Boot Lace Length Guide: How to Calculate it?

Boot Lace Length

Choosing a single pair of shoes from hundreds of options can be a daunting task. But do you know what is even more challenging? Choosing the laces for the same.

Most of the shoes come with the laces intact, but ever so often, these laces can either be too long or too short. In such circumstances, you might have to replace it. This can be difficult, especially if you are unaware of the required length of the boot laces. If you find yourself in a similar situation, read ahead and get a bunch of detailed information about shoelaces and their size.


Determine your Bootlace Length

Determine your Bootlace Length

You could face one of these situations: either your laces are on the brink of breaking (maybe your dog bit them), or the laces are not of the exact length.

If these are your scenarios, you will have to buy new laces to complement your shoes. The only way you can get the right size is by measuring the existing shoelaces.

In case your shoes are new, and the laces are too long or too short, you can measure the laces of any of your old boots.

Start by removing the lace from the boots. Measure it from tip to tip with a measuring top. In the event of your laces being too long, you can measure till the required part and do the mathematics accordingly.

Find Out the Type of Your Shoes

After measuring the laces, the next step is to determine the type of shoes you own. Most people are unaware of the fact that every kind of shoe has its distinctive laces.

There are different kinds of boots like hiking, canvas, sneakers, service, full-waxed, nylon, etc. As these shoes differ in terms of material, their laces vary too.

Let us look at some of the laces that can fit as per your shoe type.

Cotton Laces

Cotton Laces

As the name suggests, cotton laces are paired with canvas shoes or sneakers. They are easy to find, highly inexpensive, easy to replace, and even durable. Moreover, you can clean them quickly without any extra effort.

Rawhide Laces

Rawhide Laces

Boat shoes use rawhide laces. They are highly durable due to rawhide construction. However, due to their unique texture, they might be more challenging to tie up. Moreover, they could get undone quickly.

Full-Waxed Laces

Full-Waxed Laces

Service boots have full-waxed laces. The waxing strengthens the laces, elevating their durability.

However, they could leave individual traces on your fingers. Along with that, they could be difficult to tie and untie.

Braided Nylon Laces

Braided Nylon Laces

Braided nylon laces are a good option for hiking or snow boots. Frequently, they are used in military shoes due to their high endurance.

As braided nylon has a thick structure, it is challenging to break. Moreover, they are tangle-free and can be laced up pretty quickly.

As nylon is resistant to water, you need not worry about the laces’ material being compromised.

Count the Eyelets of your Shoes

Count the Eyelets of your Shoes

As laces need to be laced up for a snug and comfortable fit, you must consider the number of eyelets provided on your shoes.

On average, most of the shoes have 5-7 eyelets on each side. The length of the laces is directly related to the number of eyelets. If there are fewer eyelets, you will require a shorter one. Likewise, if you have more number of eyelets on your shoes, you will need a longer alternative.

Length Required for 4 Eyelets

If you have four eyelets on your boots, you will need lace ranging from 30-36 inches. It is seen in street shoes.

Length Required for 5 Eyelets

In the case of five eyelets, the length of the lace should be 36-45 inches. This is a common sight in street shoes.

Length Required for 6 Eyelets

The laces of the length 45-54 inches will work fine for shoes with six eyelets. This is mostly seen in hiking boots.

Length Required for 8 Eyelets

If your shoe has eight eyelets, you will need the lace length to be 70 inches. This is mostly seen in work boots.

Boot Laces Size Chart

Number of EyeletsLength of Lace (inches)Length of Lace   (cm)Type of Boots
2-32768Street boots
3-43076Street boots
4-53691Street boots
5-645114Low top Hiking shoes
6-754137Hiking and Workboots
7-863160Hiking, Work, and Sneakers
9-1084213Tall boots
10-1196-108243-274Tall boots
11-12108-120274-304Tall boots

The bottom line

Getting the right kind and size of shoelaces is a pre-requisite for the overall functioning of the shoes. If you end up with longer ones, you could trip on them and fall off. On the other hand, shorter laces might not give you the right amount of comfort and support.

The next time you go shopping for shoelaces, adhere to the chart mentioned above and make the right decision.

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