13 Best Steel Toe Shoes of 2023 (Reviewed and tested by experts in the field)

Without a steel toe, your shoes cannot provide you with complete safety. Even with a steel toe, you need to ensure it conforms to ASTM standards and protects you from fall accidents and sharp objects at your workplace.

Yet, how do you choose the best pair of steel toe shoes? Aside from ASTM standards, you should also consider features such as comfort, support, and functionality to ensure complete safety at work.

To make this list, we spent 56 hours researching 31 websites, examining 21 shoe brands, and reading 220 reviews and customer feedback in order to uncover the best shoes for you. Our extensive research & testing has led us to identify the top 15 most comfortable steel toe shoes in the world that offer full protection, support, and pain relief. You will be able to enjoy high levels of comfort with these shoes, so take a look at them and choose your favorite! I would recommend that you read the buyer’s guide before making a purchase.

steel toe shoes

2022’s Most Comfortable Steel Toe Shoes

Listed below are our best picks for the most comfortable steel toe shoes that we have selected for you! Let’s take a look at it. 

1. KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe:

KEEN Utility Men's Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe, most comfortable steel toe shoes in the world

Based on our test and review, these shoes are ideal for heavy-duty work and adventurous adventures. Keen is an American brand founded in 2003 in Portland, Oregon. Currently, the company sells its products across the US, Canada, and worldwide. 

There is no doubt that these KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe offer you excellent safety and durability, and they are the product of the brand’s A-grade excellence and quality in the work footwear industry. If you are keen on standing out in the crowd, you should choose the KEEN boots!

There are several ways that these boots help secure your feet. For instance, they come with oil and water-resistant rubber outsoles that keep you from slipping on oil and grease at your workplace. It also helps you avoid workplace hazards with an embedded footbed design that keeps your feet balanced, and supports them through your day. The product complies with appropriate ASTM standards for shoe safety and does not take forever to clean as well. We believe there is no better way to maintain your comfort and security than with these KEEN boots!

Logging at your workplace for at least 6-7 hours is going to create a lot of sweat in your feet. Now, if your boots are not prepared for that, you could end up with shoes that will stink up the room. You can avoid this with these KEEN boots as they let your feet breathe through the material, while also discouraging the growth of bad-smell-inducing bacteria with the help of its CleanSport NXT design.

Not only is the steel-toe here going to keep your feet from damage and injury through fall accidents, but the water-resistant and robust sole also adds a long-life and added stability to the overall build of the shoes too! They can take onto anything that is usually a hindrance during working outdoors—potholes, puddles, spilled fuel, and more. The KEEN boots are always known to be one of the best on the market since they provide extraordinary features and endure tough times.


  • Asymmetrical steels toes for both right and left feet
  • The rubber outsole ensures resistance to oil
  • Mesh liner provides ventilation
  • Complies with ASTM standards


  • Takes time to break-in

2. Skechers for Work Men’s Holdredge Steel Toe Work Shoe:

Best steel toe shoes for heavy guys by  Skechers for Work Men's Holdredge Steel Toe Work Shoe

Following our tests and reviews, we find this steel toe work shoe to be a strong competitor to many utility brands on the market today. Additionally, you are protected against all safety hazards that you might encounter during your working hours with this product.

Surprisingly enough, if you’re looking for reliable, secure, and safe work shoes, Skechers is a good option. These boots offer you features that will keep your safety intact, and add productivity to your work. They come with slip-resistant outsoles and ample cushioning to keep you on your feet for hours and hours. Many safety shoes can miss out on one of the main features that is required for someone who works in construction, logging, or others—it is comfort.

Your work is going to demand you to be always on your feet flexing, stretching, bending, and carrying a heavy load around is going to be damaging your feet. Therefore, comfort is essential. Although these shoes may look fragile at first glance, it comes with a steel toe and meets several safety ASTM standards that protect you against impacts and hazards.

It is also extremely lightweight, which adds to the flexibility of usability of the product, while also providing you with excellent aesthetics. We believe you couldn’t have asked for a better steel-toe shoe for work! We highly recommend this product for its lightweight and safe build.


  • Comes with an in-built steel toe cap
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Offers protection against electrical hazards
  • Lightweight and flexible


  • Expensive as compared to other products

3. Caterpillar Men’s Brode Steel-Toe Work Shoe:

Caterpillar Men's Brode Steel-Toe Work Shoe

Caterpillar or Cat Footwear is one of the 100 Fortune Companies that bring you the best footwear solutions for your workplace. When you take the first glance at these CAT shoes, you may believe good aesthetics are all this brand can offer you. However, when you look at all the fantastic safety features the Caterpillar Men’s Brode Steel-Toe Work Shoe put across on the table, their excellence will sway you.

They have a very close resemblance to a good old pair of Sneakers, but they have many distinct qualities that bring them to the third spot of this review article. If you’re looking for a shoe that complies with all safety standards, while also providing you great style—CAT is your best route. It comes with a sturdy rubber outsole to save you from skids and slips at your workplace and injuring yourself. It has been tested for all the essential ASTM standards and makes sure to provide you with a safe stride every day!

It can take up compression and impact like a boss, standing by your side through your hard working day this is due to the Nylex footbed with molded EVA sock liner. With this, you will slide your feet inside easily. The product also comes with a nylon mesh lining that has been included to help your feet breathe during summers and hot weather conditions.

You can also enjoy a perfect fit with the lace-up closure system. The product comes with a high electrical rating and complies with the ASTM standards, while also bringing you fantastic flexibility and comfort. With these pairs of boots, you can take up any work like a boss.


  • Meets all the required ASTM standards
  • Comes with EVA sock liner
  • Nylex footbed keeps things comfortable
  • Lace-up closure allows a perfect fit


  • Flattens with gradual use

4. New Balance Men’s MID627 Steel-Toe Work Shoe:

New Balance Men's MID627 Steel-Toe Work Shoe, Best Steel Toe shoes for high arches

New Balance is an athletic footwear brand that has been around for more than 100 hundred. Many of their shoes have been instrumental in helping athletes win gold medals and trophies. Now, this brand is trying their lunk (expertise) in the workwear market, and they have been winning hearts already. With these steel-toe work shoes, there is no doubt about this brand’s overall manufacturing quality and dedication to its customers. They have been helping many men and women chase new goals with high performance and style, and now they’re providing the same benefits to the new-age worker.

The New Balance Men’s MID627 Steel-Toe Work Shoe makes sure that you do not end up crawling back to your house every day with aching feet or back. With the ultimate comfort features like a cushioned midsole, the brand not only ascertains your feet stay in great shape but also that they remain unharmed, even with intense activities at the workplace. You can relax your feet with the steep design of the boots, while also protecting them with the insulation system.

It also has a rugged outsole that resists oil slips, keeping your feet firm as you work on greasy surfaces. While the steel toe is an essential aspect of the boots, the sturdy design will make it easier for your feet to bend, flex, and move around. Working around heavy-duty equipment can be dangerous, and with the specific features this product offers, your productivity will be sky-high.

With the help of the static dissipative system, you will have more control over where your feet go and how much impact they can endure. All of this so you will go home with a happy smile on your face, instead of hurting your feet.


  • High arch at heel
  • Provides an insulation system
  • Skid and slip-resistant


  • Not ideal for large sizes

5. Timberland PRO Men’s Titan Oxford Safety Steel Toe Shoes:

Timberland PRO Men's Titan Safety Toe Oxford, Timberland PRO steel toe shoes, Best Steel Toe Shoes

Delivering across four continents, you will rarely find a Timberland Pro shoe disappointing an avid shoe-hoarder. Their story dates back to 1952, and they have only grown in positive directions ever since. The brand launched its first-ever Waterproof Timberland shoe in the 1970s, and it soon grappled the market. One thing you can be sure of when purchasing a Timberland Pro product is that they believe in sustainable business, and have always worked with quality over quantity. They strive to make shoes that benefit our future and activity. These Timberland PRO Titan Oxford Steel Toe shoes have the style and capacity that you can trust.

Their build is an excellent example of a reliable and safe product, even more so when these boots have been able to help professionals accelerate their performance. Keeping the working-class safe is of the topmost priority of this brand, and they have proved that time and again with their range of safety work boots. You can entrust this brand to provide you with excellent resilience and performance, while comfort also follows soon after. The sheer beauty of this product’s mechanism is why we have placed it in the top five of this list.

The Timberland PRO Men’s Titan Safety Toe Oxford is lightweight and made with pliable leather that helps create all kinds of shoe designs. You never have to worry about injuring yourself while working on oily or greasy floors with the sturdy, slip-resistant outsole. You are thereby increasing the overall speed of your job. Get rid of the fear of skidding, abrasions, heat, and other unwanted things, and grab a tight grip to the floor with these steel-toes boots. The sewn-in mesh also helps you avoid any ventilation problems, keeping your feet free of odor and bacteria.


  • Quick break-in period
  • Lightweight built and design
  • Sewn-in mesh offers adequate airflow


  • Not ideal for small feet sizes

6. KEEN Utility Men’s Destin Low Steel Toe Work Shoe:

KEEN Utility Men's Destin Low Steel Toe Work Shoe

Another popular product from KEEN Utility that does not require an introduction is the KEEN Utility Men’s Destin Low Steel Toe Work Shoe is every worker’s dream with all the amazing features and qualities it flaunts. The lightweight and safe design of these industrial boots let you wear them to work with high confidence and fewer doubts. KEEN has always been known for its professionalism and care for consumers thereby, these boots (like others) meet all the safety standards set by ASTM while keeping the shoe construction low-key and feather-like.

They come with unmatched versatility and an array of designs to choose from. The brown cascade design fits almost all occasions like a puzzle for working men. It can help whether they want to flaunt them on the weekends at a party or gear them up during their daily labor. These boots will blend in with most clothing and styles, and let you wear the perfect professional attire to work. The product comes with a removable insole that you can choose from a variety of sizes and helps you exchange it to whatever insole is appropriate for your unique feet.


  • Full-grain leather protects against water damage
  • Wide steel toe allows movement
  • Removable and replaceable midsoles


  • Thin footbed

7. Reebok Work Men’s Sublite Work RB4005 Athletic EH Safety Shoe:

Reebok Work Men's Sublite Work RB4005 Athletic EH Safety Shoe

All athletic and sporty people have known about Reebok, but did you know they also created a little something for the safety of workers? This Bolton-based brand was founded in 2005 and has been a subsidiary of Adidas. There is no comparison of Reebok with other athletic shoes on the market, especially when it comes to their design. And with the Reebok Work Men’s Sublite Work RB4005 Athletic EH Safety Shoe, you can ensure top-notch safety for your feet when you’re moving and using heavy-duty tools and equipment.

The product comes with a leather exterior to add sturdiness and strength, while a cushioned footbed lined with nylon mesh brings you a type of comfort you have never witnessed. For protection or safety, the product is laden with many features. The essential element in these boots is the steel toe, which is followed by the slip-resistant outsole, and a dual-resistor design.

It also comes with foam technology that allows your feet to participate in your daily heavy-duty work without any fear of injury or tiredness. This feature you would commonly witness in athletic shoes, and those pros of having a successful brand of athletic footwear make work boots. It has a very subtle design that is loved by many and a performance bound to fall in love. So to add more flexibility to your work-life, we recommend these boots!


  • Perfect shaft measurements
  • Waterproof built
  • Rubber outsoles provide traction


  • Does not offer arch support

8. Harley Davidson Men’s Static Steel Toe Shoe:

Harley Davidson Men's Static Steel Toe Shoe

It truly takes a lot for a brand to be one of the two major manufacturers in America to survive the Great Depression. Although the brand is known for what it was founded for, which is motorcycle manufacturing, we do believe they have extended their excellence to these Harley Davidson Men’s Static Steel Toe Shoes. A couple of features like durability, comfort and safety have been put the focus on, to offer you the best possible experience for your hard-working feet.

With the help of the black suede material, the shoes have their distinct design and feel unmatched on the market. The product can handle light to heavy-duty use, allowing you flexibility and lightweight construction while also being strong and durable. The inclusion of some materials helps you absorb any unwanted impacts and shocks, and ASTM standards have tested it for the same.

The outsole is resistant to slips, skids, and abrasions. So if you were to make strides on a greasy floor, you would not have to worry about falling and hurting yourself. This will increase your confidence by several folds when you’re working, increasing your productivity and making you shine from the crowd. The sock-liner is there to keep you away from moisture caused by wearing the boots for too long so that they will be fresh throughout the day.


  • Made for walking on concrete
  • Strong full-grain leather construction
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Complies to important ASTM standards


  • Takes time to break-in

9. Skechers for Work Men’s Soft Stride Steel Toe Work Shoe:

Best skechers steel toe shoes

The Skechers for Work Men’s Soft Stride Steel Toe Work Shoe is the work shoe for workers like the mechanics, when you do not have to walk a lot, but have a lot of feet movement. It has a rather stylish look and allows you to flaunt your work boots to everyone at your workplace. It comes made with solid leather with a lace-up closure to shield you properly against the hardships of construction or factory working. The shoes also have a removable PU insole that is both waterproofed and comfortable for your feet.

Skechers have focused on your overall comfort with these shoes with curved arches, padded tongue, and fantastic durability. You will be able to work with confidence with these shoes, never worrying about making mistakes or suffering from pain. They can allow you to stand for more than 5 to 6 hours without experiencing even an iota of discomfort.

The material of the product is a blend of leather with other synthetic materials. Yes, we know that is not exactly the most durable mix, but it sure provides you adequate flexibility to move your feet according to your wish on a hard working day. The features that we like the most about this product are full lace-up panel, pull tab, and padded tongue. The steel-toe adds the perfect amount of safety and protection to the concoction.


  • Resistant to slippery surfaces
  • Padded collar for comfort
  • Long and durable life.


  • Heavy boots.

10. Reebok Work Men’s All Terrain Work:

Reebok Work Men's All Terrain Work

Reebok has stacked the market with some of the best products, producing and distributing the highest quality items that allow your fitness to thrive. With these steel toe shoes, you can protect yourself not just at the workplace, but all on all tough terrains. It comes with a static dispersing dual-resistor that ensures your protection as you work, while the lace-up closure and mesh allow you a comfortable movement. The product is made with rip-stop fabric that adds to the overall durability and gives you a lasting companion.

Neoprene in the interiors makes sure to keep all the dirt away from your feet when you work, providing you with an enclosed environment that does not tolerate any infiltration but allows a lot of ventilation. The steel toe is directly embedded in the footbed made with memory foam for ever-lasting comfort. The boots also feature a rugged rubber outsole to provide you with safety against oil spills as well as chemicals at your workplace. The Reebok Work Men’s All Terrain Work is tested and complies with the stringent directives of ASTM, so you do not compromise on your safety or protection.


  • Made with rip-stop fabric
  • Static dispersing protects against impacts
  • Tested for durability and safety.


  • Sizes bigger than measurements

11. AdTec 9-Inch Steel Toe Super Logger Boots:

AdTec 9-Inch Steel Toe Super Logger Boots

If you are looking for high-performing and advanced work boots, then you should undoubtedly try AdTech. This western company allows you to enjoy high-quality footwear since 1981. With this AdTec 9-Inch Steel Toe Super Logger Boots, you get reliability and style in your work footwear, with every inch of the boots making it through stringent quality measures and ASTM standards. The product comes with all the safety features necessary for loggers, along with many other features that promise comfortable wear throughout the day—making the product all the most versatile.

The boots have been made with saddle leather that goes through a heavy-duty stitching process with the help of Goodyear Welt Construction. It comes with a rubber sole that is attached seamlessly to the leather and helps you maintain specific movement without restriction. Many other features add up to the overall quality and comfort of the boots, including a rubber sole with heavy lugs, and an upper with a lace-up closure to keep things comfortable. You can avoid a lot of foot problems with these shoes! A one-year warranty has supported these boots, so you can bid farewell to the stress related to your purchase.


  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Rubber sole with heavy lugs offers protection
  • Lace-up closure for a perfect fit.


  • Not ideal for all feet conditions

12. KEEN Utility Detroit 8-Inch Steel Toe Work Boots:

KEEN Utility Detroit 8-Inch Steel Toe Work Boots

Working and being always on your feet can cause a lot of moisture to accumulate in your feet, which not only creates a bad odor but also makes you susceptible to electrical hazards. With this KEEN Utility Detroit 8-Inch Steel Toe Work Boots, you do not have to worry about that, as the product comes with KEEN.DRY technology which is patented by KEEN. This technology adds a waterproof membrane to your shoes that is both protective and flexible. These boots are also excellent if you want to take them on a hike over rough terrain.

The outsole on the product gives you bumper-like protection by having an upward rise. The boot is lined with a waterproof membrane that keeps your feet dry, but it is also very breathable. It helps you do away with all the moisture, while the Dri-Lex (2-zone hydrophobic-hydrophilic) lining does not disappoint you. The boots are equipped with a removable EVA footbed, and it can effortlessly contour around your feet for added comfort and support.


  • Comes with patented KEEN.DRY technology
  • The dri-Lex lining protects against water damage
  • Bumper-like protection at the outsole.


  • Break-in is painful

13. Dickies Raider Steel-Toe Work Boot

best steel toe boots

The Dickies have been known to provide boots for the hardworking feet since 1922. This long history has allowed them to cater to a wide range of audiences with a variety of styles and maximum durability. The Dickies Raider Steel-Toe Work Boot provides you with protection that will make you glad you chose this brand. It comes with a waterproof material blend with a steel toe that will not fail to impress you. These boots are made with full-grain leather upper, which has its benefits for durability and overall protection. The slip-resistant outsole manages to create healthy surroundings for you.

The upper and the sole have been stitched with the Goodyear Welt Construction, and you will find this in most of the products we have mentioned in this list. This feature will probably ensure that your boots do not come apart after some time with regular use. Whether you are working hard at the construction site or making your way through harsh concrete pavements, you can expect these boots to look after you. They are keeping you safe and stable. The product comes with a rubber outsole that is armed due to horrible impacts and electrical hazards, letting you carry forward your work without worry.


  • Slip-resistant outsole for greasy surfaces
  • Keeps you stable and safe
  • Works on concrete pavements.


  • Not so durable
Wolverine Rancher 10-Inch : Nike Steel Toe Work Boots

We have found you the right boots for your job! If you are a logger, construction worker, or automobile mechanic, these Wolverine shoes will not disappoint you. With the long 10-inch shaft, comfort and protection will have a newfound meaning for steel toe work boots. This product has made its way to this list because it meets all the necessary ASTM standards for safety at work and keeps all workplace hazards at bay! The features we found the most impressive are the 90° heels, and the compression-molded outsole. There are very few brands that can match these standards and quality on the market.

All the abrasions and trauma is driven away with the help of the outsole, while the genuine leather material extends the life of the shoes. It comes with the perfect length of heels and an upper that is stitched with the Goodyear Welt Construction method. You will undoubtedly love the durability and strength the product provides, especially the slip-resistant lugs that maintain your stability no matter what. You will never have to worry about walking on slippery surfaces if you have slipped into these work boots by Wolverine.


  • Protects against work hazards
  • Made with Goodyear Welt Construction
  • Highly durable and strong.


  • Rubber outsoles wear out gradually

15. Skechers for Work Workshire Steel Toe Boots:

Skechers Steel Toe Boots for Work Workshire

This American brand has made its third appearance on this list, so you might understand how serious we are about these boots! Since 1992, this brand has only strived to provide quality products, and they have a long history to attest to this claim. We believe that the Skechers for Work Workshire Steel Toe Boots is for the people who want to wear designs that can make everyone’s jaw drop. The blend of comfort and protective features makes it such a catch for everyone! The product comes with full-grain leather and a lace-up system, but it is naturally waterproof.

With the cushioned comfort of the midsole, along with the durable and robust stitching system, you will not have a problem in maintaining the boots. They are going to have a long life if you ensure specific cleaning measures, as that is the most critical aspect you need to focus on. There is nothing more we love in the boot market than a blend of comfort, support, and protection that is delivered seamlessly.


  • Full-grain leather provides strength and durability
  • Robust stitching system
  • Cushioned midsole for added comfort.


  • Not ideal for wide feet types
  • Cannot take them to snow.



Tips for Wearing Steel Toe Shoes

We have compiled a few ways you can make wearing your steel-toe shoes easy and breezy! From breaking into wearing the right socks, we have got you covered below:

Wear the Right Socks!

If you wish to maximize the protection that you receive from steel toe shoes, you need to dress your feet in thick and supportive socks. Choosing the right pair of socks will go a long way in reducing the stress on your feet from laboring the entire day. Therefore, the first and most important tip for wearing steel-toe shoes is to club them with a nice, clean pair of socks.

Invest in Good Insoles

When you buy boots, make sure you purchase the ones that come with removable insoles. With this, you will be able to change them into something more comfortable for yourself. The right insole will add comfort in steel toe boots, which is missing otherwise, making sure you do not end up with aches and pains by the end of the day. If you have a food condition, you can switch to insoles appropriate for the same (for instance, Plantar Fasciitis).

Get a Wide Boot

Narrow toe areas in work boots can hurt the blood circulation and comfort of your feet. And since you’re going to wear steel toe boots to work, it will be beneficial to purchase a boot that allows you a broad toe area. With this, your productivity will increase in several folds, minus the chances of developing blisters or sores. Allow your toes to wiggle!

Right Size is Important!

Like how the size chart varies from brand to brand when you’re buying clothes, boots from different brands will have their distinct sizing chart. We recommend you always check the measurements linked with a particular sizing and pick your shoes accordingly. Also, since steel toe boots do not offer you break-in or stretching-out possibilities, buying the right size will be of prime importance.

Long Boots Are In

With the focus on increasing the overall comfort of your shoes, it is advisable that while you’re opting for broader shoes, you also look for shoes that have the right length. The length and width of steel toe boots have a significant influence on whether or not your feet are going to be cramped by the end of the day. You should certainly see the difference as you will be able to slide in your food with much ease.

How to Clean and Care for Steel Toe Shoes?

Add more years to your steel-toe shoes by taking specific measures in washing and maintaining them. We have mentioned some of the top ways you can care for your steel-toe shoes below. Here are some steps you can follow:

Step 1:

The first step will be to remove the insoles of your shoes if they are removable. Take some mild detergent or laundry powder that scrubs out all the dirt and grime from your shoes with the help of your hands. Rinse them thoroughly to get rid of any soap residue and clean the insoles too. Cleaning the insoles will make sure to ward off all the bad odor that gets trapped in steel-toe shoes.

Step 2:

Now clean the interiors of your shoes with the help of a mild cleanser. You can make this cleanser by mixing a few drops of baby shampoo or any mild natural shampoo. Fill the shoes with this soapy concoction and rinse them off until you remove all the suds. Now keep them outside and let them air-dry thoroughly.

Step 3:

It is also essential to tackle the bad odor from your shoes since steel-toed leather boots are infamous for holding a lot of bacteria that cause your feet to stink. To deal with this, take two socks and fill them with some baking soda, a couple of tablespoons would do. Tie them and put them inside your boots for a few hours.

Step 4:

As the last step, letting the boots sit in the freezer inside a sizeable zippered bag will help you weed out all the remaining odor, and will have fresh, clean, and new-looking steel toe boots by the end of this process.

FAQs about Steel Toe Shoes:

What is the difference between a steel toe boot and a composite toe boot?

Although both composite toe and steel toe boots provide you with certain protective features, the main difference is the material. While composite toe boots are generally made with non-metal materials like fiberglass or carbon fiber, steel toe boots come with a slightly sturdier feel and can handle impact better. However, composite toe boots do come off a little inexpensive comparatively.

Are there any differences between the ANSI and ASTM standards?

Both the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) & the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) create directives and standards for products. However, ANSI does not develop standards but oversees the organizations that do—ASTM is one of these organizations under the ANSI umbrella.

How long does it take to break in steel-toe shoes?

On average, it takes about one week for steel toe shoes to break in. However, this period can vary between different kinds of shoes and brands, depending on the material.

How much do steel toes shoes cost?

Since steel toe boots come equipped with rigid and heavy-duty materials, you should expect them to be a little expensive. A normal range would be between $70 to 100, but it can go higher depending on the brand, material, and overall quality.

The bottom line

We have gone through multiple boots with steel toes on the market, and have concluded that the KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe comes equipped with all the essential features that make your purchase worthwhile. According to our research, it is laden with all the critical original features. However, there are many other options we have offered, and you will be able to find the perfect pair for you after being thorough with the buying guide.

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