Best Shoes for Walking on Snow, Ice, and Icy Pavements in 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Best Shoes for Walking on Snow Ice and Icy Pavements

So let’s get this straight! Shoes for walking on ice are not the same as winter shoes. You need to get a notch higher and look for unbeatable traction of all the things! Here we have mentioned the 10 Best Shoes for Walking on Ice that you must consider to avoid frostbite, blisters, rashes, and fall accidents as you make strides on the ice! Dig in!


Top 10 Best Shoes for Walking on Snow, Ice and Icy Pavements in 2022

Below is our curation of the best shoes for walking on ice, and you will fall in love with each one of them! Go for it.

Muck Boot Arctic Sport

Muck Boot Arctic SportThis is a boot that has been developed for extremely harsh cold climates. Many workers, climbers, and hunters swear by these boots who need both style and protection in your boots. These boots have been fleece-lined, but it also comes with a 5mm neoprene inner bootie to make sure heat stays locked in as you go about the day. This ensures that your feet stay safe, warm, and comforted under even the coldest conditions.

They feature a variety of benefits from flexibility to shock-resistant, due to this they are a great option if you want to go on for walking on ice for long distances. The Muck Boot Arctic Sport Boots have been known to have a tight grip and hold on all types of surfaces. This is made possible due to the rugged molded lugs in the outsole. The outsole has also been made from cold-resistant rubber for better safety. The product also comes with deep grooves, because of this you never have to worry about them picking up on dirt or mud.

Usually, you will find that most winter boots have a heavy feel to them. This can be credited to the materials that have been used in making them. They are required to be both insulated and waterproof for better protection against ice and cold breeze. Having that said, this is not the problem you will face when wearing your favorite Arctic Sport shoes! They come with a midsole that helps in absorbing shock and comforting your foot without adding any more weight to it.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Product is 100% Waterproof
  • Comes with strong outsoles
  • Made with 5mm Neoprene Bootie

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Runs large in some cases
  • Not ideal for warm conditions


Salomon X Ultra Winter 2 CS

Salomon X Ultra Winter 2 CSThis company started with mountaineering gear, therefore, it should be safe to say that they know a lot about how to manage ice and cold conditions. These Salomon X Ultra Winter 2 CS Boots come with many types of advanced technologies that come together and provide you traction and support that is required for your feet. These shoes are great footwear to wear on ice as they also come with insulation to ward off the cold, while an Ortholite insole keeps feet comfortable.

It can be dangerous to walk on ice without enough insulation in your boots. You could be exposing yourself to many risky conditions and develop frostbite or hypothermia. The reason why the brand has incorporated enough insulation in the boots. It comes with Thinsulate, which is both lightweight as strong. It manages well to keep your feet warm throughout the day without making you feel like you’re dragging a log by the sunset.

Your winter boots must also have the capacity to make you feel comfortable when you wear them. Otherwise, you will not be able to reap the complete benefits out of them. Because of the popular Ortholite insoles that we have here, the wearer can receive both comfort and cushion. Because of their low compression rate, they will also stick by your side for a longer period.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Comes with Thinsulate Insulation
  • Leather upper made with strong material
  • Ortholite Insole for added comfort
  • Contagrip Traction System for safety on all surfaces

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Requires time to break-in


Merrell ColdPack Ice+

Merrell ColdPack Ice+The ColdPack Ice+ has been created by a company called Merrell. Now the thing about this brand is that it has a knack for hiking footwear and leans toward a blend of protection and comfort with all their products. These shoes come with a low rise, as opposed to the other products we have mentioned on this list. This allows the wearer to have a good movement around. It is also lightweight, and as you know this is not a feature that one can easily find in winter boots. The upper is also completely waterproof and has a stylish feel to it.

Because they are waterproof, they help in keeping all water from getting inside. The shoe will also release excess moisture when you are in a warm environment, or if you’ve walked too much to create a lot of sweat in your feet. The product features a moisture-wicking line that keeps all wetness and sweat away from your feet, keeping you free of bacteria and odor.

Intending to make you feel comfortable, the heel area of these slip-on shoes can resist impacts and shocks when you walk. This will keep your feet in check and aligned as you walk while taking all the pressure off your backs, knees, and hips. With the help of the molded nylon arch shank, you will also get some additional support. On the other hand, the removable EVA footbed will conform to your heel for the excellent fit.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Comes with a Vibram arctic grip outsole
  • Removable EVA Footbed for support
  • Fully waterproof to wick away moisture and water

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Does not come with enough arch support


Columbia Ice Maiden II

Columbia Ice Maiden IIStaying stylish while being sure-footed was never simpler with the help of Ice Maiden ll. This is one great option as a winter shoe and works well when you walk on some ice with it. The shoe has been specifically designed to make sure you are safe and warm even on icy surfaces. Many great features make this shoe a strong winter boot, and you can wear it anywhere the winter takes you.

They have been designed to keep your feet warm even in the worst of winter and cold weather. The boot has a rating of -25/-32F, this means no ice or cold stands a chance of giving you frostbite! The interior of the boot has been lined with faux fur, and although that doesn’t necessarily provide the best insulation, it surely makes your feet feel comfortable with its fluffy touch.

Whenever we look for winter boots, we only focus on the insulation and sturdiness of the boots. However, comfort is a very important point when you’re making this decision. You also want to make sure that you can wear the boots as fast as possible, and the same when you take them off. This saves a lot of time! These boots provide you a lot of comfort with the heavily cushioned sole that also works well in absorbing all shocks and impacts!

What we love (Benefits):

  • Comes with a leather upper
  • Omni-Grip outsole for ultimate traction
  • Safe and drying faux fur lining

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Runs wide & large


Sorel Glacier

Sorel GlacierThe Sorel is a wonderful brand and they are popular for insulation and winter-proof footwear, and what will be a better example than Glacier? These boots are strong and heavy-duty, and they come along with Omni-Heat lining. This lining helps their feet survive even the harshest of cold. It is waterproof and comes with drawstring closure at the very top. This prevents snow and water from entering the boot as you go about your day!

Glacier comes with an upper that has been made from textiles, and that textile comes coated with PU. This is resistant to both wind and water. One thing that you will truly appreciate is the drawstring feature, especially when your feet will go too deep within the snow. For the insulation design, we have a ThermoPlus felt inner boot. This is completely removable and it comes with Omni-Heat lining that reflects your body heat to you.

It is difficult to be in unfavorable conditions and weather, especially cold and stormy weather! In winter, because of the knee-deep snow, you certainly will require a lot of protection. Not only will these boots not let you slip and fall, but it will also keep your dry, warm, and comfortable at all times. They are great for walking on ice!

What we love (Benefits):

  • Comes with a reflective lining
  • Removable inner felt boot
  • Complete safety with drawstring closure

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Heavy boots

Icebug Metro BUGrip-W

Icebug Metro BUGrip-WThe Icebug Metro BUGrip-W comes with an array of amazing features that can make your winters easier and more productive! Features like side zippers, abrasion resistance, elastic top collar as well as the 16 carbide tip studs—they all come together to make a perfect pair of boots! This pair can make you feel like you’re getting proper value for money. The boots have been designed to bring you a blend of the best shoe technologies on the market.

The rating of these boots are -4F/-20C, and so you should be able to imagine how perfect they are going to be for all kinds of environments. All the unfriendly and uninviting conditions can be managed with the help of these boots! These shoes also feature an upper that is completely waterproof and makes sure your feet are happy and dry throughout the day!

Because of the Comfort Zone insulation, you can be sure your feet are going to be protected and they will not lose their warmth even if you need to walk in icy cold environments! The carbide tip studs in these boots have a dynamic quality too, because of this they can adapt to all kinds of surfaces.

The studs can come handy when you hit the icy pavements, as they can also provide you with a good grip to the surface and allow you to walk as freely as possible!

What we love (Benefits):

  • Great grip and traction on a slippery surface
  • Ideal for walking on ice and water
  • Provides great insulation for the colder times

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Made noise when worn indoors
  • Not ideal to walk on hardwood floors


UGG Men’s Butte Snow Boots

UGG Men's Butte Snow BootsIt is a known fact that icy pavements can be extremely dangerous and slippery. For this reason, you shouldn’t spend your money on the wrong type of footwear. Thanks to the brand, they make some of the most reliable and durable boots that are currently on the market. The UGG Men’s Butte Snow Boots is an ideal example of their excellence in this field.

These boots come with materials ranging from synthetic, cow leather, to cow suede. Not only that, but they also slip and skid resistant and therefore offer a lot of confidence when you walk. The Butte is capable of protecting you from falling and slipping accidents, this is because of the synthetic outsole with lug treads. It provides absolute traction along with great body stability and balance.

The boots have also been created to protect you from losing your feet, and they can hold up against the extreme cold in a great way. You should not worry even if you find your area’s temperature hitting -20 degrees Celsius too.

What you also find here is a great waterproof construction, and it also works well in wicking-away moisture and keeping it from causing discomfort to you. When the faux fur blends with wool lining and makes you feel happy and dry at all times.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Great stability for slippery floors
  • Comes with a waterproof construction
  • Wool lining and faux fur for insulation

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Expensive in comparison to other products 


UGG Adirondack III

UGG Adirondack IIIThese boots come with the wool lining that many UGG boots are popular for. It is almost a signature feature that you will find in many of its products. Another feature that has made too many appearances is the spider rubber outsole. This makes the shoes capable of tackling whatever the mother earth decides to throw at them! Women’s feet require a unique solution, and thereby, these boots have been made specifically for the anatomy of the woman’s foot. This guarantees a great fit for you!

Because of the wool, you get incredibly good insulation, and we all know how important that is when it comes to winter boots. The rating of Adirondack III is -32 (-35C), this helps in warming your feet quickly and easily. All thanks to the wool interior along with the mid-calf length.

A last is used in the manufacturing of shoes and is like a foot-shaped model. This assures you that they will match the shape of your foot and offer you a great fit. Since the shape of men’s and women’s feet is different, it is only logical to have unique lasts for their boots or shoes. You are ensured with a solid fit along with a comfortable walk with the help of the UGG.

What we love (Benefits):

  • The wool lining helps provide good insulation
  • Leather upper for strong built
  • Waterproof construction with a medium shaft

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Has a narrow built


Kamik Momentum

Kamik MomentumYou would be surprised to learn that this brand has been in the market of making shoes for about 10 decades or 100 years. This is a long time, and thereby, they have carved a special place in the industry. This snow boot comes with both style and function, making sure that it goes well with most of your outfits. With the help of the subtle patterning, your shoes are going to look fashionable on you. It comes with a seam-sealed construction along with a faux fur lining, locking the warmth in when you require.

We often don’t prioritize the breathability of a shoe when we’re looking for cold weather footwear. However, it is an extremely important feature when you think about it. Most brands are unable to provide enough ventilation to you, but not Momentum. These boots are going to make sure your feet don’t start to overheat and make you uncomfortable. Bid goodbye to irritation and smelly shoes with the help of these pairs of breathable shoes!

Many waterproofed boots cannot stand the challenge of actual water or snow getting at the top of the shoe. You also need a good fit for that, and these boots can certainly give you a hand here. They can do it because of the gusseted tongue at the top that helps prevent moisture from locking down! With such a moisture-wicking interior, your feet are going to thank you when you walk on ice! Save your feet and save your bodily health!

What we love (Benefits):

  • Gusseted tongue for extra padding
  • Interior has a moisture-wicking capacity
  • Seam-sealed waterproofing for complete protection

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Heavy boot, not ideal for hiking


KEEN Women’s Hoodoo iii lace-up w Snow Boot

KEEN Women’s Hoodoo iii lace-up w Snow BootLast but not the least, we have KEEN Women’s Hoodoo iii lace-up w Snow Boot on the list for being one of the best shoes for walking on ice. These boots have been made with a blend of leather and textile, and are a wonderful option for snowy weather and hiking. Reliable protection is something that you certainly get from KEEN shoes! They keep you safe and away from all the harm!

The sole of the shoe has been made out of rubber which is yet another high-quality feature that you should consider. This feature is ideal for several reasons, but more so for women to use. The boot collar here is molded to take the shape of your feet when you wear them. Because of this, you are offered with great stability and support as you walk through the day. The outer model of the boots is also gorgeous, while the interiors provide you room for your toes and comfort.

The boots here come in a variety of sizes and colors, and we suggest you pick the one that you find the most suitable for you! Make sure the pair fits your feets’ measurement, and they are neither too narrow, nor too wide. In either case, you will not be able to enjoy the complete benefits and advantages of the shoes.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Great product for the winter days
  • Offers great stability and comfort
  • Reliable protection for women

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Measurements run smaller


Buyer’s Guide

Here is a quick buyer’s guide you can refer to, to get yourself the best shoes for walking on ice! Pay attention to all features mentioned below before heading toward making the final purchase:


How to Choose the Best Shoes for Walking on Ice?

Follow all the below parameters to pick the best product in the lot for yourself that suits your requirements! A quick tip: do not underestimate the comfort aspect of the shoes!


1. Outsole

You may find that some of the safest ways to avoid any type of injury in winters are to avoid ice. However, people who live in rather colder climates might not have the luxury to do so. Therefore, if you are someone who cannot avoid walking on ice, make sure that your shoes come with rugged outsoles that can provide you with enough traction and hold even on the slickest situations.

This is by far one of the most important factors that you should prioritize looking for. You must always purchase shoes that come with some sort of traction at the bottom, whether rubber or leather. Sometimes even the warmest looking shoes will be of no help when they are unable to save you from a dreaded fall on the ice.

You will find that the most reliable rubber outsoles are the ones that have treads. Therefore, it is also important to note that the larger the treads, the better your grip is going to be on the surface. Some shoes also come with studs that can help you make a proper grip on slick surfaces.


2. Water Resistance

Another important feature that you must look for to help you walk on ice is water resistance. This is going to make sure your feet are dry and happy all the time. Although the biggest and most dangerous thing to happen to you would be to fall, you also need to make sure you don’t run around in wet feet all day. They can bring about other health challenges that you would rather avoid.

Some shoes come with rubber enclosures and they are one of the best shoes for walking on ice. You need to make sure your shoes are wicking away all moisture, sweat, and water out and leaving you fresh and dry. Make sure to check the kind of material you are opting for in the shoes before making the final purchase. Your waterproof shoes must be able to submerge completely in water without letting even a droplet touch you.


3. Insulation

While protecting your feet from skids and slips on frozen floors and wet weather, you also need to consider insulating your feet and check the kind of insulation system your shoes have. You will certainly need some warm shoes to walk on the ice.

Although you can add some warmth to your footwear with the help of warmers and wool socks, you need a solid insulation system to maintain feet and overall health of the body. You can either get shoes with natural wool or fur, or even made with synthetic materials like Thinsulate, or neoprene.

Usually, the insulation in the boots is generally measured in Thinsulate grams. Basically, the higher the value is, the more stringent it is going to be against the cold. It starts with around 200g Thinsulate and goes on to a 1000g Thinsulate. You may be required to choose the appropriate value according to your requirement.


4. Comfort

Although not many people focus on the comfort of the product, we believe it is an essential part of your boots and your entire experience. Ill-fitted boots or unsupportive boots can cause a lot of discomfort to the wearer and cause blisters and rashes that defeats the purpose of getting winter boots at all. Your safety will be determined by the comfort of your boots, as you will be less distracted when you have a boot that hugs your feet properly.

You should look for support along with comfort in your boots. Without these two qualities, you will not be able to completely enjoy the benefits that a good boot brings! While making sure that your boots provide you warmth, you shouldn’t end up with back pain or ankle pain. For this purpose, look for boots that have cushioned or contoured footbeds. With the help of these footbeds, you will be able to support the shape of your foot and protect you against all shocks and impacts.

You also will be required to get footwear that comes with a soft interior. To avoid blisters and uncomfortable chafing against the skin, you should look for plush or fur-lined footwear that will keep you feeling good.


5. Durability

You do not want to purchase a pair of boots and find a hole in it the next week. This is the reason why we put so much emphasis on the durability of the product. If your footwear does not offer you enough lasting qualities, you could end up with more problems, and possibly injure your foot too. And if you’re down on your luck and you end up with a damaged design, then you will have to invest in a new pair of shoes, often expensive!

While looking for durability in the product, you will have to remember that materials used in it will largely decide how long-lasting the pair is. Now, some types of materials are more durable than others. When we talk of Leather, it is a material used to level-up the strength and durability of outdoor shoes. You can also find leather in sport’s shoes for their water-resistant capacities. However, for winters, Leather shoes often come with some sort of reinforced coating for added warmth.

On the other hand, we also have faux fur or vegan leathers. These leathers have been created out of zero-cruelty, however, it is important to pay attention to the fact that they aren’t as durable! We also have synthetic leathers, but some people might complain of them not being as comfortable to wear.

When you’re trying to determine the durability of a particular product, you also have to focus on the seam construction. You must have noticed how your shoe begins to deteriorate as time goes by, and the first telling sign for that is a damaged seam. Also, focus on the outsole too, as that is going to be in constant contact with the ground, and tends to get damaged rather quickly.


FAQs about Shoes for Walking on Ice

Q1. Won’t regular winter boots do the job?

With all honesty, it completely depends on the construction of the boots and the materials used in the process as well. Many winter boots that you find on the market focus on heat retention and comfort, however, they lack the traction to walk on ice. Although most winter boots will be able to handle the snow, you should focus and invest in a durable and solid outsole! After all, slipping and falling on ice is not just hurtful, but dangerous.


Q2. What kind of insulation to look for in shoes for walking on ice?

Generally, an average winter boot that you see in the market will have 200g insulation, and it is sufficient on most days to keep your feet warm. However, if you live in extremely cold conditions, then you might want to hop onto a 400g Thinsulate. You can also use this insulation if you suffer from poor blood circulation in your feet and legs. Having said that, in arctic cold, you might have to go for a higher value!


Q3. How much do these shoes cost?

An average decent pair of shoes for walking on ice can cost you anywhere between 100 to 200 USD, depending on the size, brand, and components of the shoes you’re eyeing!


Q4. Which are the best shoes from the above list?

According to our research and popular customer opinion, Muck Boot Arctic Sport Shoes are one of the best shoes for walking on ice! These shoes strike a great balance in budget, style, durability, and traction! We highly recommend this product if you live in an all year round cold climate area.


Last Note:

A round-up of the things we’ve discussed here—always make sure to prioritize the material, durability, and traction of the outsole when you’re picking out shoes perfect for you! Our list of the 10 Best Shoes for Walking on Ice should help you choose a suitable product for yourself, according to your requirements!

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