Clarks Bushacre vs Desert Boots : Detailed Comparison

It takes years to build credibility, and the Clarks company has excelled in that sector. What started with a rug manufacturer and retailer ended up being one of the world’s biggest footwear companies.

The Clarks Bushacre and the Desert boots are worthy contenders when it comes to quality and durability. Even though they are distinctive brands from the same company, they always outshine each other in terms of their features.

Both brands have been designed to provide a better and qualitative fit boot during warmer weather conditions. But certain elements help distinguish between the individual types of shoes. If you are like most of us and confused about which one to buy, you have hit the jackpot with our following article.



About Clarks Bushacre

Clarks Bushacre

As compared to the Desert boots, the Clarks Bushacre is a newer version released in 2005. It was designed after the original Desert boot model was a hit with their targeted audience. The makers added all the major features of the original Desert and created an updated version. The modernized 21st century was kept in mind while finishing with its design.

As the Desert boots inspire the design, certain similarities are noticeable when it comes to the Clarks Bushacre. It has two eyelets on each side with durable laces that help tighten or loosen the boots.

The leather material adds to the overall appearance. It has rubber soles to maintain traction with the ground, thereby eliminating the possibility of accidental slipping. They are immensely stiff, making it almost impossible to squeeze.

The boots cover the feet as well as a part of the ankle. Reinforced stitching is well-appreciated by the wearers as it enhances its durability.

Besides the material, the main advantage of getting this alternative is that it is more economical. Due to the infused liner on the leather on the boots’ interior, extra softness is assured.

However, these boots lack waterproofing properties. The exterior is susceptible to damage if it comes in contact with excessive water or snow.



  1. They have a stylish design.
  2. The rubber soles allow you to have a proper grip over the most uneven surfaces.
  3. These boots remain unbeatable when it comes to leather material.


  1. They are not waterproof.


About Desert Boots

Desert Boots

The Clarks company is well-known for its Desert boots. The great-grandson of James Clark, Nather Clark, had designed these boots and launched them in 1950. What turned out to be revolutionary footwear was initially turned down because people thought it would “never sell.”

The Desert boot is a chukka-type boot made with a single layer of leather. They have a fascinating history to them.

The original designer of Desert boots, Nather Clark, was an officer in the Royal Army Service Corps. His brother assigned a mission to him about looking for footwear useful to them while travelling. This mission pushed Nathen to create these boots.

When it comes to its looks, versatility is guaranteed. These are such kinds of boots that can work and complement any outfit. Are you getting ready for a date? Pair these boots with a nice pair of jeans and a denim jacket, and you are good to go. Are you planning on going for a trek? Wear these boots under your cargo pants, and you have a blend of comfort and style!

It has two eyelets with upfront laces. Coming to the material, they have a synthetic sole along with a crepe outsole. Such an outsole is a rare sight when it comes to boots. Crepe rubber, which is a coagulated latex, has a soft texture. Such a quality makes it a comfortable choice for adding it to the boots’ insole.

It has an EVA footbed that increases the breathability of the shoes. In case the wearer experiences extreme sweating, it will prevent the feet from getting uncomfortable.

These boots might require some break-in time. Moreover, due to the crepe leather outsole construction, the shoes might appear to be dirtier.


  1. It has a versatile design.
  2. The boots have high comfort levels due to the insole.
  3. The leather material is not only sturdy but also durable.


  1. You might need to buy a size-up.
  2. The dirt gets accumulated quickly on the crepe sole, making it look grimy.


Differences Between Clarks Bushacre 2 and Original Desert Boot

Now that we have learned the Clarks Bushacre 2 and the Original Desert boots’ characteristics, it is time to understand their differences.




The Clarks Bushacre are made of synthetic material, while the Desert boots have a leather construction.




The Clarks Buschacre have a rubber sole, and the Desert boots have a crepe sole. The difference in the soles is correlated with the comfort and appearance of the shoes.




It is seen that the Bushacre shoes have a shine to them due to their leather construction. Moreover, due to the presence of the crepe sole, dirt and mud get accumulated quickly. This can lead to its appearance getting deteriorated.




The Original Desert boots have been in the market for years, and hence, they are more expensive than the Clarks Bushacre.




Even though both the boots have high durability due to their sturdy construction, the Desert boots are more durable if varying weather conditions.


Waterproof Properties

Waterproof Properties

The Desert boots are waterproof due to their leather material. Even though the Clarks Bushacre boots are easier to clean, the quality might get compromised if/when it comes in contact with water.


Overall Look and Versatility

A hint of vintage and authenticity is seen in the classic Desert boots. However, if you look for a modernized and contemporary look, nothing works better than the Clarks Bushacre boots.


The bottom line

The final takeaway of the article is that both the boots are excellent in their way. They serve individual purposes in terms of comfort and reliability. If you live for boots with an exciting history, we recommend you to stick with the classic Desert boots.

However, if you wish to flaunt your modern lifestyle, the Clarks Bushacre boots will not disappoint.

Whatsoever the decision you take, always make sure that the boots fit your size and your style.

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