage Fix

In case your heel gets separated from the boot completely, you must adhere to the following solution:

Always clean the broken heel part to eliminate dust particles or any accumulated mud with a cloth.

Roughen the boot’s surface with sandpaper. This will allow the adhesive to work for a more extended period.

Apply the adhesive to the roughened surface by wearing a pair of gloves. It should be applied to both sides of the surface.

Place the broken heel over the adhesive and press it down firmly.

Once the heel is pressed down, let it dry for twenty-four hours.


Methods to Fix the Heel of the Boot

Besides the methods mentioned above, there are several techniques through which you can fix the broken heel with ease.

Replacing Sole

Replacing Sole

At times, when there is frequent and rigorous usage of the shoes, the soles need to endure the damage. This can result in the soles wearing out and losing their texture and thickness. Such an issue can be solved by replacing the soles.

Remove the old sole with a knife or any other tool. Clean the surface and get rid of any dust particles with a dry cloth. Once it is cleaned and dry, layer it with a generous amount of adhesive.

Press down the new sole on the adhesive and ensure that it is placed firmly. Let the shoes dry for a day before you put them to use. If you are in a hurry, you can dry the shoes with a hairdryer as well.


Repairing the Sole

Repairing the Sole

You might not be required to replace the soles if there are only minor damages. Repairing the soles might do the trick, after all!

If a small part of the sole is sticking out, you can simply apply adhesive and press it down firmly.

But before that, ensure that the soles are cleaned thoroughly with a cloth. If there are traces of dust or dirt, the adhesive might not work efficiently.

Pour a generous amount of adhesive on the soles and press it down to the boots. Let it dry for a substantial amount of time.


Replace Damaged Area

Replace Damaged Area

Duct tape can be used to treat the damaged area of the shoe. If you find the insoles coming off, you can treat them with duct tape. However, this method might not be favorable for outsoles as the duct tape may allow your shoes to slip.

Remove the insole and clean the surface. Place the duct tape wherever required and press the insoles over it firmly.


Fill Damaged Area With Sole Adhesive

You might find a hole in your soles that can be fixed with some adhesive. Fill up the gaps with the required amount of adhesive. Ensure that it does not stick to your hands or fingers by wearing a pair of gloves. Once the holes are filled up, let them dry before wearing them again.


Ice Cube For Shoe Surface

While conducting the method mentioned above, the glue might overflow and cause a mess. This can be treated by rubbing an ice cube over the surface in question. This will smoothen the surface. Once you have covered the entire area, leave the shoes to dry overnight.


Sandpaper For Shoe Surface

In case the adhesive is stringent, and you are unable to remove it with an ice cube, use sandpaper to get rid of it. However, be extra careful while using it as you do not want to scrap the soles altogether.


Anti-Slip Rubber Heels and Soles

When the damage is more than you can handle, you will be required to replace the soles. In such a scenario, ensure that you are using anti-slip soles and rubber heels. This will prevent the soles from slipping.


Can a Cobbler Replace an Entire Heel?

A cobbler is a professional who has intricate knowledge about the ins and outs of the shoes. They can replace and also repair the heels, as per the wearer’s requirements.

If you cannot replace or repair your boots’ soles, it is better to take them to a cobbler for a quick fix.


How to Fix a Broken Wedge Heel?

Wedge heels have proven out to be a phenomenon fashion statement. But even such sturdy heels are prone to damage and wearing out.

If you see a part of the heel coming out, you can fix it with glue or adhesive. Clean the heel and apply a thick layer of adhesive or glue over it. Press down the sole to the heel before the glue dries out. Put some weight over it for better fixation. If the soles have some old adhesive covering, remove them with sandpaper or ice cubes before applying a fresh coat.

If nails were used to attach the heel t the sole, coat the nails with glue and slide them back into their original gaps.

Hold the heel in its position till the adhesive dries up.


How to Fix a Heel that has Snapped from the Middle?

There are different types of shoe problems, one of which is the heel snapping right from the middle.

In such a situation, you only have two alternatives: take it to a cobbler or buy new shoes or heels. Such a problem cannot be fixed at home.


The bottom line

As we are coming to the end of the article, we hope you can deal with any heel issues in your boots. Even though shoes are meant to last, they are prone to wear and tear. But such issues can be fixed with easy techniques. If the problems persist, we advise you to take your shoes to a cobbler.

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