2022’s Best Work Boots for Construction Workers (Most Comfortable Boots)

Best Work Boots for Construction

Are you a construction worker who has to work in dangerous situations on difficult terrains? If yes, then safety should be your number one priority. It is nothing to be ignored. We understand how tough it is to work under hazardous conditions that you have to face. Some of the situations can be extremely life-threatening; therefore, you must take good care of yourself while working with dangers like electrical hazards, uneven greasy surfaces, extreme temperature changes, carriage of heavy objects, etc.

You need to be extra protective of your whole body. Therefore, wearing a steel hat and protective gear is not enough. Your feet are equally important as any other body part of yours. You need to protect them by providing them with specific boots. So, in this article, we have reviewed the 13 best work boots for construction workers (P.s. It took us 193 hours of reading online reviews and juggling with products to complete this list)

Also, we gave a guide on how you should select a pair of boots for yourself.

How to Choose Best Work Boots for Construction Work in 2022? (Detailed Buying Guide) 

While selecting boots for such a risky job, you need to consider several things before you step into choosing the best construction boots. Any regular boot won’t serve your purpose. So, you should look into the following qualities before buying work boots for your job.

Size and feet type:

It is necessary to pay attention to your feet width and length so that you can have the right-fit construction boots accordingly. Tight or loose, either type of boots adds to the discomfort and might cause bruises on your feet. Therefore, first, get your feet measured both in length and width so that you can choose from the size chart accordingly.


Safety of Boot and Regulations:

Yes, this is the second most important thing that you need to look for in any work boot. As a construction worker, you might have to work in highly hazardous situations. You might be exposed to a lot of electric circuits near you. We don’t even have to explain what such exposure can result in.

Therefore, always check for the work boots that meet the US security standards of Electric Hazard Safety, including ASTM F2413-11, ASTM F2412-11, and ASTM F2892. It should also meet impact and compression safety standards, including C/75, CAN/CSA-Z, and I/75 C/75.


Material Used For Work Boot:

The safety shoes that you require need high-quality material to bear the extreme working conditions. Generally, they are made up of leather, rubber, plastic, steel, carbon fiber, etc.

  • Leather- Leather shoes are the best safety shoes. They provide your feet with safety, durability, and enough room to breathe. Leather-made shoes also look good in appearance. They can protect you from a lot of injuries because of their in-built strength. Moreover, these shoes are light in weight and provide great comfort with a short break-in period.
  • Rubber- The rubber bottoms help to maintain adequate traction with the ground. They provide you with great comfort because of their high molding properties. Rubber materials are generally used at the bottom of the shoes only.
  • Plastic- There are many high-quality plastic shoes available in the market. These boots are quite light in weight and extremely durable. However, being a construction worker, you shouldn’t opt for them, as no matter what, plastic can’t provide you with the safety that you might require at your hazardous workplace. Also, these shoes don’t let air pass through them, thereby making them uncomfortable for you.
  • Steel- Steel shoes can offer you the greatest safety to your feet. But with great safety comes great discomfort. They are extremely heavy and uncomfortable. Also, they won’t be able to provide ventilation to your feet. Hence your feet may not attain moisture, making them uneasy as well as smelly.
  • Mesh Fabric- Work boots made of mesh fabric provide ample space for flexibility and ventilation to your feet. Mesh fabric shoes are extremely comfortable, but they fail to provide you with the safety that you need.

So, the best combination for your safety shoes is the one, which comes with a leather upper, rubber bottom, and mesh lining.


How Comfortable Are Work Boots :

You can’t withstand the long and tough hours at your job without having comfort in your feet. Comfortable feet can make your tough job a lot easier. Therefore, look for those boots that come with EVA or polyurethane midsoles along with proper cushioning.

Look for medium to high arch-support and gel-infused cushioned footbeds. Padded collars add to the comfort that your feet will want throughout the day.


Support Offered By Boot:

You need to look for construction boots that provide you with adequate support while you can focus on your job. The heel size, platform size, and shaft size play a huge role in determining the kind of support the boots will provide to your feet.

Wedges are better at performing in different terrains. Never go for a high or flat heel. Also, while choosing the construction work boot, remember that the shank should provide you with medium to high support.


Outsoles Of The Boots:

Never compromise with the outsole material of your construction boots. They should be made up of high-quality rubber to provide you with excellent traction properties. The soft rubber material at the bottom helps to have a better grip on the floor, enabling you to walk on slippery surfaces with ease. Don’t forget to look for tread grooves at the bottom to enhance slip, oil/ gas, water, and shock-resistant properties.


Toe protection:

As a construction worker, no matter how good quality boots you buy, there will be a high chance for your toes to get injured due to hitting a stone or something falling over it. Toes are extremely fragile and prone to stone bruises. So, to save yourself from such an injury, opt for shoes equipped with steel toe boxes that provide excellent protection to your feet.


Breathability Of Boots:

Choose mesh fabric linings and leather that provide your feet with the scope of ventilation inside the boots. There should be ample room for your feet to move and breathe to keep themselves cool, dry, and fresh. Look for waterproof shoes, which keep any kind of moisture away from the feet.


The Durability of Work Boot:

When you invest in something, you want it to be durable enough to utilize your money. Look for leather shoes that are constructed of Goodyear welt. They are the most sturdy and durable boots in the market.

Along with these, you need to check whether your boots provide you with proper insulation or not? Whether they are heat-resistant if you have to work under high temperatures? Look if they are suitable for all weather conditions or not?

13 Most Comfortable Work Boots for Construction Workers 

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe Boot

Thorogood Men's American Heritage 6" Moc Toe Boot

This tobacco oil-tanned leather boot is extremely sturdy. Full-grain leather upper makes it highly durable. It is constructed using Goodyear Storm Welt, and hence its strength is unquestionable. For the ultimate comfort, it comes with a removable shock-absorbent footbed on the Poron comfort cushion insole.

In terms of safety, the electric shock-resistant soles and heels are capable of withstanding an application of 18000 volts at 60 Hz for approximately one minute. There is no leakage current or current flow over 1.0 milliamperes under suitable dry conditions.

Also, this shoe comes with a single-density Polyurethane MAXWear wedge. Wedges help in providing stability to the body while climbing a ladder or an uneven terrain. The MAXWear wedge comes along with MAXWear slip-resistant outsole, giving you support and maintaining your balance on any kind of rough surface or slippery floor. The tread grooves on the bottom of it help to make the shoe slip-resistant by avoiding water to reach the sole.

The heeled sole offers superior comfort and durability as compared to other construction boots on the job. It comes with a fiberglass shank, which helps to protect your feet from any kind of stone bruise. It is tested for and meets CAN/CSA-Z195 and ASTM F2413-11 M I/75/C/75 electric shock-resistant standards. It features a C/75 safety steel toe, which provides extra protection to your toe from any outside element.

These stylish boots are made in the USA and come in two different colors. One is the Classic Tobacco Oil-Tanned, and the other one is Black. The shoe sizes begin from US 7 to US 14. They are available to fit different feet types, be it extra-extra narrow or extra-extra wide. This pair of shoes can easily fit any feet type. The laces add to the comfort fit of the boots.

What we love (Benefits):

  • It is made in the USA and meets US EH standards.
  • Goodyear welt construction adds to the durability.
  • Wedges for better grip.
  • It is better than the previous model made by Thorogood

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Traditional lace-up style.
  • You might require extra insoles.

Our Rating: 4.9/5


Timberland PRO Men 8″ Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Waterproof Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men 8" Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Waterproof Work Boot

This shoe is made up of 100% premium waterproof leather. The abrasion-resistant Ever-Guard leather uppers add to the durability of the shoe. It has a waterproof membrane that is suitable for all weather conditions. The waterproof leather together with the waterproof membrane repels moisture and hence keeps your feet dry.

This pair of construction boots are incredibly comfortable and supportable as it is built with Anti-Fatigue technology. It has got shock-absorbing geometrical technology that returns energy to the foot from the midsoles so that you can be provided with extreme comfort and support throughout the day. The Power-Fit comfort system uses ergonomically designed elements to supply movement and provide critical support to your feet for long-lasting comfort.

The steel shank provides for additional structural support. Padded top collar and shaft, which measures approximately 8-inches from the arch, provide extra support. It also offers secondary protection to your underfoot against every kind of live electrical circuitry, highly energized conductors, apparatus, or parts.

In terms of electrical hazard protection, this shoe meets ASTM F2413-11, ASTM F2412-11, and ASTM F2892-11 standards. The metallic and asymmetrical-shaped toe cap serves as a steel safety toe. It meets the US impact and compression safety standards, including C/75, CAN/CSA-Z 195-14 Grade 1.

This boot has got a premium quality polyurethane outsole with deeply ingrained tread grooves and a raised platform to offer enhanced slip, oil, and abrasion resistance. It features the Ladder Lock outsole radius. The mesh lining, along with a Polyurethane footbed with contoured single-density open-cell, provides antimicrobial treatment for odor control. They also help to provide breathable comfort to the foot.

The Timberland PRO Men 8” Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Waterproof Work Boot comes in varied sizes starting from US 6 to US 19. It supports different feet types starting from extra-extra-narrow to extra-extra-wide. This shoe looks exceptionally stylish, with a double color leather pattern.

What we love (Benefits):

  • It meets US EH Safety standards.
  • An additional waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry.
  • Added comfort with Anti-Fatigue technology.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • You might require an extra insole.
  • Not available for very small sizes.

Our Rating: 4.9/5


Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock 6″ Steel Toe Waterproof Non-Insulated Work Boot_ Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock 6” Composite Toe Waterproof Industrial & Construction Shoe

This extremely stylish-looking shoe comes in sizes starting from US 6 to US 19. It comes for varied foot widths, extending from as narrow as XXN to extremely wide till XXW. It combines the best materials to make it lightweight and comfortable while meeting the safety and performance needs of today’s workmen.

The uppers are made of 100% leather treated to be waterproof to keep your feet dry. To ensure this, they come with an additional waterproof membrane inside the boot that surrounds your foot from all sides.

It comes with a composite safety toe shaped structure where the molded rubber toe provides you with non-metallic protection. It also protects the shoe from any kind of abrasion and adds to the durability of the shoes. The room in the toe box lets your toe breathe a little amount of air.

It has also got a superior fit. Comfort and safety are the top priorities of Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock 6″ Steel Toe Waterproof Non-Insulated Work Boot. This pair of shoes comes with dual-density dynamic Anti-Fatigue technology that absorbs all the shock at the midsole and returns energy to the foot’s required areas. Therefore, it protects you from multiple foot injuries.

This pair of shoes provide you with electrical hazard protection, which meets Canadian and US standards. Also, to provide you with extra stability, it comes with a combination of three-quarter Goodyear welt/ cement heel construction where a rigid heel cup is affixed externally to ensure lateral stability.

The fiberglass shank provides excellent structural support. For better comfort and enhanced ankle support, the shoe comes with a padded top collar. The outsole is made up of dual-density thermoplastic urethane (TPU), which features deep lugs for traction and hence makes this shoe extremely slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant.

What we love (Benefits):

  • The waterproof membrane enhances durability.
  • Molded rubber toe for extra protection
  • It meets US EH standards.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • It requires extra insoles.
  • Leather might wear off quickly.

Our Rating: 4.7/5


Caterpillar Men’s Threshold Waterproof Steel Toe Boot

Caterpillar Men's Threshold Waterproof Steel Toe Boot

Caterpillar Men’s Threshold Waterproof Steel Toe Boots come in two different colors are Black and Brown. The metal hooks that hold the shoelaces add a style statement to these full-grain leather shoes. Though it does not offer you width sizes for different foot types, it comes in sizes starting from as small as US 4 and goes up to as large as US 14.

The leather upper comes with waterproof properties to avoid any kind of moisture from getting into your feet. It is also highly abrasion-resistant and hence, very durable. It comes along an additional waterproof membrane to ensure that your feet are dry all through the day.

The toe is made up of steel and yet is very soft to provide comfort along with protection. The steel toe protects against severe kinds of impact and compression and meets the ASTM F2413-11, I/75, and C/75 standards. The electrical hazard protection that this shoe offers meets US safety standards, including ASTM F2413-05, 1/75 EH, and can protect against any kind of open circuits up to 600 volts in dry conditions.

Along with safety, it doesn’t compromise comfort as well. It comes with a flexible ERGO midsole, which is approximately 30% lighter and can absorb more shock than standard EVA. They feature a breathable mesh lining so that your feet can have enough ventilation to stay dry and relaxed.

The padded collar and padded tongue provide you with the right amount of comfort that you require for long standing hours. The traditional lace-up system comes with fabric laces and sturdy metal hardware to provide you with a secure fit.

The shaft measures approximately 5.25-inches from the arch and hence provides low arch support to your feet. The outsoles are made up of high-quality rubber soles with high tread grooves to offer slip-resistant properties.

What we love (Benefits):

  • The non-slip rubber outsole ensures adequate traction.
  • It meets EH standards.
  • ERGO midsole for extra comfort.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • It provides low arch support.
  • Not suitable for different width types.

Our Rating: 4.6/5


Timberland PRO Men’s 26011 Direct Attach 8″ Waterproof Soft-Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar Men's Threshold Waterproof Steel Toe Boot

This stylish boot comes in a unique Wheat Nubuck color. It comes with a contrast collar to make a statement for its appearance. Coming in varied sizes ranging from US 6 to US 19, it offers you different foot widths starting from extra-extra narrow and ranging up to extra-extra wide to fit almost every foot type.

It comes with premium waterproof full-grain leather with direct-attach construction. This shoe is highly durable. To give ventilation to your feet inside the leather upper, it comes along with breathable mesh lining. When talking about comfort, it provides you with a padded collar. It also comes along with an open-cell PU footbed, which offers breathability, comfort, and antimicrobial treatment for odor control.

The midsoles are extremely light in weight and are made up of blown-thermal plastic to provide your feet with flexibility and underfoot support. The contoured removable nylon plates not only support your feet but also act as shock diffusions. The shaft measures approximately 8-inches from the arch and hence gives you moderate arch support.

In terms of safety, this soft toe work boot meets the ASTM F2413-11, ASTM F2412-11, and ASTM F2892-11 electrical hazard safety standards. The non-marking and oil-resistant rubber outsoles come with a pronounced lug pattern to give excellent traction on any surface. What makes this shoe stand apart is the 400g Thermolite insulation layer to provide reliable warmth and cold protection. It will keep your feet dry and warm, enabling you to focus on your job at hand.

The heel height is 1¾-inch, and the platform height is 1¼ inch. It not only provides support to your body posture while you are working but also enables you to have better stability while you are at your foot.

What we love (Benefits):

  • It meets US EH standards.
  • An additional insulation layer will keep your feet warm.
  • PU footbed for extra comfort.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Not available in small shoe sizes.
  • Low heel measure.

Our Rating: 4.5/5


KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh 6″ Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot


KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh 6" Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

If you are a person who is looking for style along with comfort and protection, then this leather KEEN work boot can be your choice. The structure, design, pattern, durability, and color contrasts of this boot stand apart from any other boot in the market. One is Bison brown with red, and the other is brown with slate black.

The laces add to the boot’s stylish appearance by offering a striking contrast to the complete boot body. The sizes range from US 7 to US 15. Though it lacks many options in providing fits for varied foot widths, it comes with boot fitting for normal to medium-wide feet.

In terms of shoe comfort, it comes with dual-density compression-molded EVA and PU midsoles, which provide extreme comfort to your foot. The removable EVA footbed offers excellent arch support to your foot and naturally cradles the foot for unbeatable comfort. The hydrophobic two-zone comfort lining ensures that your feet are dry throughout.

It comes along the left and right asymmetrical toe pattern, which comprises steel, aluminum, and composite toe design to provide you with a roomier toe box and reliable and ultimate protection. It comes with a 90-degree heel to provide you with support for a perfect posture. Also, it features a full-length TPU interlocking torsion plate that fits into the midsole of the boot and helps to provide medial and lateral support, heel stability, and forefoot stone bruising protection.

This pair of shoes gives you immense safety from all kinds of electrical hazards and meets the US safety standards, including F2413-11 I/75 C/75 and ASTM F2412-11. The reflective webbing ensures additional safety. Traditional laces add to the right fit of the shoe. The outsole is made up of premium quality rubber with high tread patterns to provide you with anti-slip properties and enhanced traction.

What we love (Benefits):

  • It meets EH safety standards.
  • 90-degree heel for protection.
  • Metatomical dual-density EVA footbed offers extreme comfort.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • It runs large to size.
  • Not available for different feet types.

Our Rating: 4.5/5


Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot


Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

These boots come in four classic colors that never go out of fashion. You can choose from Dark Brown, Tan, Black full-grain, and Honey. They come with matching laces and large CAT imprinted logos. But if you are someone with extremely narrow or wide feet, this boot can be a disappointment to you.

Nevertheless, it has sizes for medium to normal wide feet. The sizes start from US 4 and are available till US 14. However, the sizes that provide a snug fit for medium-wide feet range only from US 6.5 to US 11.5.

It is constructed using Goodyear welt, and hence its durability is unmatchable. The longevity gets enhanced because of the premium quality oiled full-grain or nubuck leather uppers. The high-quality leather offers you excellent protection against several unwanted elements and bruises.

The toes are made up of steel, which provides you with the maximum available strength for impact and compression issues and aligns with the ASTM F2413-18 1/75 C/75 safety standards. The complete boot body is made, especially considering the Electric Hazard standards. It is rated ASTM F2413-18 1/75EH. It can protect you against open circuits up to a maximum of 14,000 volts in dry conditions.

The steel shank that it comes with provides extra support and stability that you would require while doing the tough on-site job. The Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot comes with nylon mesh linings, which aids in ventilation inside the boot and provides enough room for your feet for breathing and comfort.

The Climasphere breathable insoles, along with a removable PU footbed, provide you with the optimum comfort that you require all through the day. The outsoles are made up of T3 rubber, which maintains the slip-resistant properties of these work boots. The slightly raised platform and heels come with deep tread grooves that help to keep away all kinds of liquid from the boot surface, reducing the risk of slip falls.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Durable with Goodyear welt construction.
  • It meets US EH standards.
  • Extra support with steel shank.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Not available for various feet widths.

Our Rating: 4.4/5


EVER BOOTS “Tank Men’s Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Work Boots


EVER BOOTS "Tank Men's Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Work Boots

It is heavy-duty footwear, which is constructed using Goodyear welt. These ready-to-wear shoes come with the convenience of speed-hooks and hence waste no time for your long, tough days. It is made up of oil full-grain leather material, which makes it long-lasting. Also, the soft 2.00 MM nubuck leather reduces the break-in time for all-day-long comfort.

Steel shank design alleviates pressure and helps to prevent foot fatigue by supporting the arch of the boot. The shaft on these footwears measures approximately 7-inches from the arch and hence provide moderate support to your feet. The cushioned insole comes with a removable option and can provide you with the ease to get comfort at your feet.

One of the greatest features that these boots offer you at such a low price is that they come with insulated mesh lining. It not only provides your feet with the breathability that it requires, but also helps to keep them warm in cold weather. Therefore, these shoes ensure that your feet are warm and dry throughout the day.

These boots provide you with an Anti-fatigue feature that ensures there is no extra pressure put on your feet, and all the stress is equally divided when you are climbing down the stairs or staying on your feet for long durations. The rubber outsole and the tank tread patterns provide excellent traction whenever you are working on any slippery surface. These boots come with oil-resistant properties and hence are immune to oil-deterioration.

They come in two different colors, namely Tan and Dark Brown. The sizes run from as low as US 2 and go up to as high as US 15. It comes in four variants regarding the width, which are narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide. These generally run small to size, especially women’s size runs two sizes down.

What we love (Benefits):

  • The ideal roomy toe box ensures breathability.
  • Steel shank provides arch support.
  • No break-in time is required.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Not available for extra narrow or extra wide feet.
  • Not waterproof.

Our Rating: 4.3/5


Skechers Men’s Tarlac Steel Toe Work Boot


Skechers Men's Tarlac Steel Toe Work Boot

When it comes to the reliability and credibility of a brand, Skechers out mark every other footwear company in the market. The Skechers Men’s Tarlac Steel Toe Work Boot comes with Skecher’s work relaxed fit and provides you with great comfort, style, stability, and protection. It is made up of full-grain leather upper and hence increases the durability of this footwear.

The rounded plain toe front gives enough room for the toes to move and breathe. For comfort, this boot comes with a padded collar and tongue. The right amount of cushioning is provided at high-intensity points of the insole. This cushioning is made up of high-quality lightweight memory foam. The midsoles of the shoes are specially designed to bear and absorb all kinds of shock and save the foot by repelling it back to the ground.

The traditional lace-up front style comes with metal eyelets and allows you to adjust the fit according to your comfort. The soft fabric boot lining allows space for ventilation inside the boot. It has a durable leather heel panel overlay. The outsole of this shoe comprises of high traction rubber, which along with high-raised tread grooves makes it slip and oil-resistant.

Coming to safety, Skechers can never disappoint you with that. The boots come with a steel safety toe front, which helps to protect you from several stone bruises and other foot injuries. The steel toe is rated ASTM F2412/2413-2011 I/75 C/75 for impact resistance, which is considered to be the best standard. The overall boot structure has been specifically designed considering Electrical hazard safety and is rated ASTM F2413-05.

The main specification of this boot is the puncture-resistant insole, which adds to the overall protection. The shaft measures approximately 5½-inches from the arch. This pair of shoes come in two different colors, namely Black and Brown. The sizes are available from US 6.5 to US 16. The width for the boot ranges from XXN to XXW.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Electrical Hazard safety ensured footwear.
  • Gel-infused memory foam for comfort.
  • Steel toe box for enhanced protection (protection is way better than the previous model)

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • The leather isn’t 100% waterproof.
  • It might need an extra insole.

Our Rating: 4.3/5


Timberland PRO Men’s Titan 6″ Safety-Toe Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men's Titan 6" Safety-Toe Work Boot

The lightweight, asymmetrical-shaped alloy toe cap meets the Canadian and US safety standards. It maintains ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 and ASTM F2412-11 impact and compression safety standards. The shoe also follows CAN/CSA-Z195-14 Grade 1 standard. It also provides secondary protection to your underfoot against live electric circuits, its energized parts, conductors, or apparatuses.

It abides by the ASTM F2413-11, ASTM F2412-11, and ASTM F2892-11 standards. It has Titan tips that are composite and is much stronger and lighter than steel. It is the level of safety that this boot offers you.

The upper body of this boot is made up of full-grain leather, whereas it has rubber soles at the bottom. The soft and premium leather not only increases durability but also reduces the break-in time. The cement construction of this boot also aids flexibility.

When it comes to comfort, it offers you molded polyurethane midsoles that provide you with the comfort of lightweight and durable cushioning. It provides you with an ample amount of cushioning wherever it is needed. The contoured open-cell polyurethane footbeds let your feet breathe while being in comfort. The mesh lining offers breathability along with antimicrobial treatment for odor control properties. Therefore, it keeps your feet fresh and dry throughout the day.

The outsole is made up of Timberland PRO rubber, which is slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant. The tread grooves help to maintain adequate traction on any difficult surface. The shaft measures approximately 6-inches from the arch and is made up of nylon for torsional rigidity. The heel measures approximately 1.75-inches and adds to the stability and comfort offered by this pair of shoes.

However, it must be noted that this boot comes in three different color choices, namely Coffee, Black, and Brown. The sizes run from US 6 to as big as US 19. It fits foot type with extra-extra narrow to extra-extra wide width.

What we love (Benefits):

  • It meets electrical hazard safety standards.
  • It comes with Titan tips to provide maximum protection.
  • PU midsoles and polyurethane footbeds offer exceptional comfort.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • The leather is not completely water-resistant.
  • The shoe material may wear off after some time.

Our Rating: 4.3/5


Wolverine Men’s Floorhand 10″ Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot


Wolverine Men's Floorhand 10" Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

If you admire stylish shoes along with comfort, then this might be a major disappointment for you. But if you are looking for only comfort and protection, then this pair of boots will not dishearten you. It is made up of 100% leather. The waterproof full-grain leather helps in keeping your feet dry all through the tough hours of your workday by avoiding and repelling any moisture on the surface.

This shoe is strong and sturdy and made up to meet all your tough demands at a job, while also maintaining comfort and support. The lightweight cement construction increases the reliability of this shoe.

The boot opening measures approximately 15-inches around so that you can have ease of letting your foot in. The heel measures approximately 1.75-inches and provide comfort and support to your foot while taking steps. The platform of the shoe measures approximately 1.25-inches, which helps in maintaining the whole body’s stability along with the raised heel. The shaft measures approximately 10.75-inches from the arch and thus provides you with an ample amount of support and protection.

The toe is made up of steel that abides by the US safety standards, including ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75. Not only the toe, but the whole boot body also meets the US Electrical Hazards standards.

The outsoles of this pair of shoes are made up of slip-resistant rubber lugs and come along with strategically built tread patterns to keep all kinds of liquids away and maintain sufficient traction. The removable full-cushion footbeds molds to the foot, providing you with extreme comfort.

The rubber midsoles add to the amount of comfort for the long hours of the day. Also, the boot comes with a nylon shank. It can fit any feet type, be it extra-extra narrow to extra-extra wide. The boot size starts from as low as US 3 and goes up to as high as US 16. It comes in only a single color – Dark Brown.

What we love (Benefits):

  • It meets US EH standards.
  • Heel and shaft measures give added protection.
  • Mesh lining provides enough room for the breathability of the feet.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • The midsole is made of quite poor quality.
  • It requires a long break-in period.

Our Rating: 4.2/5

Irish Setter Men’s 6″ Work Boot


Irish Setter Men's 6" Work Boot

This stylish pair of boots come in varied sizes ranging from US 3.5 to US 16. The problem arises with the width size. This shoe is not suitable for extremely narrow or extremely wide feet type. It comes under only four variants regarding the width – narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide. Though this shoe looks extremely stylish in appearance, it comes in only one color – Brown.

However, it is made up of 100% waterproof leather. And the leather upper enhances the longevity of this boot. Furthermore, the Goodyear welt construction surpasses all doubts about the durability of this shoe. The boot opening measures approximately 13.5-inches, which is extremely convenient to slip in your foot swiftly. The lace-up pattern aids the fitting of the footwear.

The main specification of this boot is its heat-resistant properties. The rubber-EVA outsole is heat-resistant, which resists the shoes to melt at 475°F and above. Such outsole makes the boot extremely suitable to be worn at high heat temperature job fields. Along with this, the shoes meet the US electrical hazard safety norms, including ASTM F2413-11.

It comes with a non-woven nylon lining that provides enough stretch and flexibility along with enough space for ventilation. Thus, it increases breathability inside the shoe. The heel measures approximately 1.5-inches, thus providing the right amount of support while maintaining body posture. The shaft height is about 6-inches from the arch. So, it provides moderate arch support to your foot.

This pair of shoes come with removable Polyurethane footbeds to provide you with extra comfort. The insole is made up of Texon, and hence, it isn’t going to come off or wear off quickly. On the contrary, the outsoles are made up of rubber EVA traction tread, which provides great anti-slip properties. The soles are oil/gas, chemical, and abrasion resistant too.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Heat-resistant rubber outsoles offer excellent traction.
  • Waterproof leather keeps your feet dry.
  • Accurate shaft measure provides moderate arch support.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • The midsole isn’t of good quality.
  • Not suitable for all feet type.

Our Rating: 4.2/5


Timberland PRO Men’s Wedge Sole 6″ Boot


Timberland PRO Men's Wedge Sole 6" Boot

This ankle-length leather boot is made up of waterproof leather and comes in a single Rust color. Though even then, it serves to be an exceedingly stylish boot. The sizes are available from US 6 to US 19, and it can fit any feet type ranging from XXN to XXW.

While considering the comfort that it offers, this shoe comes with a padded top collar. The EVA midsoles provide lightweight cushioning throughout the boot to give you all the necessary comfort that you require all day long. It also offers you excellent shock absorption capability. The open-cell polyurethane footbeds provide not only breathable comfort but also provide antimicrobial treatment for odor control.

The lace-up system comes with durable metal eyelets, which help you achieve a great and secure fit. The wedges in themselves are very comfortable to hop around from one place to another. They provide you with a better grip. This boot offers you 1-inch heel height along with ¾-inches platform height to provide you with adequate stability and comfort. The shaft height is approximately 6½-inches, which serves as low-moderate arch support.

The anti-fatigue properties that this boot offers help to reduce foot fatigue by supporting the arch with a cushion at each step. It comes with PRO 24/7 comfort suspension technology that provides you with a unique comfort system and can meet the most rigorous work site demands.

When it comes to durability, you will not have to worry much, because this shoe is constructed with Goodyear welt. The outsoles are made up of durable rubber, which provides you with slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant properties. The tread grooves maintain adequate traction even on the most uneasy surfaces.

In terms of safety, it provides secondary protection to your underfoot against live electrical circuitry, conductors, apparatuses, or parts. It meets ASTM F2892-11, ASTM F2413-11 and ASTM F2412-11 EH standards.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Goodyear welt construction ensures high durability.
  • Great comfort with EVA midsoles.
  • Excellent grip with slip-resistant wedges.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • The tread grooves aren’t very high.
  • The outsoles can come apart quickly.

Our Rating: 4.1/5




The bottom line:

By opting for the right pair of construction boots, you can save yourself from several injuries. They help to give you a safe working environment by protecting your feet and aiding it with comfort. So, for such a risky job that you are a part of, you need to have the safest and comfortable pair of boots.

Though the final choice resides with you, if you want to have an expert opinion, Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe Boot can be your top choice. With Goodyear welt construction for enhanced durability, this pair of shoes offer extreme comfort with Poron comfort cushion insole. Also, high-quality rubber wedges help in maintaining your balance and provide you with maximum stability. However, in the end, the choice is yours. So, invest with thorough consideration.

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