The most comfortable slippers for Plantar Fasciitis in 2023 (comfortable arch support slippers)

The most common thing people forget when they have Plantar Fasciitis are their slippers. It doesn’t make much sense either. While you’re relaxing at home, you still walk around sometimes (or all the time if you’re organizing, cooking, playing with your kids, or just nervously pacing around). It is imperative that you follow these steps, especially if you are experiencing heel or foot pain.

Best Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis and Arch Support

Our team of experts considered the following factors while selecting the most comfortable orthotics for plantar fasciitis. (If you want to read the detailed product selection guide, please see the end of the article)

    • Support for the arch
    • Sole with shock-absorbing properties
    • The perfect size and fit
    • Long-term durability
    • A comfortable fit

Can’t find the time to read? Here are our recommendations for Plantar Fasciitis Slippers (We have made this list after reading more than 209 reviews, we searched for 21 brands, and we checked each dozen of slippers to make sure their quality was good.) We have compiled this list after 64 hours of research. 



Based on 300+ tests, these are the best slippers for Plantar Fasciitis in 2023 for both men and women.

Here is a list of the most comfortable slippers for plantar fasciitis for men & women with arch support which gives good arch support and provides relief from heel pain.

Vionic Orthaheel Relax Slipper for Women: 

Vionic Orthaheel Relax Slipper for Women:Best Women's Plantar Fasciitis Shoes


According to my test and research, my first suggestion for all the ladies who have Plantar Fasciitis and are looking for an excellent pair of slippers is the Orthaheel Women’s Relax Slipper.

As soon as you see these slippers, you’ll notice that they’re special, thanks to the upper part, which is uniquely adaptable. Having straps that can be adjusted to your liking, means you can wear them loose today and tight tomorrow.

One of Orthaheel’s signature technologies is the Tri-Planar Motion Control, so it’s no wonder that the team behind the Relax Slipper to use it for this product too. This feature is especially great to minimize the foot rolling inwards by keeping it in what should be its natural and correct range of motion.

Another important feature you should always look for when buying slippers is shock absorption. Orthaheel slippers assured that your feet will suffer no impacts whatsoever by using a midsole made of EVA material, one of the best out there for this purpose which makes it better than its previous version as well.

As you can see, these slippers have a lot to offer. But is it all good? Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Things we like :

  • Amazing arch support.
  • The Footbed is covered in Ecofresh.
  • The lining is Terry polyester, known for being extremely comfortable.
  • Available both online and in-store.
  • The rubber sole makes them appropriate to wear both in and out of the house.
  • You can put them on in a matter of seconds.

Things we don’t like:

  • Since the toe is open, the air is constantly circulating, which might be a problem in the winter. It depends on your personal preference. In the end, you can always put on socks.
  • The design/shape of the slipper is not the most attractive one.


SOREL Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper:

SOREL Men's Falcon Ridge Slipper

It’s winter once again, and aside from preparing your winter shoes, you are again compelled to prepare your winter slippers as you are not wearing shoes all the time especially if you are staying around your place, your house maybe. Sometimes, the pain that you felt in your sole which is commonly known as Plantar Fasciitis attacks during cold weather. And this one from SOREL items could be of good choice.

SOREL, founded in 1962 in Canada has been bringing functionality and expert craftsmanship to the modern world of fashion by designing all types of slippers that can be truly trusted. Included in their collection is the SOREL Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper that possesses an extraordinary design.

When you unbox the SOREL Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper, you’ll observe its famous logo to both sides of the pair of slippers. Its appearance implies durability and strength, which makes you an impression that this type of slipper will surely last longer.

The inner part is made of wool and definitely warms your feet during cold weather. But despite the wool material, the inside part is soft that contributes to the overall comfort of your feet.

You will observe the neat stitches around the shoes. Such an organized appearance of stitches implies that the shoes are well-crafted. And how would you like the natural breathability of the Sorel Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper? It adds to the long-term comfort of the wearer.

Finished with rubber soles, this pair of shoes is undeniably one of the great creations of SOREL and way comfortable than its previous model. If you feel like resting your feet from a very tiring day at the office, or from sports activity liking Skiing, you’ll surely love to wear a pair of SOREL Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper.

Have a take a look at its Pros and Cons for more information.

Things we like

  • The sole is made of rubber which does not only allow the slippers to be used just at home but also for a short walk outside.
  • Truly one of the best favorites slippers of men.
  • High-quality materials are used to create such a design and have the looks of being durable and long-lasting.
  • The outside material is made of leather and is durable.

Things we don’t like

  • Some customers say that the fur on their pair of Sorel Falcon Ridge was falling after few weeks of wearing them.
  • Limited only for walks around the house. Not recommended for long walks outside


Vionic Orthaheel by Women’s Gemma Mule Slipper: Best Orthopedic Slipper in 2023

Vionic Orthaheel by Women's Gemma Mule Slipper

Hey! Are you looking for a woman’s slipper with serious support? Take a look at this Vionic featuring Orthaheel Technology. As we all know, Orthaheel Technology-equipped slippers promote natural alignment from the ground up. It’s likely hugging your arches so you could gain balance and proper posture.

I have tested it and found that the flexible EVA midsole further reduces stress on feet, ankles, and knees with substantial shock absorption. The relaxing and comfortable footbed is treated to keep your feet fresh all the time even wearing the shoes for a longer period of time.

Designed with biomechanically contoured arch support together with a deep cup heel, the Vionic Gemma Slipper keeps realigning your stride and helps prevent moderate to excessive pronation.

Not sure with how big your foot is? Don’t worry! The upper lining features an adjustable hook-and-loop closure for easy on and off. You may also wash the whole slippers if you think it’s starting to smell.

If you prefer print, there are variations with animal-like prints for more fashionable slippers. Other solid colors are also available if you find black too dark.

Let’s get to know more about this pair of slippers:

Things we like

  •  Fabric upper material that can be easily washed.
  • EVA midsole reduces stress on feet, ankles, and knees.
  • Footbed material is treated that prevents odor-causing bacteria to grow.
  • Orthaheel technology: promotes natural alignment and reduces pain and aches brought by foot illnesses.
  • Comes with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure for a more comfortable wear.
  • Colors and other printed designs are available.

Things we don’t like

  • Some customers say that the pair of slippers are a bit heavy.
  • Fabric may be flapping loose when washed frequently.


Orthofeet Asheville Men’s Slippers:

plantar fasciitis slipper

Orthofeet Asheville Men’s Slippers is an excellent choice you’d want to consider.

When it comes to having to adjust the slipper to your foot, it doesn’t get much better than Asheville! And it this case it’s not “automatic”—you can take the adjustable strap and make the slipper entirely your own. It means that you don’t need to worry if you wake up with swollen feet, in 3 seconds you can adapt your slippers exactly to your liking.

The company developed Ergonomic Stride, which is part of the sole and helps your foot follow its natural gait and helps out with overall stability.

The slipper’s insole provides cushioning and support for your arch, making them extra comfy. The rear part of the insole has gel, so your heel is protected at all times. And if you don’t like the insole you can remove it and use a different insole if you want to.

And you know how sometimes you feel something annoying in the shoes? A small spot that’s bothering you but you, can’t figure out what it is? Well, you won’t be having this issue with Asheville slippers, since the company took great care in removing most of the pressure points.

There are some other pros and cons I’d like to mention:

Things we like

  • The rubber sole absorbs the impacts.
  • You can wear these slippers outdoors as well.
  • 2.The upper part is leather.
  • The lining is amazing. You take one look at this slipper and know that your feet will never get cold in them.
  • The design has a nice, rustic feel to it, mainly thanks to the stitching detail on the upper part.
  • They can be purchased both in different stores and online.

Things we don’t like

  • They are a bit expensive for a slipper.
  • There is only one color available.


Orthofeet Charlotte Women’s Slippers: Best Slipper with Arch Support for Plantar FasciitisVionic Orthofeet Charlotte Women’s Slippers

The fourth and last slipper for women that I recommend is Orthofeet Charlotte Women’s Slippers.

This slipper will provide you excellent support on every step you take thanks to its multi-layer orthotic insole, which consists of a Gel padded heel-seat and an anatomical arch support. Meaning your heel will be protected and kept in place and your arch will enjoy amazing support. This insole can be removed to clean the slipper or even change it with another one.

The upper part is extremely adjustable since it can separate on the side and adapt to your foot completely. This gives for a customization like not many other slippers can provide.

Charlotte Women’s Slippers also include another amazing and signature Orthofeet feature, which is Ergonomic Stride. This helps the foot follow its natural gait and by doing this reduces the stress on the foot.

The lining is padded with foam to eliminate any possible pressure points and further improve the overall comfort this slipper offers.

Without a doubt, this is another amazing choice to consider! Let’s take a look at all the pros and cons it offers:

Things we like

  • Extremely adjustable.
  • Provides excellent arch support.
  • The removable insole gives the option of changing it for another.
  • The rubber sole works as a shock absorber.
  • These slippers can be worn outside of the house as well.
  • Leather upper part.
  • Very comfortable and warm.

Things we don’t like

  • They price is a bit high, although they’re not the most expensive product on this list.
  • They’re available in only one color. They’re beautiful, but it would be nice to have at least one more color to choose from.


Haflinger Unisex GZ Clog

Haflinger Unisex GZ Clog

Now, let’s meet another creation from Haflinger, known as the GZ Clog which could be worn by both men and women. Haflinger is known for marketing premium slippers; solid whose styles could be worn outdoors. Now, if there’s a Haflinger pair that you want to use outdoor, try this GZ clog featuring wool material.

The GZ clog is equipped with non-slip and skip light rubber outsole. It actually turns the clogs into indoor/outdoor capable slippers. Whether you cross across the yard, stroll in the park or meadow may be, mall, or simply visit flowers around the garden, the Haflinger GZ clog could be a great company.

The sturdy and reliable cork are their masterpieces. Such style is common in Germany and even to some parts of the world.

But remember, the GZ clogs are slippers and not ideal for outdoor adventures such as hiking. These pairs are merely for walking purposes.

The upper material is made of fine pure wool in which according to experts, is the ideal material for slippers. Although it’s a bit thick, it has a breathable feature to keep your feet cool and dry which was absent in its older version.

The cork footbed has great support, making this pair of slippers ideal to those who feel pain and slight aches when using slippers. It has a good shape. That would fit to most shapes of feet. And to make it more stylish, different colored designs surround the ankle area.

Things we like

  • Rubber outsole with non-slip and skip feature
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Upper material is made of sturdy yet breathable wool
  • Cork footbed supports well your feet
  • Has a good shape that fits to most types of feet
  • Come in different ankle print designs

Things we don’t like

  • Some users complain on the lumpy sole
  • Bulky with socks


Isotoner Women’s Terry Embroidered Scalloped Clog: Best Indoor Slipper for plantar fasciitis

Isotoner Women's Terry Embroidered Scalloped Clog, Best Orthopedic Slippers 2023, Indoor Slipper

Nothing can compare with the comfort that you may experience at home especially when just roaming around the house, wearing a comfy pair of slippers. A pair of slippers that you can easily slide on your feet, and something that will keep you warm during night time, or cold weather. For a pair of slippers that offer absolute comfort, why don’t you take a look at this Isotoner Women’s Terry Embroidered Scalloped Clog?

When you take a first look at this pair of slippers, you may think of nothing but pure comfort. Well, this is one of the main purpose when you choose a slipper, right. But having comfortable slippers with added features especially that with health benefits, that’s going to be a bonus.

A wider base design of Isotoner helps your feet so relaxed. Whatever your weight is, the clog could still carry you without the base sagging. The open-back design allows you to easily slip on and remove your slippers whenever you want it.

It also features an indoor and outdoor sole, which make it more versatile. Although it is designed for indoor use, we sometimes go out for while like opening the mailbox or receiving a guest.

Let’s take a closer look on the Pros and Cons!

Things we like

  • Comfortable and relaxing slippers for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Soft and comfy
  • Can be washed both through hand or machine.
  • Pretty embroidered design that comes in different colors; stylish
  • Wider base that adds up to a comfortable wear
  • Comes with a warranty from the manufacturer

Things we don’t like

  • The outdoor feature is limited because the style is great all for indoor use
  • Size may be too big.


Vionic Adilyn Women’s slippers with Arch Support

Vionic Adilyn women's slippers with arch support

Another item from Vionic is the Adilyn Women Round Toe Slippers that would surround your feet with plush and provides orthotic design just like other Vionic models.

If you slip on Adilyn, you’ll feel the difference on its soft and warm sole yet very supportive as you walk around the house. Well, it can also be worn outside if you want, but it’s still best at comforting you inside your place.

Featuring podiatrist-designed orthotic footbed with the famous Orthaheel technology that gives you the most comfortable wear. Such design could reduce pain brought by different foot issues including Plantar Fasciitis. Moreover, the design gives your feet stability and support especially when you need it the most.

The soft and quilted upper material is very warm to your skin. It could help you feel relaxed after a long hours of wearing shoes from outdoor. Additionally, the adjustable hook-and-loop can give you a nice and customize fit, adding more relaxing steps.

Should you like other color aside from back? Tan and rose colors are also available.

Things we like

  • Created by Vionic equipped by its famous Orthaheel Technology.
  • Very soft and warm fabric lining
  • The upper plush material adds to more comfortable feet situation.
  • Made of durable synthetic leather.
  • The rubber sole is of high-quality.
  • Upper material is durably stitched/attached to the rubberized sole.

Things we don’t like

  • Arch support is not that strong compared to other Vionic sandals.
  • Stains could be difficult to remove.


Propet Men’s Cush N Foot Slipper

Propet Men's Cush N Foot Slipper

Now, here’s another pair perfect for night time comfort as well as for post-op patients. It features an extra-large hook and loop strap closure for easy entry as well as locking and fitting adjustment. And by just looking it, you can say already that it’s lightweight.

As the name implies, the shoes truly cushion your foot, making it warm and comfortable. This is a great night time footwear, and this also makes it great for people who have just undergone surgery. And because it is cushioned, it also prevents pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis and other foot conditions.

While most people like it to be worn indoors, it could also be good outdoor footwear and best walking shoes. The sole, though made of synthetic rubber, has anti-slippery feature. This is another good feature for people who may be suffering different foot condition. It’s actually more of health-promoting shoes than a fashionable one.

If you are going to read reviews about this item, you can say that most of the customers are purchasing black color. Wait! You can choose among different colors of this pair at a very reasonable price.

Are we going to dive in deeper? Check out the Pros and Cons!


  •  Stylish shoes with lots of health benefits.
  • Extra-large hook and loop for easy entry as well as snugging.
  • Cushioned, providing your feet warm and relaxing moment especially during night time
  • Great for post-op patients.
  • Stretchable does fit your whole foot even when you have a large size of the foot.
  • Comes in different earthly colors.


  • Not useful for senior men who find it difficult to lock and adjust the hook-and-loop.
  • A bit heavy.


Spenco Women’s Supreme Slide Slipper: Best Slipper for Heel Pain

Spenco Women's Supreme Slide Mule, best slippers for heel pain

Spenco, being one of the makers of healthy products has once again created a pair of slippers that promotes good health. The Supreme Slide Mule features luxurious faux shearling collar that guarantees total support to your feet.

Premium suede upper material is one of the durable materials also being used in other models of Spenco as well as other brands of orthotic shoes and slippers. It also adds up to the comfort and relaxing feeling especially during cold season.

The EVA footbed is molded well to hold the feet. It’s very lightweight and easy to carry when you roam around the house.

The cushioned forefoot is very relaxing and adds up to the warm feeling of your feet. This pair of slippers is great for women who often feel cold in whatever weather. This could be also a recommended pair of slippers for those who are suffering different kinds of foot illnesses and issues. If you are experiencing pains and aches brought by Plantar Fasciitis, this is recommended.

For maximum comfort, it is designed with zero-dropped heel which also helps in reducing pain and aches. It also has a non-slip outsole, which is safer to be worn by elderly and with those difficulties in balancing.

The antimicrobial feature prevents your feet from acquiring foot allergies and even foot odor.


  • Great slipper for winter
  • With EVA footbed to hold well the feet.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry
  • Non-slip outsole, safer to wear
  • Luxurious faux shearling collar don’t just make the slippers look beautiful but also contributes to the warm feeling your feet may experience
  • Slip-on and easy to wear
  • Comes in different colors


  • Fur is sometimes annoying.
  • Lining may get damaged easily when washed constantly.


 Spenco Slipper for men

Spenco Men's Supreme Slipper, orthotic slippers for plantar fasciitis

Spenco is another company that has a fantastic product available for all men struggling with Plantar Fasciitis. It’s called Spenco Men’s Supreme Slipper, and it is, as the name implies, quite supreme!

The product has a Compression Molded EVA Total Support Footbed, which is the reason why this slipper provides such great arch support! It’s also shocking absorbent; making sure your foot is protected and safe at all times.

The slipper also imitates the natural inclination (or lack thereof) of the foot. It means that there is no height difference between the front and the back part of your foot. It’s what’s called a zero-drop technology, and it is one of the main features that assure your feet fell extremely comfortable every time you put on the slipper.

Furthermore, many of us enjoy wearing out slippers barefoot but might not feel so comfortable with the idea in fear of odor-related unpleasant consequences. Well, at Spenco they thought of this too and used the Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment on the lining. And when you see the soft lining, you’ll understand why I’m mentioning this – it invites you to forget about your socks and just enjoy the feel of the fabric on your bare skin.

To finish with this product’s presentation, let’s take a quick look at some for the pros and cons:


  • With all the features and technology, this slipper is extremely comfortable.
  • The rubber sole means you can wear them outside too.
  • There are 2 elastic bands on each side of the upper part so that the slipper can adjust to your foot.
  • They’re available in several colors.
  • They can be bought online and in stores.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • This is one of the most expensive slippers for men out there.
  • They’re not a slip-on slipper, which can be a bit uncomfortable since you have to bend over every time you want to put them on or take them off.



ACORN Women’s Spa Wrap Slipper

ACORN Women's Spa Wrap Slipper

Cozy and comfort is what our next featured pair of slippers could first offer to women. Definitely soft like a cotton, the Acorn Women’s Spa Wrap Slipper could be of any woman’s choice while hanging around house.

Made from high-quality organic terry cloth, this spa wrap slipper is pleasing to touch. It is also highly absorbent, making the slippers great after bath. Each pair wraps each foot for a more comfortable and warm feeling using an adjustable strap across forefoot.

A multilayer cloud contour footbed provides the most comfortable step you’ll make. Rubber sole makes this pair durable and usable even outdoor.

Such style could also be great to use after treatment of feet, making sure that medicines and other substances applied on feet is absorbed.

This warm slipper comes with a built-in arch support which is very helpful to those who are suffering foot issues like Plantar Fasciitis. Such slipper is widely used among spas and massage centers.

Why don’t you familiarize this pair of slippers by looking at its PROs and CONs:


  • Ultra-soft and comfy wear both for the house or spa, or every after-foot treatment.
  • Made from high quality, organic terry cloth.
  • Has adjustable strap that fits well to your foot.
  • Has built-in arch support for people with foot issues.
  • Adjustable strap provides versatile fit.
  • Keeps your feet dry after bath.


  • May give you an annoying heat when worn for longer hours during hot season.


Spenco Men’s Siesta Canvas Slide Sandal

Spenco Men's Siesta Canvas Slide Sandal

Plantar Fasciitis could be very common to people at old age, although there are few younger individuals suffer such illness.

The next slipper that could be great for people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis with a design and style that match of those older individuals. That is, Spenco Men’s Siesta Canvas Slide Sandal. From the model name itself—Siesta, you’ll experience the best comfort in feet when you try to wear this pair of sandals.

Every Spenco product is made of Silicore fibers, a unique siliconized hollow core shafts that don’t mat down. It has the ability to retain their loft and allow air flow. Such material is also used in other products promoting good health, and so as with Spenco Men’s Siesta Canvas Slide Sandal.

The Orthotic-grade arch support is meant to support your feet, preventing any pain to arise. And because the footwear is highly engineered to provide full comfort, most people love this pair of sandals for everyday use. It doesn’t sag at all and promises zero-heel drop; hence, those suffering from Plantar Fasciitis would like this.

As you can see, the sandals are closed in toes, which might give you worry about the possible odor. But the featured Spenco item has antimicrobial material that prevents microorganism to grow and cause undesirable odor.

Here are pros and Cons for you to take a closer look at the sandals:


  • Stylish canvass looks and could be used as everyday sandals.
  • Good structure, with great healthy feature such as silicone fibers. Such material allows air to flow, encouraging you not just to prevent undesirable odor but more of healthier style.
  • Zero-drop heel lift prevents your heels from sagging and touching the rough and hard texture of the sole.
  • The inner sole is very warm and comfortable to wear.
  • Great arch support and very light to wear.


  • Some customers have issues with the sizing.


Acorn Women’s Faux Chinchilla Collar Slipper

Acorn Women's Faux Chinchilla Collar Slipper

Are you looking for a horseshoe? Something that has a pillowy collar that will provide softness around the ankle area? Why don’t you try this women’s faux chinchilla collar slipper proudly brought to you by Acorn? If you find the pillowy thing intriguing, then let’s take a look at this comfy shoes/slipper!

Influenced by Italian style, the upper part of this pair of slippers is soft while the interior is luxuriously lined with faux chinchilla material that adds up to to a comfy wear.

The sole features orthopedic and therapeutic features. That is, its lining prevents takes away moisture and keep your feet cool and dry. Moisture can bring odor-causing bacteria, and this will be prevented by the shoes’ lining.
The low-density foam adds up softness to your every step. It also features an Acorn Memory Foam that ensures you that your footwear is cushioned.

And the famous EVA layer? Yes, it’s still in this model that truly absorbs shock. The outsole has raised heel and arch design that provides wearer a better footing and support. Such orthopedic slipper can be worn by women indoor while hanging around the house.

Want some more about this Chinchilla collar slipper by Acorn? Let’s take a look at its PROs and Cons!


  • The lining tends to wick moisture and prevents bacteria from growing inside.
  • Cushioned; Equipped with Acorn memory Foam
  • Has EVA material that absorbs shock
  • Classified as therapeutic and orthopedic slippers; best for people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis
  • The raised heel and arch design enhances stability and support
  • Can be worn indoor or outdoor


  • Some customers feel uncomfortable with the furry ankle portion of the shoes.



Old Friend Men’s Romeo Slipper

Old Friend Men’s Romeo Slipper

Another good pair of shoes for Plantar Fasciitis could be coming from an old friend. As you know, shoes are like an old friend who will always be with you wherever and whenever you go. And that’s what our next featured item Old Friend Men’s Romeo Slipper who might be with you for a longer period. Remarkably stylish, this pair of slippers are best for people who prefer not to wear socks when wearing shoes.

Like many other models of Old Friend Men’s shoes, this pair is cushioned that provides extra comfort to your feet. The sole is made of rubber which is weather resistant, thus, whatever the weather is: be it rainy or sunny, this pair of shoes are useful. The primary material for the shoes is sheepskin leather, something that the Old Friend company became famous with. What customers love about such kind of leather is that it’s easier to maintain. It will only require few brushes and the shoes will then again look better after hours of using them.

Looking at the sole, you can observe that it’s a bit of arch in shape which helps your body weight evenly distributed. Its outer sole is coated with thermoplastic rubber that promises durability and long-lasting use.

Are you decided on what to buy? Have a look at its Pros and Cons. These might help you decide:


  • The sheepskin leather body is undeniably durable and sturdy. It doesn’t easily damaged and would last longer.
  • The outer sole has a thermoplastic coat, something that you cannot see from other shoes. Such coating adds to the durability of the shoes.
  • The inner sole is comfortable with an arch shape at the center, helping your overall weight be distributed evenly.
  • Comfortable yet stylish wear.
  • Easy to Maintain.


  • Some customers say that after few weeks of using the shoes, the sole started to separate from the shoes.
  • There could be a sheep-like smell as the leather is made of sheepskin.
  • Not great for everyday use.



SOREL Women’s Nakiska Slide Slipper

SOREL Women's Nakiska Slide Slipper, Best Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis 2023

SOREL has never failed to amaze women when it comes to footwear. Another great creation brought by this famous footwear company is the Nakiska Slide Slipper which is a great pair for cold weather and a comfortable wear during those chilly winter nights.

Featuring wool-blend and faux fur-linings that keep your feet so warm in the midst of winter. It’s one of the recommended slippers for women who are suffering foot issues, where pain attacks during cold season. This is also good for Plantar Fasciitis sufferers.

The molded outsole is made of rubber with anti-slip characteristic, making the pair of slippers recommended for older women as well as those with difficulty in balance.

Nakiska slipper is a slide-on slipper, usually preferred by those who do not want to bend much just to fit on their footwear. The suede leather upper material is durable and long-lasting. A removable EVA midsole provides more comfort and natural arch support.

Roll your toes inside during those cold weather in this comfortable Nakiska Slide slipper by SOREL. Before you include this pair in your choices, the following PROs and CONs would be helpful:


  • Easy slide-on slipper, great for people who have difficulty to bend their waist.
  • Lined with wool and faux that provides ultra-comfort and warmth.
  • Rubberized outsoles with anti-slippery characteristic.
  • Upper material is made of leather.
  • Comes with a removable EVA midsole for additional support.
  • Comes in different pretty colors.


  • Furs may be removed after few months of use.
  • Not recommended for machine wash.


Vionic Mens Maxwell Slipperbest men's slippers with arch support

With its elegant design and amazing support, it can relieve your pain almost instantly.

Vionic is all about getting things right. Which is most likely why they decided to use a supportive biomechanic footbed, that helps with aligning your body and thus helps to mediate not only your Plantar Fasciitis but also your overpronation (in case you have it).

Another feature is also the pronounced arch, which helps the foot to get into its most natural position and stay there. Keeping your foot in place is further assisted by a deep heel cup. With this, the stress and tension on your foot reduce, so the ligament can heal faster.

The sole is made of rubber, which absorbs all impacts and provides additional stability to your foot.

The team behind this slipper definitely knew what it was doing!  Vionic Mens Maxwell Slipper is definitely one won’t want to take off once you’ve tried it. Not quite sure yet? Let’s check the pros and the cons:

What we love (Benefits):

  • We’re talking about a slipper that’s taking comfort to the next level.
  • Besides alleviating the pain from Plantar Fasciitis, it also helps to prevent the foot rolling inwards by aligning it.
  • It’s a very stylish slipper, one you surely wouldn’t mind being seen in.
  • It’s available both in stores and online.
  • The rubber sole works as a shock absorber to minimize the impact to your feet.
  • Can be worn outdoors as well.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • It’s more expensive than what most of us are used to spending for a slipper.


Giesswein Unisex Veitsch Henna

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My last suggestion for slippers for men comes from a company called Giesswein. Their Unisex Veitsch Henna that might just do the trick for you, thanks to its quality, support, and comfort.

Using boiled wool, this slipper can be worn both in winter and in summer. The secret behind this is that this material is extremely breathable and can adapt to any temperature. It’s a quality slipper you can wear all year round without having to worry that they’ll make your feet sweat.

The arch support these slippers provide is nothing short of amazing. The footbed that takes care of both the cushioning and support is anatomically it orthotic slippers for plantar fasciitis. And the best part? You can remove it if you wish to do so (for example, if you want to wash your slippers).

The inner part of the shoe is edge-free, meaning there are zero possibilities of any stitching bothering you.

And what would my recommendations be without a pros and cons list?

What we love (Benefits):

  • Can be washed in the washing machine.
  • The rubber sole absorbs the impacts.
  • Can be worn outside.
  • High-quality materials making the slipper suitable for wearing all year round.
  • The rubber sole doesn’t mark and doesn’t slip.
  • The footbed can be removed to wash the slippers, or it can even be replaced with a custom-made insole you might prefer to use.
  • Probably best orthotic slipper.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Once again we’re talking about a pricey product.



Romika Mokasso 202 Men’s Black Leather Slipper

Romika Mokasso 202 Men's Black Leather Slipper

A slipper with an appearance of a shoe, or shall we say, half shoes, the Romika Mokasso 202 Men’s slipper is one of the applauded models of Romika Mikasso items.

It features a genuine leather material, fully close in front that truly protects your toes. When the wearer feels hot, the half-shoe design helps you remove the slippers easily. Removing the feet from the shoes is also one way of developing moist that could lead to bad odor.

The rubber sole, like any other soles of men’s shoes, is durable. It is connected durably and neatly to the leather on the upper part. A polyurethane sole gives comfort to the wearer. Moreover, the sole is a bit of an arch shape, and it helps you relax your legs.

Some customers find it a bit formal because of the black color. If one would like to have another variation of color, there are other Romika Mokasso 202 models with other colors to choose from.
Come and be more informed of its Pros and Cons.


  • The design is great for men who easily feels hot on their feet when wearing shoes. Because it’s a half-shoe, it can easily be removed when the wearer is still sitting or relaxing.
  • It lessens the pain on the toes because you can always adjust your feet backward.
  • Trendy, and could be used as an alternative to leather shoes.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Primarily material is leather and is undeniably durable.
  • Lightweight


  • Some customers find the arch support sinking after wearing the slippers for few months.
  • The sizing is a bit tricky; thus you have to make sure that it fits your size well.


Old Friend Men’s Sheepskin Scuff house slipper with arch support

Old Friend Men's Sheepskin Scuff house slippers with arch support

Another applauded pair of slippers by Old Friend Footwear is the Sheepskin Scuff that is perfect wear for men while chilling and relaxing in the house.

It may look rugged because of its cowhide suede leather on the upper part, but you’ll feel comfortable when wearing them as you brush your feet on the sheepskin fleece lining. The insole is cushioned, providing your feet warm and comfortable while wearing them.

Very easy to slide your feet in and off. It’s wide enough and could even be worn with those large feet. And because it is manufactured by the famous Old Friend footwear, durability is associated with this pair of slippers.

Your father and other older ones in the house would gladly use such pair of slippers. If all they need is warm, comfy, and stylish slipper for indoor use, this featured pair of slippers in this review could be their next favorite.

Let’s get more familiar with this footwear!


  • Warm and comfortable which could be loved by men who are not used at using indoor slippers.
  • Can be easily washed. Just don’t use a machine but purely handwashing.
  • It could also be worn by women who have a large size of feet.
  • Easy to slide in and out.
  • The sheepskin leather is proven to be durable which is one of the materials of this pair of slippers.


  • Some customers complain that the inside portion is folded after few months of wearing the slippers which made them uncomfortable.
  • The fit isn’t that good maybe to some people.


ACORN Mens Slipper with Arch Support

ACORN Men's Wearabout Mule, Mens slippers with arch support

Experience comfort unlike any other with the Wearabout Mule brought to you by ACORN. Your foot shall firmly rest on the shoes’ firm core footbed with dual density technology which provides firm support to your feet even when you are experiencing slight pain when illness attacks. The good thing is, the arch and soft cushion at strike zone are designed to eliminate pain on your feet.

The rubber sole adds up to the overall durability of the shoes. The grooves also offer flexibility when it is needed most. Thus, even when you have long walked outside, you’ll never have to worry when stepping on solid portion.
The deep heel cup adds stability, prevents your heel from moving left or right. This prevents you from acquiring pain when walking. It’s like securing your heel so you could maintain perfect balance.

Firm yet lightweight. It keeps your feet relaxed all the time. The easy-slip on design with elastic goring helps you put on and remove your shoes whenever you need it. The cozy knit upper material adds up beauty to your pair of shoes, making them great for everyday use, or paired with any kind of attire except formal occasion.

For more comprehensive information, let’s take a look at its pro’s and cons:


  • Firm core insoles feature extended arch that offers higher and longer excellent support.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy slip-on design with elastic goring.
  • Outsole grooves offer flexibility.
  • Deep heel cup helps your feet stable even when walking a long distance.
  • Cork outsole.
  • Soft cushion additionally gives comfort to the wearer.


  • Some customers complain about the gores which do not fit well, which could be attributed to the wrong size.


Dr. Comfort Women’s Cuddle Therapeutic Slippers

Dr. Comfort Women's Cuddle Therapeutic Slippers

As the name implies, the next featured item offers quality comfort among women as well as therapeutic benefit—the Dr. Comfort Women’s Cuddle Therapeutic Slippers.

The microfiber upper material is great at providing comfort and warmth to your feet together with its fleece upper lining. The rubber outsole makes it even more durable, allowing you to use such pair in roaming around the house or simply walking in the park or neighborhood.

A built-in protective toe box is one of the best features of this pair of slippers. It’s actually intended for extra safety when you go for a long walk along with its slip-resistant outsole.

The overall design of Dr. Comfort facilitates anyone suffering from health conditions that affect their feet. Swelling (click here for best shoes for swollen feet), pains, and aches caused by foot issues such as Plantar Fasciitis could be reduced when wearing this therapeutic pair of slippers.

For extra cushion and comfy steps, a Dr. Comfort gel is inserted.

Are you intrigued? Check the PROs and CONs for more details!


  • Therapeutic slippers/shoes
  • Protective toe box extra safety as well as comfort especially those who are suffering toe swelling and other conditions
  • Slip-resistant; great for elderly
  • Inserted with Dr. Comfort Gel for extra cushioned steps
  • Easy to wash and maintain


  • Ankle area is a bit stiff


Vionic Glenn Mens Corduroy Slip-On Shoes

Vionic Glenn Mens Corduroy Slip-On Shoes

This casual indoor/outdoor slip-on shoes is another recommended pair of shoes for people suffering Plantar Fasciitis. It features a convenient hook-and-loop closure across its vamp. Such classic cool shoes provide cozy support to slip into especially during cold days like that in Winter.

What makes Vionic Glenn special is removable terry-covered EVA footbed. EVA stands for ethyl vinyl acetate, a human-made material similar to foam. EVA tends to be flexible when running or walking, thus recommended for footwear. It’s actually tough and crack-resistance with waterproof properties.

Looking at the rubber outsole, you can see it’s made of thermoplastic rubber that provides traction to help you feel confident on your feet. Such material also has an anti-slippery characteristic which is safer especially during wet season. For those who have difficulty maintaining their balance, such pair of shoes is highly recommended.

Your heels will remain stable on its deep heel cup, preventing your heels from moving when walking or running. This will help you too in maintaining good balance as well as maintaining good posture or stand.
And what about the corduroy material? Well, you’ll love it too as the fabric is soft and warm. It always makes your feet comfortable and relaxed at any weather.

So, does this pair of shoes has flaws too? Come, take a look at its PROs and CONs.


  • The orthotic insole supports your feet, maintain its stability, and helps you gain better posture.
  • EVA footbed that is soft yet durable.
  • Deep heel cup keeps your feet in proper position.
  • The rubber outsole has the anti-slip characteristic. It’s also water-resistance.
  • The materials give you instant comfort, and the whole shoe relieves pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis.


  • Sizes are huge, so you better choose the best fit. Although it has an adjustable strap. It may slip off from your foot when too big.


VIONIC Mens Whistler Slipper

Vionic Orthaheel Whistler Men's Orthotic Slippers

Get this:
If you are impressed with whistler slippers, this item coming from Vionic might catch your attention. Featuring a microfiber footbed, this pair of shoes is so soft to your feet, providing you relaxing soles and foot muscles. Additionally, the microfiber is treated, thus preventing bacteria and other odor-causing organisms to grow.

The biomechanical orthotic design, as well as Orthaheel Technology, helps to stabilize and realign your feet into a natural position, so pains and aches caused by any foot situations such as Plantar Fasciitis.

Take a look on its exterior design. It looks great, right? It’s actually a synthetic leather vamp paired with stripes textile. Such soft textile adds up to a more comfortable foot situation even when the weather is humid. The air can freely pass through the textile, keeping your feet cool and dry.

For those who are still in therapy and are wearing foot braces, you can start knowing about this product. Some customers say that they do not wear braces at night; instead, they wear this type of shoes as part of their recovery. You may consult your doctor about it.

Should you like to read more information, check the following Pros and Cons:


  • Equipped with Orthaheel Technology, great at stabilizing and realigning feet into its natural position.
  • The soft textile upper material is comfortable and relaxing.
  • Designed with a microfiber lining that is treated, preventing odor-causing bacteria.
  • Easy to slip on design.
  • Stylish stripes textile that adds up to the overall great-looking appearance.
  • Great for outdoor uses.
  • Best for flat-footed.


  • Too much arch support that won’t fit into some foot.
  • Not recommended for machine washing.


Vionic Orthaheel Technology Women’s Geneva Slipper

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Another excellent House slipper for plantar fasciitis to consider is the Orthaheel Technology Women’s Geneva Slipper by Vionic. This one brings together many amazing features in a timeless design.

This slipper uses the EVA biomechanical orthotic footbed, which provides both the support and the cushioning you need to reduce the pain your plantar fasciitis is causing you.

The upper part is made of Corduroy fabric, an extremely comfortable and enduring textile, that further enhances the overall comfort of the slipper.

The lining of the slipper is made of fleece-texture fabric, which will always keep your feet warm, no matter what.

The rubber sole absorbs the impacts and also prevents any slipping. You can also wear the slippers outside, if you want to, the rubber sole can handle most kinds of surfaces.

And, of course, as the name states, there has to be the Orthaheel technology—the Tri-Planar Motion Control, that will take care of your foot’s stability and alignment.

And what are the pros and the cons of the product, you ask?

What we love (Benefits):

  • Extremely comfortable and provides excellent arch support.
  • Perfect for cold winter days.
  • The sole of the slipper for arch support makes it wearable outside as well as inside.
  • The fabrics used are high-quality, so the product will last a long time.
  • Orthaheel’s signature technology provides an amazing footbed that helps alleviate pain, which makes it excellent slipper for foot pain

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Since they’re not a slip-on slipper, it can get a bit annoying to have to bend over to put them on and take them off every time you want to wear them.


Haflinger Women’s SC Saskatchewan Shearling Clog

Haflinger Women's SC Saskatchewan Shearling Clog

Looking at this pair of shoes would likely bring you to the coziness and warmth of your own home. Featuring a rustic look in a comfortable Saskatchewan Clog, these shoes designed by Haflinger doesn’t just help you achieve that fashionable image, but also provide you the good heal benefit that you need by keeping your feet warm and comfortable especially on cold weather.

Haflinger has equipped these shoes with some details like a fashionable stitch on the upper side, but what makes other user impressed is the leather outside material used that is durable and sturdy. Moreover, the sheepskin and wool inside give comfortable wear all the time.

It also features superior arch support, something that massages the feet with every step. It is also designed with the waterproof outsole that provides support to your feet especially when stepping on a slippery or wet area. Such non-slip feature is great for people who have the difficulty of maintaining their balance, such as those who are suffering leg pains or older individuals.

Users review find the handcrafting of this shoes amazing. Truly, because they are made by Haflinger, one of the premium brands in Germany specializing slippers, clogs, shoes with globally recognized reputation.

Are you planning to include such pair of shoes on your list? How about looking at its Pros and Cons for more details?


  • Features superior arch support that prevents your feet from acquiring pain.
  • Non-slip feature: waterproof outsole
  • The sheepskin and wool material provides warmth and comfort to your feet even when worn outside.
  • The upper/outer portion is made of leather which promises durability and sturdiness.
  • Available in three different colors to choose from.
  • Stylish and looks great in both groovy or casual style


  • It could be difficult to remove when already worn.
  • A bit heavier.


Vionic Womens Gemma Luxe Slipper

Vionic Womens Gemma Luxe Slipper

Let’s get to know this another great creation by Vionic, the ionic Gemma Luxe Slipper that isn’t just appreciated by hot it looks, but also on the health benefit, it provides to users.

An embellished slipper with luxurious support not only for winter time but all seasons of the year. If you try to examine its footbed, it is entirely covered with very soft faux fur that provides the wearer with extra-comfy feeling. The plush fabric upper additionally gives your feet the warmth they deserve during cold season.

An EVA midsole, which is common among Vionic products provide more comfort as well as support. The adjustable hook-and-loop is great, helping your feet get the best fit they need when wearing this pair of slippers.

All the fabric materials of this slipper especially in the footbed is treated with anti-bacterial unharmful chemical that prevents bacteria from growing. It also prevents odor and maintains your proper hygiene. The Ecofresh feature keeps your feet cool and naturally fresh.

And to add up on its aesthetic value, a stylish jewel is attached on its side, making the pair of slippers more attractive. And the PROs and CONs? Check them out!


  • Equipped with Vionic’s Orthaheel Technology that offers required foot support as well as comfort.
  • EVA midsole
  • Footbed is entirely covered with soft faux fur
  • Closed toe slip-on with adjustable hook-and-loop
  • Great for people suffering foot illnesses
  • Footbed fabric is treated and prevents odor-causing bacteria to grow
  • Durable TPO outsole


  • Sizes are too large. You have to read reviews, so you’ll get oriented with sizing.


DAWGS Women’s Fleece Indoor Outdoor Fluffy Clogs Slippers

DAWGS Women's Fleece Indoor Outdoor Fluffy Clogs Slippers

Nope! This isn’t Crocs product, but actually, a pair of clogs proudly created by Dawgs. Such slipper may have slight similarity with famous Crocs classic clogs, but you’ll see that it also possesses a unique feature that surely will capture your attention.

Take a look at this:

Did you see that fleece lining on that will surround your ankle when wearing the slippers? It’s one of the best features of this footwear. It can help your feet feel warm especially when you go outdoors during cold season. But wait! You can remove such fleece when you think you already can endure the coldness of the weather, or even when you use these slippers during hot season. Cool!

What’s more, it can offer? Ultra-comfort because of its arch support. This is best for those suffering bad balance. The rubber sole is durable. It doesn’t have any markings and offers stability to your feet.

It also features semi-ventilated holes to keep your feet dry and cool. Air can freely pass through on these holes. The wide entry of slippers also contributes to the warmth and comfort that you may experience as air can also pass through the side of your feet.

Such style comes in different pretty colors. Now, let’s take a look on its PROs and CONs!


  • Versatile: Can be used whole year round in whatever season.
  • Removable fleece is fantastic. It converts a winter footwear into summer pair
  • Arch support design that provides comfier step
  • Semi-ventilated holes that keeps your feet dry and cool
  • Removable fleece can be washed easily
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor


  • Some customers find the lining annoying.
  • Removable fleece can permanently be detached.




Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog

Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog

Fact: Crocs have sold 300 million pairs in over 90 countries since 2002 and their famous and Classic Clogs style has been recognized around the world. Did you ever wonder why? Let’s get to know this classic style, Clogs!

When you hear the brand name Crocs, you’ll probably think of the Clogs. And what users usually love about clogs is the design that you can easily slip-on and makes your feet feel great especially when you go outdoors.
This features enhanced arch support that helps your feet feel comfortable. As you know, such pair is for outdoor purposes, and you may want to have good stand while staying outdoor.

It also features a removable backstrap and synthetic sole with massaging footbed for a snug. It has no-slip characteristic, which could be great for people at any age. Though this style, unlike others, is designed without ventilation ports, it’s still maintains dryness and coolness of your feet because it doesn’t fit much on them, allowing air to pass through.

Panning to go to the beach or pool? The Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog could be a great company. You can use them in the water, and believe me; they easily get drained and dry.

The following Pros and Cons would be helpful in getting to know this featured item.


  • Great when walking in the rain or any bodies of water.
  • The removable backstrap allows you to slip on easily by removing the strap.
  • Non-slip sole with massaging footbed.
  • Easy to clean. You can wash it with water and soap and let it dry.
  • Roomy, allows air to pass through.
  • Enclosed toe design protects your toes from spills.


  • Such model, unlike other classic clogs, do not have ventilation ports.
  • May shrink when exposed to too much heat.


Vionic Womens Cozy Juniper Moc Toe Shearling Slipper Shoes

vionic womens cozy juniper moc toe shearling slipper shoes

Let’s take a look at this another pair of slippers/shoes proudly created by Vionic. For undeniable coziness and comfort, this women’s Juniper Moc could be a perfect pair. It is designed with a plush suede or upper plaid of different color combination.

The soft faux fur lining that surrounds the foot provides warmth and relaxing feeling. It has healing benefits for those who are suffering foot illness with its Orthaheel Technology design.

Juniper Moc is constructed with a faux fur lining with EVA footbed, providing you a cushioned and comfortable step.
Looking at its outsole, you can see it’s made of rubber which make this pair of shoes versatile, that is, you can wear them both indoor or outdoor. Hard and sturdy, yet flexible, thus making the pair perfect for everyday use.

If you want to add a touch of fashion and style to your outfit during cold weather, you’ll definitely love to own this Juniper Moc Slipper Shoes.

Check its PROs and CONs for more information!


  • Faux fur lining that offers quality comfort
  • Equipped with Orthaheel technology
  • Comes with EVA footbed
  • Cushioned and comfortable step
  • Versatile: can be used both indoor or outdoor
  • Fashionable and stylistic


  • Unlike other ionic shoes, this is not designed with arch support
  • Some users say that the lining makes their feet sweat.


How to choose comfortable slippers for plantar fasciitis 2020? (with arch support)

If you don’t know how to identify the most comfortable slippers for plantar fasciitis, you might end up buying something that can cause even more damage to your feet. Here’s a short list of the things that you should look for when buying your  Orthopedic Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis the first time:

Good Arch Support

Arch support should be the priority while choosing shoes. It is one of the most important features that a slipper should have if you want it to alleviate the pain caused by your Plantar Fasciitis. I highly recommend trying the slipper on before making the purchase, to make sure that it’s the perfect fit for your foot and buy right slipper.

Shock absorbing Sole

The sole of the slipper should have excellent shock absorbance. It means that you will be able to walk softly without adding stress to the feet. This will also help your feet to relax after a long day at the office.

Perfect Size and Fit

 You should always make sure that the slippers fit perfectly. This crucial not only for slippers but any footwear. If you’re not entirely sure if the slipper feels good or not on your foot, it’s probably not the best fit, and you should keep on looking.

Plantar Fasciitis 101

Plantar Fasciitis is the pain many people experience in the heel of the bottom part of their foot due to small tears in the ligament because the arch of your foot is not supported properly. You can read about it in more details on different websites, for example, WebMD and Wikipedia.

It develops over time, and it also takes the time to heal. There are many reasons that can cause the small tears in the ligament, such as age, spending all time on your feet, body weight, pronation, running, etc. Each case is different, and if you suspect you might be suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, I would highly recommend you to check in with your doctor. Because, yes, there are things you can do on your own, but to get diagnosed correctly you need the help of a professional.


Why Should You Purchase Slippers with heel support or arch support? (For plantar fasciitis)

It’s true that slippers don’t provide the same support as a shoe does. The material used to make a slipper is normally less supportive than the one it takes to make a shoe. But, as I already mentioned, they provide enough support to be relaxing at home and healing at the same time.

Here’s a short list of benefits wearing slippers for your Plantar Fasciitis that will help you alleviate that annoying stabbing pain in your heel.

  • Most of the slippers that are meant to alleviate your Plantar Fasciitis pain can be used outdoors as well since they tend to have a rubber outsole. So if you have to get your morning newspaper or run to the store real quick, you can wear your slippers to do that.
  • They provide the arch support you need to prevent further tears of your ligament.
  • They are much more durable than other slippers. The materials that are used need to provide support. Therefore, these slippers don’t wear out as fast as normal slippers do.
  • They take the most important shoe features, like arch support and cushioning, and make it suitable for the house, keeping your comfort in mind at all times.


Our Verdict?

So, there you have it. You can use my list to start your journey for perfect slippers. Worst case scenario, you won’t like any of them. That’s OK; there are other choices out there for you to discover. But trying them on will give you the opportunity to feel how a good arch support and excellent cushioning should feel like, so you don’t get persuaded into buying something that will do you more damage than good.

Your slippers are the footwear you spend most of your time in (if you don’t wear street shoes at home), and once you start wearing a pair that was made to provide you with the support you need at home regularly, you’ll see the positive effect they will have on your Plantar Fasciitis. They will help you enjoy your time at home even more, and give you the opportunity to focus on the things you love doing most without being constantly interrupted by the pain in your heel.

And if you’re worried about the cost, I completely understand you. They’re not the cheapest 4 slippers you’ve seen so far, but they are the best slippers for plantar fasciitis. The high-quality materials, expertise and knowledge can be expensive. But the way your feet will feel in them makes them worth every penny. And then some.

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