Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis in 2023 (Reviews + Our Top Picks For Getting Medical Grade Arch Support)

2022's Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Got diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and planning to change your footwear? Now, why must you invest in absolutely new pairs of shoes when you can just use your old ones by switching to an orthotic insole?

An orthotic insole can help you relieve the pain of your foot condition, stabilize your body, gain back your life—and they fit in most of your shoes! We have created a list of the 10 Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis and reviewed them, which will undoubtedly help you lead a healthy and painless life.

But do remember, one insole doesn’t fit all (quite literally); thereby, we have also compiled a buyer’s guide and List of best insoles for plantar fasciitis, We have made this list after research of 38 hours, in which we read more than 112 reviews, looked for 15 brands, and reviewed dozen of  insoles which claims Medical Grade Arch Support.



How to Choose the Best Plantar Fasciitis Inserts? (Guide made by Podiatrists) 

Sifting through hundreds of orthotic inserts on the market can be a confusing task. We collaborated with podiatrists to compile this section on how you can choose the best inserts for your PF condition:


Size & Fit of Inserts

It is advisable to choose insoles for your PF condition that mold themselves around your foot like a glove. This will ensure your entire foot area is adequately supported. Purchasing a product that perfectly fits your feet will seem beneficial when you have to stand or walk for most of your day and still come back home with pain-less feet.


Material of Insole

Of course, it is essential to choose high-quality material that will not irritate your skin. However, there are other points you should consider, as well. Like, if you are a sporty and active person, you can choose insoles with breathable and antibacterial material. And if you are someone who suffers from severe PF pain, then you can look for inserts with gel cushioning to give your steps a little extra bounce.


Deep Heel Cup

Our feet have a fatty pad beneath the heel bone area. This pad is responsible for safeguarding your feet against impacts from every step you take. With the help of a deep heel cup, this fatty pad will be property adjusted and centered under the heel, helping you absorb shock from walking, standing, and running smoothly.

Deep-heel cups have other benefits as well. If you are a sportsperson, you know how important it is to maintain stability on the field. However, with a debilitating condition like Plantar Fasciitis, it becomes a difficult task. When you use inserts with a deep heel cup, you can increase your overall grip to the ground; thereby, improving balance and performance.


Medical Grade Arch Support

Arch support is the essential aspect of an orthotics insert. When you’re in the market looking for the right insole, remember to check the quality of arch support it provides. If your insole is made with soft foam or arches that deflect easily, you shouldn’t expect it to offer you support or last for a very long time.


Resilient Cushioning

You need an insole with adequate cushioning that is both resilient and durable for one main reason—your natural heel pans are not enough by themselves. The simple logic behind this is that your feet are not conditioned or meant to walk on hard or concrete pavements an entire day.

If you’re trying to spot a high-quality insole for your shoes, remember that it will always have proper arch support along with a top layer of foam for added cushioning.


Essential Tips for Using Orthotics Inserts

Including orthotics into your life is not about finding any pair and using them. Even when you pick a product with the best qualities, you might miss out on reaping its full benefits. We have compiled some of our suggestions below to assist you in choosing, wearing, maintaining your insoles, and more.


Choose them wisely!

Before you settle on an orthotic insert for yourself, you need to be armed with enough research to make the decision too. It is essential to understand that every brand of the insole will have varying levels of quality, a unique style, and their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Besides doing your bit of googling and reading, we recommend you consult your orthopedist or podiatrist once.

If it is your first time purchasing inserts for your PF, it is advisable to let them break in and adjust to your feet before you deem them appropriate. While many inserts will eventually mold themselves according to your unique feet shape, many may not. You might end up switching your inserts one or two times before you stumble upon the proper liners.


Honor A Perfect Fit

It is underestimated how important purchasing a good-fitting insole is. The size and fit of your shoe are equally crucial to the insole itself. You may be required to tailor-make or trim down the insole for your unique feet shape and size. The packaging of many insoles will provide you with instructions as to how you can trim the product according to your need and liking.

You should keep in mind the type of shoes or footwear you wear, as many insoles are explicitly designed to meet the requirements of an athletic shoe, while others can be used for casual footwear like sandals, high heels, and sneakers. It is essential to ascertain that the insoles you choose can be inserted in all the shoes you would commonly wear. Otherwise, you might require a different insole for a different shoe.

If you are unable to find the correct size of insole for your shoes, pick the insoles that can be trimmed down to your ideal size. A smaller-sized insole will be of no help to you since it cannot be adjusted.


Clean them properly

All manufacturers will provide you with instructions as to how you should care for the insoles after purchase. It is of utmost importance that you take these guidelines seriously and stick to them to increase your product’s lifespan. While some of these products will be safe to wash in a machine, others might require the gentle touch of a hand. And remember, it is very much possible to ruin the inserts if you do not give them appropriate care.

Now that cleaning is discussed let’s come to care. You need to understand that all the insoles have a different and unique style to them. Thereby, check the label on the packaging even when care is concerned. Some of these care tips include taking out the insoles while not being used, or not sharing them with other users due to sanitary protection.


Right Shoes With Right Insoles

The pain of plantar fasciitis cannot be explained, especially if you have been suffering for a long time. You can relieve this regular pain and discomfort by purchasing the most appropriate and best insole for plantar fasciitis. While you’re busy selecting a suitable insole for yourself, also consider the type of shoes you generally wear.

A well-made pair of shoes can also go a long way in helping you curb the discomfort from plantar fasciitis. You will find many sturdy and durable shoes on the market, and the trick is to choose them according to your feet type (narrow or wide). Also, consider the break-in period and check corresponding reviews and feedback by customers. Do not end up with a pair of shoes that do not allow you to remove the built-in insoles, which will render orthotic inserts useless.

Shoes that are too tight can worsen your foot condition, where a high-quality orthotic liner will not be enough to help you. Thereby, paying attention to the kind of shoes to wear is as important as your medical-grade inserts.


List of 10 Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis Review (Orthotic Insole) 2023 Update!

Fight the unbearable pain of plantar fasciitis with our top ten picks below! Also,  don’t forget to check the buyer’s guide after this section for more information on plantar fasciitis inserts, and how to choose the best among them:


1. Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for plantar fasciitis

Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for plantar fasciitis

As you correctly guessed, this brand was founded by the late Dr. William Scholl. It all happened in 1904 when Dr. Scholl invented his first patented arch support. Who would’ve thought it would turn into such a big empire? This brand has always offered solutions for problems like an ingrown nail, foot odor, back pain, plantar fasciitis, and more. They also showcase a range of custom-fit orthotics, which are crowd-favorite.

Dr. Scholl’s is one of the few trusted brands that you can purchase with your eyes closed. If you are looking for customer satisfaction and quality products, this is a brand you can always turn toward. Some of the features that we fancy in this product are versatility, length, and shock guard technology. With this trinity, no terrain will stop you, and no shoe is going to fail you. We recommend this product for dealing with moderate to severe plantar fasciitis.

Boots with this insole can bring higher levels of support to the wearer, as compared to most PF inserts. This is due to the reinforced arch support that provides your heel the liberty to lean on it. The product is available in the men’s size, and don’t worry if you end up with a size more significant—you can always trim them to suit your unique shape and size. You can virtually wear these inserts with all categories of footwear, including sneakers, boots, flats, and even heels. Many customers claim that this is one of the most reliable products on the market, and many had turned to them when nothing worked, which makes it better than its previous models as well.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Great versatility and length
  • Comes with shock guard technology
  • Reinforced arch support

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • The arch support may be less for some people


2. Physix Gear Full Length Orthotic Insole with Arch Support

Physix Gear Full Length Orthotic Insole with Arch Support

Physix Gear Sports was founded in 2015, and they have found a liking in customers dealing with plantar fasciitis. The primary reason for their success is the range of compression socks they have released. Looking at all the products listed under this brand, it is safe to believe they care about your wellness and budget. These orthotic inserts are one of our top picks when it comes to dealing with debilitating PF.

These ergonomically-designed insoles by Physix Gear are the ideal example of high-quality meets affordability. If you’re wary of investing your money in a new brand, then you should skip that and get your insoles from this famous and reliable brand. These insoles are designed to provide you with the best comfort with medical-grade EVA foam and high-quality shock absorption. You will never have to worry about breaking your feet after a long day at work, as these inserts will protect you against all foot problems.

The product features semi-hard arch support along with a supportive heel cup, and this combination never seems to fail. You can complete your daily 5-mile run without worsening your plantar fasciitis pain. Hiking, working, and walking on concrete will be easy breezy as well! Due to the non-slip heel, the insole will not move around your footwear and provide you adequate and perfect comfort. They can fit almost all kinds of shoes, but we do recommend them more for athletic and work boots.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Budget-friendly
  • Made with medical-grade EVA foam
  • High-quality shock absorption
  • Non-slip heel

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Not recommended for sensitive feet


3. Sof Sole Men’s Plantar Fascia 3/4 Orthotic Insole with Gel Heel Cups

_Sof Sole Men's Plantar Fascia 34 Orthotic Insole with Gel Heel Cups

Sof Sole is a brand that offers you every bit of comfort for your aching soles. Based out of Durham, North Carolina, this company has only seen success after it was founded in the 1990s. Their technologically advanced insoles are one of the main attractions when it comes to their products. After going through the collective customer experience and checking the product ourselves, it is only fair to recommend this excellent pair of inserts.

Plantar fasciitis insoles can sometimes cost a fortune, so if you find a budget-friendly deal—you should grab it. These PF insoles are so affordable, yet made with such superior material that we had to put that on the second spot! This product comes with a gel heel cup, which helps in, which helps protect the heel area while also increasing shock absorbency. If you find it challenging to stabilize our feet due to your condition, you will undoubtedly find relief with the gel heel cup.

Excellent arch support is offered by the product, which will help you maintain an outstanding performance at work without experiencing fatigue or pain. Spending hours on your foot will no longer be a daunting task. Since they are versatile, you will be able to use these inserts in almost all types of shoes, and trim them down according to your feet measurements if required.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Excellent arch support
  • Ideal for standing jobs
  • Gel heel cup increases impact resistance
  • Provides stability

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Does not have high-density for runners


4. ViveSole Plantar Fasciitis Insoles Foot Arch Support Orthotic

_ViveSole Plantar Fasciitis Insoles Foot Arch Support Orthotic

ViveSole is committed to providing you aid to live better. This brand offers you the best-in-class support, health devices, personal care, and more; it also does it at the lowest price possible. Seniors and recovering patients are the biggest beneficiaries of their products, which can be confirmed across many platforms. The ViveSole Plantar Fasciitis Insoles Foot Arch Support Orthotic is one example of their excellence.

These insoles come with a self-adhesive base, which helps you slide and stick them into any shoe type. You will not face the issue of the sole getting detached with little or moderate movement. This feature is especially important for users who are always on their feet. The inserts are also made up of soft and moldable gel that your heel can gently sit on, no matter your feet type.

Some additional cushioning also helps with absorbing impact, which in turn reduces your chances of developing soreness in the foot. If you work in all-day standing jobs like food service, retail, or cleaning, then you will benefit a great deal from this product. The reason why this product sits at the top five products of this list is due to the balance it strikes between quality and cost. Just slide them into your favorite shoes and get going.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Does not let soreness develop
  • Ideal for workers in standing jobs
  • Soft and moldable gel inserts
  • Affordable

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Takes time to break-in


5. Superfeet Green Insoles Professional-Grade High Arch Support

Superfeet Green Insoles Professional-Grade High Arch Support

These Supereet Green Insoles come with a stabilizer cap that helps you support your rearfoot. This feature will hardly be spotted in other products in the market, let alone the list we have created. It also aids in providing complete stability to the wearer which is better than its superfeet’s previous model. The foam layer and deep heel cup are leading contributors in relieving the stress and pain from your feet. You need to remember that these insoles come with a high volume profile, which means there is no choice but to trim them.

Many customers suggest that the product holds up well, even after using it for two to three years. Although they do warn you that you may feel a certain discomfort when you start wearing them, however, once your feet have adjusted to the insoles, you should be good to go. It will gradually mold itself around your feet and provide you with almost a customized solution to your plantar fasciitis.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Molds itself around your feet shape
  • Foam layer with deep heel cup for stress-relief
  • High-volume profile

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Long breaking in time


6. Powerstep Pinnacle Insole BLUE Men’s

Powerstep Pinnacle Insole BLUE Men's

In order to recover or prevent food conditions, choosing the best insole for your shoes/boots is key. Whether you’re recovering from a hernia or knee operation, or merely need extra cushioning around your sole and arches—PowerStep has got you covered. These men’s insoles are a panacea for the gentlemen. No wonder PowerStep is the number one brand recommended by Podiatrists. Not only plantar fasciitis, but these insoles are ideal for people who also suffer from overpronation or foot fatigue.

Arch support is a crucial requirement for runners who have plantar fasciitis. The Powerstep Pinnacle Insole BLUE Men’s will certainly not dash your hopes if you’re on the lookout for an insert that will protect your foot at all costs. Unlike the orthotic insoles that work mostly with regular and work footwear, these can be used for high-intensity tasks like running or sprinting. Because of the high-quality arch support, these liners will help you stabilize your body during your activities, and also absorb the maximum shock.

Not only have they been decided to take on the impact from walking, running, or hiking, but they also come with a cushioned heel to provide soft support. This cushioning can prevent bouts of unbearable pain arising from your plantar fasciitis condition. With reduced stress and a firm yet flexible shell, you will not have your movement be restricted by your foot condition ever again. We consider the antibacterial outer fabric of the insole a plus point, and so will you when you don’t come home with stinky shoes after a long day at work.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Recommended by podiatrists
  • Comes with a snug and flexible shell
  • Antimicrobial outer fabric
  • Adequate cushioning against impacts

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Not ideal for narrow feet


7. Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insoles for Sport Shoes

_Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insoles for Sport Shoes

Achilles Tendonitis, arch pain, knee pain, and other foot problems can be challenging to deal with. The patented Footminders Orthotic technology will help you steer clear of all of these discomforts, especially your PF condition. Although this is a relatively newer brand, it has made a powerful impression in the world of foot supports and orthotics. These arch support insoles for plantar fasciitis are one of the best products we have found for our research.

Although you can develop plantar fasciitis for various reasons, there are only some reasons it gets further triggered. Being on your feet for an entire day can leave you in shambles by the end of the day. This may sound familiar to you if you work for the front desks. Fortunately, you can keep your feet from breaking down entirely by providing them enough support and comfort through these high-quality liners.

They come equipped with all the essential features like EVA foam, cushioned heel with shock-absorbing ability, and deep heel cup. We have discussed this holy trinity earlier as well, and we indeed swear by it to provide you the ultimate protection. The Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insoles have been created specifically for sports, which explains the sturdy and high-density design. But it can be used for workers who have stand-all-day jobs.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Made with superior quality EVA foam
  • High-density design for sports
  • Comes with a deep heel cup
  • Provides balanced and alignment

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Not recommended for low arches


8. WALK·HERO COMFORT AND SUPPORT Plantar Fasciitis Feet -Orthotic Insole

WALK·HERO COMFORT AND SUPPORT Plantar Fasciitis Feet -Orthotic Insole

Keeping track of your fitness with plantar fasciitis is not easy, particularly for people who love hitting their 10,000 steps (or those who need to). However, there is a way you can achieve this goal without triggering agonizing pain in your feet—the WalkHero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles. There are only a few orthotic inserts that are dedicated for walking purposes, and this product is one of them.

WalkHero is a reliable brand that you can invest in for your PF condition. It helps you walk your walk without causing a heel spur in your feet. If you’re looking forward to losing a couple of pounds by Christmas or New Year’s, do not have to wait for your foot condition to heal completely. Instead, use the WalkHero inserts for heel cushioning, support, and balance, allowing your life not to get restricted by the disorder.

They also come with a contoured footbed that embraces the distinct shape of your feet. With this, your feet will be able to relax and unwind, rather than experiencing discomfort all the time due to PF pain. This product also helps users with overpronation problems with a deep silicone heel cup. So, walk a mile in these insoles!

What we love (Benefits):

  • Reliable and popular brand
  • Helps PF sufferers walk and maintain fitness
  • Comes with a durable deep silicone heel cup
  • Does not restrict movement

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • The sticky back might catch dirt




9. Samurai Insoles Instant Relief Orthotics for Flat Feet

Samurai Insoles Instant Relief Orthotics for Flat Feet

The Samurai Insoles have been designed under the supervision of a podiatrist. These insoles are popular among patients of heel spur or plantar fasciitis. This is due to a simple reason; they are lightweight, so you do not carry more weight around on your feet. It also offers a lot of support and almost instant pain relief with the help of cushioning. People with all foot types can use these insoles.

Because of the springy molded inner core, your feet will get a bounce every time you walk. This is very important as it makes your steps lighter. Customers with flat feet complaints are found saying that these insoles can help eradicate the pain. Most of them cannot even feel their food fatigue within a couple of months of use.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Springy molded inner core for lighter steps
  • Relieves and prevents foot fatigue
  • Ideal for heel spur and plantar fasciitis

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Takes a while to adjust
  • Not recommended for high arches


10. Protalus M100 Max Series Patented Stress Relief Replacement

_Protalus M100 Max Series Patented Stress Relief Replacement

The Protalus M100 Max Series– Patented Stress Relief Replacement has been made out of only superior materials, with a design that works for any type of foot shape. These insoles have turned out to be an exceptional choice for people suffering from plantar fasciitis. This is because they focus on relieving the pain and lifting the pressure from your feet. When your feet no longer feel burdened by the weight of your body, you should be able to see your PF symptoms vanish.

Excellent cushioning properties and high-impact shock-resistance help create a safe space for your feet within your footwear. Not only does it improve with soothing your pain, but it also helps you maintain your stability and spine body alignment. The no-slip ridges have been incorporated to help you gain solid grip to the ground, making your walks more confident.

What we love (Benefits):

  • Offers instant stress relief
  • Removes pressure from feet
  • High-impact resistance against shock

Keep in mind (Drawbacks):

  • Pinching sensation at times
  • Holds a little odor



Why Should You Buy Orthotic Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis?

There are countless ways orthotic insoles can help people with plantar fasciitis. It can also resolve heel pain and other foot-related complaints. Below, we have mentioned some of the best benefits of purchasing orthotic insoles for plantar fasciitis:

  • Boots, sneakers, or running shoes—you can use them in almost any type of footwear. They can be used in many kinds of arch support slippers as well. All you must do is take the old inserts out and replace them with new ones whenever required.
  • Orthotic insoles always have a more bottomless heel cup that provides ample comfort and increases shock-resistance and absorption capabilities in your shoe. This will help you avoid causing more stress or pain to your feet, ankles, and knees. People with plantar fasciitis are the biggest beneficiaries of these qualities.
  • They work very quickly and efficiently in relieving pain. Many PF patients agree their painful bouts have decreased, and they live with a lot of more comfort in general. Many of them continue to use orthotics even when their PF symptoms subside to protect their feet.
  • If you ask us, orthotic inserts are always better than the ones that came with your shoe. Apart from some high-quality footwear, many of them string along with cheap and low-quality insoles that will do little to no good for your feet, let alone your plantar fasciitis.
  • Instead of switching to new shoes altogether when your PF condition hits you, it is always lighter in your pocket to change the insoles!



FAQs about Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis


Is there a break-in period with plantar fasciitis insoles?

Unfortunately, orthotics inserts do require a break-in period for some people. On the purchase of a new insole for your PF condition, you may take time to get used to walking around in them. This remains a concern for many people, although it depends on your feet type and size.


Are overweight people prone to developing plantar fasciitis?

Being overweight can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your legs, especially if you have been obese for a long time. Many foot problems can arise due to continuous excessive weight on the feet, including bunions, athlete’s foot, blisters, and plantar fasciitis. You can use orthotics inserts to relieve the pain and pressure on your feet as a temporary solution, but losing weight is the only reliable solution to the condition.


How durable are these inserts?

Insoles have a short life, and you might have to invest in a new pair soon. This is because it has a direct interaction with your feet, which increases the wear and tear, and decreases the life of the insoles. You should expect a pair of insoles to last you at least six months to one year, depending on the quality of the product.


How much do insoles for plantar fasciitis cost?

A decent pair of insoles for plantar fasciitis should cost you at least 20 to 30 USD. However, you should expect this range to vary according to the brands, features, and quality of the products.


The bottom line

We recommend you the recommendation of the experts: Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for plantar fasciitis. Many customers rely on these orthotic inserts to bid farewell to all the unwanted and agonizing pain from plantar fasciitis. The product strikes a perfect balance between durability, construction, and affordability.

We love this product. You can also go through the buyer’s guide and choose the insoles appropriate for your feet type from this article, and start making confident strides again!

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