Chippewa Boots Sizing Guide

Chippewa Boot Sizing

Are you thinking of buying Chippewa boots to enrich your shoe closet with many styles? Well, heading towards the shop will get you the pair you want to see on your feet. But is that enough to get the best looks for your boots? No!

Fitting plays a vital role in giving your feet the utmost comfort you want. If you have picked the wrong size, it is merely going to combat the comfort of your feet. Other problems like foot fatigue, blisters, and corns can appear, giving you the worst experience while wearing a shoe.

So, what do you do then? Well, know about all the sizing essentials for your Chippewa boots so that you can enjoy the comfort every time you step into them.


How Do Chippewa Boots Fit?

Chippewa Boots

When it comes to fitting, you can expect your Chippewa boots to run slightly larger than your usual shoe size. The company’s thought behind this creation is that it allows you to have a bit extra room in the toe box area. Also, it is absolutely fine as your toes can freely wiggle so that you never feel cramps in your toe area.

Chippewa provides four styles of boots, including:

  • Chippewa logger boots: These boots run a bit bigger by half a size. Well, the Chippewa logger boots are not as big as the other Chippewa shoe variations.
  • Chippewa Aldrich boots: Chippewa advises its customers to buy footwear half a size bigger. This style fits right near the ankle and comes with a cushioned insole to offer a very comfy feel.
  • Chippewa moc-toe boots: Similar to any other boot variations, the moc-toe boots by Chippewa also fit half a size larger. Since it features a wedge sole, it fits up above the ankle.
  • Chippewa Ellicott boots: This boot comes quite true to size than other Chippewa boot variants. However, the brand recommends picking half a size big as usual.

What boots does Chippewa offer?

What boots does Chippewa offer

Chippewa comes with a variety of boot options for its wearers. It offers various boot styling for its users, which are worth checking out and makes buyers come back repeatedly to buy a new variety each time. So, here is a myriad of boots offered by Chippewa.

  • Chippewa Logger: The brand is well-reckoned for its logger boots that are made of pure leather and come with extra support in the midsole area. It is handmade in the USA and offers you a true-to-size fit.
  • Chippewa Original Moc-Toe: The moc-toe shoes by Chippewa are great as factory boots. Its specialty lies in its wedge sole that comes with a robust construction yet smooth surface. You can expect them to be half size larger than the usual ones.
  • Chippewa Steel-Toe Ellicott Boot: Insulated steel-toe work boot sare made of 100% genuine leather and feature a jagged Vibram outer sole. It is waterproof and comes as a premium choice with a raised heel. It usually runs a bit bigger than the average size of boots.
  • Chippewa General Utility Boot: It is great as a casual boot. Manufactured in the USA, it uses 100% leather with a Vibram sole that offers maximum traction on all surfaces.

Chippewa Boot Sizing Guide

To ensure proper fitting of the Chippewa boots, you need to make sure that you have picked the right one as per your feet requirements. So, here is how you can choose the best-fit shoe for yourself.

General Guide

General Guide
  • For Chippewa boots, you need to start wearing the socks that you usually wear with your shoes. Wearing thick shocks is recommended as it gives you a proper fitting.
  • Make sure you are considering the insoles of the boots if you have orthotic needs.
  • It is great to shop boots in the evening as your feet tend to grow bigger due to swelling after standing or walking for the entire day.
  • After wearing the boots, take a walk in the store to ensure that it fits properly and does not cause any discomfort while you walk in it.
  • Make sure the boots are not pinching or rubbing against any part of your feet.

Lace-Up Shoe Specific Guide

Lace-Up Shoe Specific Guide
  • You can always change the fitting of Chippewa boots if you are picking a lace-up one. To relieve the pressure near the midfoot or on your toes, you can skip the eyelets.
  • Make sure your heels are seated firmly in the boot & it is not slipping off.
  • Do not forget to ensure that your toes are not touching the front of your boot and there is enough space for your toe fingers to wiggle.

Pull-On Boots Specific Guide

Pull-On Boots
  • For a Chippewa pull-on boot, make sure your foot slips easily into the footbed.
  • Ensure the boot is having a snug-fitting and secure sizing, but it must not be too tight.
  • It is better to have a little heel slip for pull-on boots.

Protective Toe-Cap Specific Guide

Protective Toe-Cap
  • For protective toe caps, the widest part of the boot should fall near the ball of your foot.
  • For protective toe caps, your sole should bend at the ball of your feet area, which lies behind the base of your toes. Bend your foot to notice where the flex point is located.

Essentials You Need to Know About Chippewa Sizing Chart

Chippewa boots come with a vast range of sizing to cater to the requirements of every foot. Usually, Chippewa boots come in a variety of width models. The width model usually ranges from D to E. For extra-wide feet, the brand offers EE models. Most of the models come with a wide variety of medium, wide, and extra-wide widths.

Moreover, the size ranges from 6-16 for men. Each of the boots comes with a good sizing guide. Besides, the company advises measuring your feet before buying a pair of shoes. Choose the one that fits your toe area aptly.

Looking at the variety of size options can give you a better idea about Chippewa boots’ sizing essentials.

UKUSEuropeHeel to toe in inchesHeel to toe in centimeters

The bottom line

Whether you want to buy Chippewa boots to add more classiness to your shoe closet or intend to use them for regular heavyweight usage, the brand is the right choice. If you are a new wearer, then it can take a bit more time to get habituated with the fitting. The roomy shoebox, along with proper sizing, lets your feet breathe and enjoy enhanced comfort with a proper fitting.

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