10+ Best Shoes For Neuropathy (Reviews + Buying Guide for Easing Sharp, jabbing, or burning pain)

Peripheral neuropathy is a common problem caused due to damaged nerve endings in your feet and hands. It is mostly seen in people who have diabetes and other nerve disorders, but can also result from infections and physical injuries. Do you experience sudden strains and inflammation in your feet while moving? Well, it can be a sign of neuropathy.

But the shoes that are specially designed for diabetic feet and neuropathy can stand out to be a life savior for you. Are you thinking about how a shoe can help you? Well, podiatrist-designed footwear reduces the tension near your nerves and avoid unwanted pressures on your feet, preventing your nervous system from reacting in an unfamiliar way. So, here we present to you the best 15 shoes that can help you to control your neuropathic feet.

Best Shoes For Neuropathy


How to choose the best shoes for neuropathy in 2022?

An ideal shoe for neuropathy must give enough support and comfort to your feet while taking easy steps. There are multiple shoes available in the market that lacks the presence of all the essential features. So, here we’ve stated some of the factors that you must consider before choosing the best shoes for neuropathy.


The softness of the shoe:

A shoe for peripheral neuropathy should have enough softness to avoid discomfort in your feet. A soft and padded foot frame provides adequate cushioning to your arch and helps in reducing the pain from heel to toe. A comfy sole also helps in healing the tension areas around your peripheral nerves, thereby combating neuropathy.



Your shoe must have sufficient flexibility to create flex and groove while moving. The added flexibility allows the shoe to bounce and stretch, which enhances the springiness, thereby improving your feet movement. Also, the spring-like flex helps in absorbing sudden shocks caused due to the impacts of walking on hard floors. Thus, it prevents your nerves located underfoot from getting affected.


Proper Support:

The shoe must be well-equipped with a proper support system. The supportive midsole with an adequate amount of cushioning and type of closure should serve proper support to the entire feet to avoid loose steps and sudden twists, straining your nerves.


Customizability options for insoles:

While choosing the right shoe for your peripheral neuropathy, you must be sure about the customizability of the insoles of your shoes. Your footgear must have removable inserts to customize your orthotics with your own choice and enhance the amount of comfort and support to your feet.


Traction in Outersole:

Your shoe must have adequate traction in the outer sole, which will enhance the steady gripping of your shoe on any surface. Also, a good traction profile helps in preventing any sudden slips and skids that will reduce the risk of injuries to your peripheral nerves.


Wide toe-box:

Make sure that the footgear you are choosing for curing your peripheral neuropathy has a wide enough toe-box at the front feet area. A roomy and wide toe box allows your toe fingers to relax and reduces the chances of toe-stubbing and unwanted pressure on your nerve endings.


Enough heel support:

Having a proper amount of heel support will benefit your feet by giving enough protection to the heel area and avoid sliding and twisting of your legs. Besides that, an ideal amount of heel cushioning doesn’t cause blisters at the ankles, which makes each step smooth.


The breathability of the shoe:

The shoe must be made of a good-quality fabric that has enhanced breathability. A breathable material like mesh or synthetic fabric generates heat inside your shoe and prevents sweat and irritation. Also, the proper air circulation in and out of your shoe helps in preventing stinky odors and bacterial infections.


How durable are the shoes:

Investing a lot of money frequently in shoes is not at all preferable. You should select a durable product that can be your partner in the long run. A shoe having a gum-rubber sole with leather or synthetic material can tolerate every kind of rough usage, thus making it highly durable. So, before buying footwear, do not forget to look into its materials and check the durability factor.



Here is a List of Best Shoes For Neuropathy For Easing Paid 2022

New Balance Women’s 880v10

New Balance Women’s 880v10

Just like its predecessors, the New Balance Women’s 890v10 running shoe is reliable footwear that gives enough comfort to those women suffering from neuropathic feet. With a sporty look and wide variations of colors like black/ white, grey/ blue, black/ black caviar, team Carolina/ moon dust, light slate/ Bali blue, it can be a classy choice for any age. Available from 5-12 US sizes, these sports shoes are suitable for all kinds of feet, be it narrow, wide, and medium.

The shoe is designed with fresh foam midsole cushioning, which not only provides extra softness under your feet but delivers a lightweight and bouncy ride at the same time. This ultra-cushioning provides extra care to your feet that prevent burning, irritating, and numbing sensations caused by neuropathy.

The gel insoles equipped in the shoe are efficient in taking care of your feet and providing adequate arch support and shock resistance. Besides, the blown rubber outsole located at the forefoot works excellently in providing good quality rebound to your feet, protecting your peripheral nerves from getting damaged.

The Engineered Hypoknit upper is designed specifically to deliver extra stretch and support through the strategic areas. And the molded heel counter aids in controlling the smooth movement of the heel areas to avoid any sudden heel crisis, thereby saving your nerves from sensitivities.

The laser engravings present in the shoe makes it lightweight and takes care of flex. Along with that, the plush collar looks after the ankle area to provide extra softness and security to your heel and ankle and help in taking smooth steps without hurting the sensitive nerves. So, if you are not tight on your budget, then the New Balance Women’s 880v10 shoe will be the right product to invest in.



  • The rubber outsole provides a reliable traction profile.
  • HypoKnit upper allows your feet to breathe freely.
  • The forefoot flexibility gives you the freedom to take easy steps.
  • Lace-up closure provides a secure fit.
  • Molded footbed facilitates enough room for toe-area.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • A little pricey.


New Balance Men’s 577 V1

New Balance Men's 577 V1

Designed especially for men, the New Balance Men’s 577 V 1 is another reliable and trustworthy footgear from New Balance’s foot health collection. The compact loop shoes are made of 100% leather and perfect for having a comfy walk with your neuropathic feet.

This shoe is available in 3 color variations, including black, white, and bone, and also gives a wide variety of sizes from US 7 to US 15, which are suitable for both narrow and wide feet people. Wear this comfy pair to beat your foot fatigue while going on a long walk or a long day at work.

The polyurethane midsole provides impressive support under your feet while giving extra comfort. This extra cushioning saves you from any kind of roughness under your heel and feet area and protects your peripheral nerves from getting hurt.

Along with that, ABZORB cushioning, at the heel area, protects your feet from sudden shocks by absorbing impact from hard floors and giving you stable steps to protect your nerves from neuropathy. And the rubbery outsole with sufficient tractions is designed nicely to ensure the durability of the shoes and take care of you from sudden slip and skid at the same time.

Also, the bouncy profile gives you enough flex and groove to take easy steps with each move. The hook-and-loop walking shoe deserves special mention about its closure because it allows you to wear and take off your shoes without getting tangled with the shoelaces. Just loop it up and hook the straps, that quick and hassle-free it is!


What we love (Benefits):

  • Complete leather material talks about the genuineness of the product.
  • It has enough room for toes to avoid pain caused by pressure.
  • The lightweight profile allows you to move and bounce freely.
  • A cushioned midsole relieves your pain from neuropathy.
  • Enjoy a comfy stride with its exceptional shock absorption capability.


  • Insoles are not removable.


Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women's G-Defy Mighty Walk

This shoe, with a sporty appearance for women, is made with detailed solutions to take care of various problematic foot conditions. From US sizes 6-11, the shoe is made to become a perfect fit for all narrow, medium, and wide type feet. The color palette includes shades like grey, grey-pink, grey-aqua, black-purple, peach, which allows you to choose from a wide variety of options.

Made of complete synthetic fabric, this shoe takes care of the breathability of your feet. The VersoShock Technology, with Patented Spring System, works efficiently to absorb impact from the ground and convert it into positive energy to save your nerves from surprise shocks. It is also beneficial for those who have arthritis.

The added Ergonomic Rocker Design works firmly to reduce the pressure at toe joints and decrease the strains to make your every step easy and less painful. The roomy toe-box takes care of proper air circulation at the toe area while providing much support to the arches and relieving pain from bunions.

The provided extra depth interior, along with removable insole, allows you to replace it with custom orthotics for enough comfort and support. The seamless interior is provided to take care of the sensitivity caused by diabetic neuropathy. It also helps in relieving other inflammations caused by nerves, ulcers, Achilles tendonitis, and so on.

The shoe is designed in an ideal way with a rigid midsole provided with extra cushioning and heel cup to give a softer base under your feet that soothes the pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis. Though ideal for taking care of painful feet, this shoe has a robust outsole with a reliable traction profile that adds on to the durability and avoid the risks of slip at any surface.


What we love (Benefits):

  • Ultra-cushioning in the midsole provides extra support and stability.
  • Flexible shoes provide bounce and flex without worrying about sudden shocks.
  • Synthetic fabric material makes it lightweight.
  • It is ideal for all kinds of painful and sore feet.
  • It provides enough arch support.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • It might cause blisters.


Orthofeet Gramercy Dress Shoes

Orthofeet Gramercy Dress Shoes

This shoe is perfect for adding some extra comfort to your troubling feet with a formal look. Made out of leather, the shoe is available in two classic color variations, such as black and brown. From US size 7 to US size 14, this shoe is mostly suitable for wide feet type.

However, the shoe has extended widths, which helps in giving a steady and stable fitting for every foot. A unique therapeutic design is implemented to reduce your stress at the joint area, allowing you to take steady and care-free steps while walking.

With a reliable comfy profile, the shoe is specially designed for those who have foot-related problems like foot pain, heel pain, neuropathy, and Plantar Fasciitis. This shoe offers the best orthopedic shoe solution via its lightweight rubber sole.

Also, the ergonomic design of the midsole, along with added cushioning for ultra-soft support, allows you to have a smooth ride. The detachable orthotic insole provides Anatomical Arch Support and multiple layers of cushioning that add some extra comfort by giving your shoe pillow-like support.

The soft upper followed by a smooth lining in the interior is made of extra foam padding to take care of the sensitive feet conditions caused by diabetes, arthritis, and neuropathy, and soothe the pain of the adjacent nerves while moving. Simultaneously, the wide toe box facilitates enough space at the front feet areas to give a relieving sensation to the swollen feet, bunions, and Morton’s Neuroma.

The extra depth of the design with removable contoured insoles having a thickness of ¼-inches is located at the area of the forefoot, offering you orthotic-friendly shoe support. Besides, the gel padding at the heel helps in reducing pressure on your nerves under the heel area.



  • Ideal for flat feet.
  • Great arch support.
  • The leather material with a rubber sole is durable enough.
  • Soft and non-binding uppers offer a great fitting with extra support.


  • The traction profile is not so reliable.


Dr. Comfort Ranger Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoes

Dr. Comfort Ranger Men's Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoes

If you are looking for a therapeutic shoe to take care of your diabetic feet without compromising with the style, then this one is ideal for you. Available in two traditional shades like black and chestnut, the shoe has wide variations in size from US 6- 15. This footwear is suitable for almost all feet types.

The upper area is crafted with genuine full-grain leather, which can regulate the heat inside your shoes while maintaining breathability to keep your feet dry and cool for hours. Suitable for all purposes, these light hiking boots are extremely comfortable and durable.

While the strong enough rubber-made outer sole provides extra strength and support to the boots, the midsole with its comfy cushioning promotes softness and superior quality, pillow-like smoothness to your underfoot. The cushioning under your feet helps you to get rid of severe problems, including your nerves, bones, tendons, knees, hip, and muscles.

Also, the shoe comes with gel insoles, which increase the shock resistance property of the sole and absorb impacts, thereby delivering you with care-free steps. Besides, the hook-and-loop closure of the footwear with no-tie elastic lace allows you to tie or untie your shoes in seconds. Hence, it aids in providing a strong fitting and support.

Also, the pair can be a perfect choice for you to give protection to your sensitive diabetic feet. The removable footbeds can be customized with your own choice of orthotic supports. The protective toe box makes enough room for your front feet area to breathe, and it also delivers extra protection to save your toes from stubbing.


What we love (Benefits):

  • The removable inserts allow you to customize your footbed.
  • The shoe gives better arch support for flat feet.
  • Padded tongue and heel cup provide extra comfort.
  • The outsole traction profile is quite strong.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • It has a high break-in period.
  • The interior lining lacks details.


Orthofeet Coral Women’s Shoes

Orthofeet Coral Women’s Shoes

The Orthofeet Coral Women’s Shoes with a sporty and laced-up look can be a great choice for your sensitive foot conditions. The product offers a wide variety of sizes from US 5-12. Besides, the shoe comes with extended width and non-binding uppers, which assures of providing a comfortable fit to all feet types ranging from narrow to extra-wide. With 3-basic color variations, including black, turquoise, and grey, this footgear features a classy yet athlete look that will brighten up your fitness regime.

The shoe offers a compact design of the sole, which has several therapeutic benefits. The lightweight sole with an ergonomic design helps you get a secure position and shape of your feet while facilitating pain-free heel movements. Also, the added air pockets in the midsole increase air circulation and breathability.

The superior cushioning of the midsole facilitates shock absorption to ease out the pressure under your feet area. The well-equipped premium orthotic insoles comprise of anatomical arch support with multiple cushioned layers. It provides adequate support under your feet and eliminates overpronation. The removable insoles in the forefoot area and extra depth design ensures enough space for placing your customized orthotics.

The soft, unbound uppers dressed with smooth interior lining and extra padded foam, create a suitable and comfy feet atmosphere and aids in feet sensitivity, thereby healing foot conditions like neuropathy, arthritis, etc. The wide and roomy toe box is efficient enough to provide your toe with a comfortable and secure fit at the front foot area while reducing pressure and strain on the nerves.


What we love (Benefits):

  • The outer sole creates a reliable traction profile.
  • Soft fabric facilitates the breathability of your feet.
  • A padded collar gives extra comfort to the Achilles area.
  • The ergonomic sole adds enough spring and bounces to absorb shocks.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Not available for small feet type.


Skechers Go Walk Evolution Ultra Women Sneaker

Skechers Go Walk Evolution Ultra Women Sneaker

Women, who have a neuropathic foot with increasing tension at the heel area, can undoubtedly go for this shoe. The brand presents to you four gorgeous color variations to choose from, namely charcoal/ blue, black/ pink, black, and navy/ coral. Starting from US sizes 5-13, the shoe offers a reliable fitting for medium and wide feet type.

This footwear is made of 100% synthetic fabric and offers a breathable foot environment inside the shoe that saves you from feet irritation and inflammation. The durable enough rubber sole enhances your stability along with much reliable traction support for a steady grip over any surface.

The lightweight and responsive Ultra Go cushioned midsole provide reliable comfort and shock absorption to protect your feet from sudden shocks. Besides, the air-cooled Goga mat in the insole enhances the comforting quality of the shoe. The high-rebound padding present in it adds enough energy to your feet while reducing the stress on your peripheral nerves while walking.

Besides, the added quarter overlays help in providing comfort and a supportive grip. The lace-up design featured in this shoe will give your feet a secure and cozy fit.



  • Synthetic fabric material adds to the durability of the shoe.
  • Lace-up closure strengthens the support system and promotes steady fitting.
  • The lightweight rubber sole adds extra flex and groove while walking.
  • Sufficient toe-box gives enough room to wide feet type people.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • It takes much time to break-in.
  • The footbed is not that comfy.


Dr. Comfort Jason Men’s Therapeutic Shoe

Dr. Comfort Jason Men's Therapeutic Shoe

The Dr. Comfort Jason Men’s Therapeutic Shoe is manufactured of mesh fabric that offers a complete breathable experience to your feet all day long, even while performing heavy activities. Having multiple size variations from US size 7-14, the shoe offers varied feet width options, including medium, wide, and extra-wide.

The no-tie elastic lace closure facilitates a hassle-free wearing of the shoe, thereby preventing you from the tying and untying struggles. The easy-to-adjust toggle closure allows you to have your choice of customized fitting. With a seamless design, the shoe benefits in averting any irritation or inflammation caused by your neuropathic or diabetic feet.

The sturdy yet lightweight rubber outsole gives you a long run in your investment. The cushioned insoles with replaceable footbeds provide you with ample opportunity to customize your shoe as per your own choice of orthotics. The midsoles come with adequate cushioning to absorb unwanted and sudden shocks from the impacts received from hard floors, thus, allowing you to take buttery and comfy steps.

The shoe features a protective toe box that allows you to have enough room for your front feet areas and prevent stubbing. All these features make this footgear a perfect choice for the people suffering from problematic feet conditions and help in easing out their pain.



  • Breathable mesh fabric regulates enough heat to prevent sweaty feet.
  • The padded tongue helps to protect your upper feet area.
  • Rubber inserts at your heel and toe area give added support.
  • It takes a short period to break-in.


  • The traction profile is not much reliable.
  • It provides less support near the ankle area.


Orthofeet Edgewater Men’s Walking Shoes

Orthofeet Edgewater Men’s Walking Shoes

With a high brand value and trustworthy track record of the predecessors, this shoe is specifically designed for giving you an orthopedic relief. The shoe offers extended widths for adding some relaxation to your feet by alleviating joint stress. This feature enables the shoe to provide a secure fit to any feet type, including medium, wide, and extra-wide. One can choose any size between the range of US 7-15.

The removable ¼-inch inserts with extra depth design make your shoe orthotic-friendly and give you enough space for customizing your orthotics. Multiple-layered cushioning present in the insole gives an added comfort to people suffering from neuropathic feet and arthritis. Also, this premium orthotic insole offers anatomical arch support to your feet to reduce overpronation.

The cushiony midsole equipped with many air pockets helps in circulating air within your shoe while comforting your heels. And It handles the pressure and weight for reducing stress and strain on your peripheral nerves, thereby relieving you from pain. Additionally, the lightweight rubber outsole with its ergonomic design creates much spring at the heel area to absorb shock from hardwood floors.

This shoe has a soft upper with smooth interior lining facilitates a steady rebound. Besides, the extra foam padding works great in enhancing relaxation and protection to your feet. The roomy wide toe box serves adequate space for the front feet area to flex and relax inside the footwear. Along with these orthotic features, the combination of black and grey appearance makes the shoe suitable for all purposes.



  • Mesh upper and soft fabric keeps your feet cold and fresh.
  • Stretchable laces give comforting support.
  • The outer sole provides enough traction support to control your moves.
  • Mostly suitable for wide and extra wide feet type.


  • The break-in period is long.
  • Not available for narrow feet type.


Dr. Comfort Men’s William-X Double Depth Diabetic Casual Shoes

Dr. Comfort Men's William-X Double Depth Diabetic Casual Shoes

Available in two classic colors, namely black and chestnut, this casual shoe is suitable for men suffering from diabetic and neuropathic feet. The shoe size varies from US 6-15, and it is available in different feet widths, suitably for medium, wide, and extra-wide feet type. The sleek and formal design of the shoe makes it a perfect choice for every purpose, along with the therapeutic functions that add extra comfort and support to the feet.

The shoe comes with a double-depth design to manage additional space for adding extra volume and protect your sensitive feet. The hook-and-loop contact closure helps in simplifying the hassles of wearing your shoe. Also, it promotes a great fit and added support. Designed with leather uppers, the shoe keeps sweat away from your feet. The toe-box with enough room lets your feet breathe properly and offers you protection against toe-stubbing at the same time.

The rubber outsole of the shoe has enough durability to withstand everyday wear and tear and also provides adequate traction to prevent you from slipping off on any surface. On the other hand, the cushiony midsole offers you great comfort and lets you take smooth steps even on your super active days. The gel insoles are quite efficient in providing a protection layer to the feet while absorbing shocks coming from impacts and thus preventing your nerves from getting damaged further.



  • The genuine natural leather material enhances the breathability.
  • Comfy midsole cushioning provides enough bounce to move your feet with ease.
  • A wide toe box reduces pressure at the front feet area.
  • 3D technology gives the shoe a great visual appearance.


  • The traction profile is not much reliable.
  • Not suitable for flat feet.


Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

Skechers Men's Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

This sneaker is made of smooth leather material and mingled together with synthetic and mesh fabric upper to create a sporty appearance. The stitching and overlay accents add up to the decoration to give a trendy athletic look. Starting from US size 6.5-16, this shoe comes in multiple color variation like black, charcoal, charcoal/ grey, navy, pebble/ black, etc.

The placement of the Article-Lyte sole, along with flexible high traction rubber outsole, benefits the shoe with added flex and stability on all surfaces. The padded collar and fabric lining inside the shoe will give your feet a reliable rebound and comfy support. Memory foam-based insole with extra cushioning will give sufficient comfort to your arch area, helping in reducing stress and strain on your nerves.

The heel measurement of this shoe counts approximately 1½-inches, which is fine enough for serving protection around the heel area. With a lace-up closure, the shoe gives both stability and proper support near the upper foot and ankle area, which, in turn, soothes your foot pain caused due to neuropathy.

The cushioned mesh tongue with a metal top eyelet gives you enough protection at your upper feet area. The genuineness of the shoe material not only ensures durability but also assures enough breathability by regulating the heat trapped inside your footgear.



  • A reliable traction profile allows you to have enough grip on any surface.
  • Suitable for wide and extra-wide feet.
  • Mesh inner fabric keeps your feet cold and dry.
  • Roomy and wide toe-box protects your toe from stubbing.


  • The footbed is not much comfortable.
  • A bit pricey.


HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi

HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi

Made of full-grain leather upper, the HOKA ONE ONE men’s Bondi running shoes have a trustworthy record of offering adequate comfort and stability to your aching foot. Having its authenticity in designing, this running shoe is perfect for reducing strains on nerves and comforting your feet throughout the day.

The size of this shoe ranges from US 8-13, and it offers a great fitting for normal feet type. The imported leather material ensures the durability of the footgear. Also, the material offers adequate breathability inside the shoe to keep your feet free from irritations and reduce tension near the nerves.

The early-stage Meta-Rocker outsole has a good track record in providing extra support while flexing and grooving on various terrains. The large volume CMEVA midsole makes the shoe lightweight and offers adequate comfort to your straining nerves.

The flat-waisted geometry gives added stabilization to your stride. Also, the supportive TPU heel frame provides enough support around your heel area to avoid unwanted strains.


  • A cushiony midsole provides enough support to heal your tension area.
  • Large volume sole provides spring and bounces to absorb sudden shock.
  • Strategic rubber placement in the outsole encourages durability.
  • A wide and roomy toe-box allows your toes to relax.


  • Arch support is not much strong.


Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Shoe

Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men's Therapeutic Diabetic Shoe


The Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic shoe, being manufactured of full-grain leather and mesh, comes in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from US 6-15. These shoes are perfectly suitable for medium, wide, and extra-wide feet types. The black/ grey appearance with an athletic look is ideal for your workout regime and a day full of activity.

The mesh upper facilitates excellent ventilation by reducing the heat generated inside your shoes and keeping your feet dry and cool. Also, the seamless design of the footgear prevents unwanted skin irritation. The no-tie elastic lace closure comes with adjustable toggles that are great in reducing your headache of tying and untying shoes.

This footwear is designed with a lightweight, cross-trainer structure that ensures enough arch support and stability. Also, the comfort offered by the midsole reduces stress and pressure on your feet. Being equipped with a removable foot frame, you can easily customize the shoe with your choice of orthotics. The sturdy rubber sole lends enough traction control to avoid slips and skids on floors.

The shoe has a double-depth built with a depth of about ¼-inches that ensures that you take your each and every step with smoothness. Thus, it benefits by preventing surprise strains, burning sensation, and tension around the nerves of your foot area caused by neuropathy.



  • The outer sole can withstand daily wear and tear.
  • You can fit in AFOs and internal braces in the shoe.
  • The shoe has got an arch stabilizer to provide advanced support.
  • It has a short break-in period.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • The footbed might not seem comfortable.
  • Blisters might appear.


Dr. Comfort Carter Men’s Casual Shoe

Dr. Comfort Carter Men's Casual Shoe

Designed with extra cushioning for comfort, the Dr. Comfort Carter Men’s Casual shoe comes in a classic black appearance. Its size variation ranges from US 7.5-14 and offers a perfect fit to various feet type like medium, wide, and extra-wide. This shoe provides a beneficial effect on your problematic feet.

Made of durable lycra uppers, the shoe aids breathability that helps in circulating air inside your shoes, which prevents excessive perspiration and skin irritation. The lycra material is machine-wash friendly so that you can clean it thoroughly.

The seamless design of the shoe helps in preventing irritation or burning sensation of your feet while assuring comfort. This double depth shoe has got some extra volume, which works wonderfully in easing out the pain of edema and neuropathic feet. This footwear also allows for accommodating AFOs and internal braces.

The comfy casual pair comes with an adjustable contact closure for easy adjustability of the straps to get a customizable fit and comfort. The outer sole made of rubber enhances the durability of the shoe, whereas the cushioned midsole eases out strain caused at the heel and feet area. Also, the shoe is equipped with gel inserts that provide improved comfort and stability to your feet.


What we love (Benefits):

  • Two-way contact closure eliminates the struggle of lacing up.
  • Gel insoles absorb shock and protect your peripheral nerves from damage.
  • The rubbery outsole provides a durable profile.
  • Cushioned tongue and heel give stability to your feet.

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Not suitable for narrow feet-type.
  • The insole is not removable.


Orthofeet Breeze Orthopedic Diabetic Women’s Shoes

Orthofeet Breeze Orthopedic Diabetic Women's Shoes

The Orthofeet Breeze Orthopedic Diabetic shoes can be an ideal choice for those women having sensitive feet conditions. The unique therapeutic design of the shoe works great in alleviating your joint pain and helps you to take stable steps.

The lightweight sole with an ergonomic design and superior cushioning helps in providing enough support to your heel area along with giving adequate stretch to absorb shocks from the hard floors. And the added air pockets facilitate more air circulation to provide suitable breathability to your feet. The superior orthotic insoles have anatomical arch support to comfort your middle feet adjacent to the heel area.

The extra cushioning of both insole and midsole delivers enhanced softness and comfort to your peripheral nerves. Two separate fitting spacers of 1/16-inches and ⅛-inches provide added cushioning and stability to your feet. The removable insoles with ¼-inches of thickness at the forefoot area and extra depth designing of the shoe add sufficient space for customized orthotics.

Extra foam padding at the back and protective lining inside the footwear comfort your upper heel area. The stretchable upper fabric works great in adding extra flexibility and breathability to your shoe. Also, the elastic laces present on the upper of the shoe ease out the closure system, along with an easy hook-and-loop strap.

Extended widths with non-binding uppers work great in providing extra support and room for medium, wide and extra-wide feet types. Available in multiple size variations from US 5-12, the shoe has a classic black appearance suitable for all purposes.



  • Soft inner fabric and added foam pad enhance comfort from heel to toe.
  • The anatomical arch support of the insole reduces overpronation.
  • Wide and roomy toe-box provides extra comfort to the toe area.
  • Adequate heel measure provides perfect support to soothe your sensitive heel area.


  • It is not preferred for narrow feet type.
  • Not suitable for wearing in monsoon.


What is neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy refers to a medical condition that results from damaged nerves outside the area of your brain and spinal cord, leading to discomforting sensations in other parts of your body. These peripheral nerves work as the only communication system between the brain, spinal cord, muscles, internal organs, and limbs. After coming out of the spinal cord, these nerves are lined up in an organized way to form dermatomes.

So, damage to the peripheral nervous system affects these dermatomes, causing weakening, paining, and numbing in different places of your hands, feet, and other parts of your body. However, it is possible to improve the situation with medication and proper treatment. Besides, doing exercises, wearing the right shoe, and having a well-maintained fitness regime also help a lot.


What are the Symptoms of Neuropathy?

Let’s have a look at the symptoms that gives you an indication if you have got affected by peripheral neuropathy. You must contact your physician immediately if any of these symptoms occur.

  • Numbing, tingling, prickling or burning sensations near the hands and feet area that spreads gradually towards legs and arms
  • Weakening of muscles
  • Sensitivity to touch
  • Sharp pain
  • Falling often on the ground and lacking coordination
  • Sudden pain at night while sleeping.
  • Muscle cramps at uncertain circumstances
  • Difficulty in walking, and jumping
  • Poor balance of hands and legs
  • Slowing down of reflexes
  • Pain in other body parts like face, chest, and back


What are the Causes of Neuropathy?

You may experience peripheral neuropathy due to several reasons, including:

  • Infections are due to viruses like herpes simplex, shingles, chickenpox, etc.
  • Rare inherited diseases can result in peripheral neuropathy.
  • Deficiency of Vitamin E, B- 1, B-6, and B- 12 and lack of nutrition
  • Obesity and overweight
  • Aging
  • Diabetes
  • Overaggressive response to injuries leads to nerve damage.
  • Thyroid malfunctioning
  • Kidney diseases
  • Physical trauma
  • Autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc.
  • Bacterial infections such as Lyme disease, HIV or AIDS
  • Medications like anticonvulsants, drugs for bacterial infections, blood pressure pills, and medicines to treat cancer
  • Alcoholism promotes toxicity in nerves.
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals, heavy metals, glue, solvents, or insecticides damages the nerve system.


How to Diagnose Neuropathy?

There are several methods that doctors can opt for diagnosing peripheral neuropathy. Some of them are stated below.

Scrutinizing your full medical history:

Your doctor may ask you about your previous medical history, past medications, lifestyle, eating and drinking habits, and injuries related to the nervous system.


Neurological test:

Your physician might examine your muscle strength, reaction to sensations, tendon reflexes, etc. to analyze your responsiveness.


Blood tests:

You will be asked to take several tests to detect diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition, abnormalities in the immune system, and other ailments.


Nerve functional test:

A nerve function test includes Electromyography, which records the electrical activities of your nerves.


Imaging test:

Your doctor might suggest you do a CT SCAN and MRI SCAN to detect abnormalities like tumors or internal injuries.


Skin biopsy:

Tests can be performed on the samples taken by removing small segments from your skin.


Nerve biopsy:

A small portion of your sensory nerve can be considered as a sample for doing your nerve biopsy.


Examination of nerve functions:

Several other tests may also be adopted by your doctor to diagnose neuropathy. An autonomic reflex screen may record your nerve fibers, or a sweat test can help in measuring your sweat ability. Also, analyzing how your nerves react to touch, heat and cooling, or vibration may help in the diagnosis process.


Different Types of Neuropathy:

Here are several types of neuropathy that usually affect the nerves of your hands and feet.


Peripheral neuropathy:

The most common type of neuropathy is peripheral neuropathy. The damage of the peripheral nervous system, which works as the massive communication medium between the central nerves, is the main reason behind peripheral neuropathy. The affected area includes legs, fingers, toes, feet, and arms.


Proximal neuropathy:

This type of neuropathy is found to occur in the nervous system that functions mostly in the hip, gluteal and thigh-related areas. This form of neuropathy affects the body on one side and eventually spreads onto the other sides.


Cranial neuropathy:

This neuropathic condition damages one of the 12 cranial nerves present in the human body. These nerves provide a great networking system in the brain or brainstem area. So, injuries on these nerves can lead to severe neurological issues in the body. There are 6-variations of cranial neuropathy, namely:

  • Bell’s palsy
  • Microvascular cranial nerve palsy
  • Third nerve palsy
  • Fourth nerve palsy
  • Sixth nerve palsy
  • Multiple cranial neuropathies (MCN)


Focal neuropathy:

This rare form of neuropathy also referred to as mononeuropathy, affects a single nerve and damages it. Along with thigh, foot, or wrist, this neuropathy can also affect the back and chest area of your body. Mostly diabetes serves as the reason for this particular neuropathic problem.


Difference between neuropathy shoes and regular shoes?

Unlike the regular shoes that are made for style and comfort, the specialized shoes for neuropathy incorporate several technologies and much detailing to take utmost care of your feet. A regular shoe lacks the adequate softness and stability needed for your underfoot to protect them from hard impacts.

But a neuropathic shoe offers great support to your arch and toes to reduce the pressure applied on your peripheral nerves. Also, the cushioned insole and midsole offer enough bounce and softness to promote proper blood circulation in your feet.


Can you get Neuropathy shoe inserts?

Some shoe manufacturers take care of problematic feet conditions and provide you with the liberty to customize your orthotics according to your comfort need. There are gel inserts and cushioned pads available to accommodate your food bed and enhance the support and stability of your heel and foot area.




1. Are there any special shoes for neuropathy?

Ans: Yes, there are specially podiatrist-designed shoes for neuropathy, which are now manufactured by several brands. These footwears are equipped with an extra padded midsole, durable outsole, and supportive insole with removable attributes that help in easing out the feet pain.


2. Are compression socks good for neuropathy?

Ans: Yes, compression socks work great for neuropathy patients. The snugly fitting of the compression socks improve oxygen and blood circulation in your foot to soothe it from pinning and sharp pains. The optimized pressure served by the compression socks helps in reducing swelling and pain in the sensitive areas of your feet.


3. Which essential oils are best for neuropathy?

Ans: Massaging your feet with essential oils like eucalyptus oil, geranium oil, helichrysum oil, etc. can be a great option for giving your feet some relief. Also, rosewood oil, peppermint oil, ylang-ylang oil, and Roman chamomile oil helps in improving the blood circulation system providing a soothing effect to your foot ache.


The bottom line:

We hope that now you are convinced enough about why you should wear a specialized shoe for your neuropathic feet, instead of the regular ones. The customized shoes for problematic feet conditions offer great support and stability to your feet areas while enhancing comfort. And as per our opinion, New Balance Women’s 890v10 Running Shoe is the best one to give all the necessary comfort and support to your feet with its Hypoknit upper, extra cushioned midsole, and shock-absorbent insole. Choosing this one is undoubtedly going to be a smart purchase by you. Nevertheless, the other shoes are equally good in providing the required comfort and stability to your feet. So, now it’s time for you to make a wise decision.

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