How To Diamond Lace Shoes? (Step By Step Guide)

You can catch anybody’s attention with a pair of sharp and classy shoes. Be it for an afternoon stroll or a Sunday morning match, they can help you stand out. But what if you could take it up a notch by customizing its laces? 

How To Diamond Lace Shoes

There are several types of shoelace types that you can get your hands on, like the diamond laces. The main highlight of these shoelaces designs is their innovative design and attractive build. Moreover, it is easy to design and adjust to.

So, if you want to up your shoelace game with some diamond laces, read along and learn the best tricks.



How to Tie Your Shoes: Diamonds

How to Tie Your Shoes Diamonds

Shoes Required: With Several Eyelets

Diamond shoelaces require several eyelets. It is not possible to do it on shoes with two-three eyelets.

As the end result is an intricate design, more eyelets allow the laces to have a modernized look.

Moreover, such an offbeat and fashionable design keeps the shoe in the constant limelight.

A shoe with five or more eyelets is considered to be ideal for diamond laces.

For such reasons, this shoelace design works wonders on Vans and other kinds of sneakers. As there are more eyelets on such types of boots, it gives a dramatic look to make your shoes the center of attraction.

Lastly, make sure that the eyelets are large enough to accommodate two thick laces passing simultaneously. If you are unsure about the eyelets’ thickness, try passing a pen or pencil through it.

It is advisable to avoid eyelets with metal or plastic construction.


Shoelaces Required: Flat Shoelaces

The next pre-requisite when it comes to diamond laces is flat shoelaces. Other shoelace designs can be achieved with oval or round laces. However, this will not work best with diamond shoelaces.

The criss-cross structure of the diamond laces will only be evident with flat shoelaces. Even though oval shoelaces have more durability, flat shoelaces are a must-have for diamond shoelaces.


Easy Steps To Diamond Lacing Shoes

Diamond Lacing Shoes

Diamond shoelaces can be intimidating and difficult for a third person. Nevertheless, if the steps are followed accurately, you will be able to get both the shoes done in less than ten minutes!

Note: The following steps are for the shoes with six eyelets on each side. But they apply to all kinds of shoes.

  1. Start the procedure by passing one end of the lace from the first eyelet from the upper side to the opposite side. This goes from right to left.
  2. Make sure that there is an equal amount of laces on either side.
  3. Pass the right-sided lace to the third eyelet above on the opposite side. The lace should go over the eyelet and not under it.
  4. Take the left-ended lace and pass it through the third eyelet on the opposite side. This should go above the existing lace.
  5. Furthermore, pass both the laces through the middle (second) eyelet on their respective sides.
  6. Repeat the process bypassing the laces through the next eyelet above.
  7. Pass it through the eyelet below. (Flat shoelaces are a boon in these situations as two threads of the laces are passed through one eyelet)
  8. You should see a criss-cross pattern.
  9. After the laces are passed through all the eyelets systematically, tuck the remaining laces under the tongue.


Additional Options

If you want to elevate your game, you can try the following options and additional alternatives:

  1. The diamond lace design works well on its own. However, it can be easily used to complement other shoelaces styles.
  2. You can break the monotonous look by trying out different colors of laces.
  3. Match the lace to the shoe to give it a refined look.
  4. Try out different colors of lace in each shoe.
  5. If you are feeling too creative, then you can try two varied laces in the same shoe.


The bottom line

There you have it, the simplest explanation of the diamond shoelaces. Follow the steps to the T, and it gives your sneakers a whole different look.

Always remember that you can quickly rejuvenate your old sneakers by trying out different shoelace styles. Do not hesitate to try out such exclusive designs and structures and fall in love with your sneakers all over again!

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