10+ Best Electrician Work Boots in 2022 (Our Topic Picks & Buying Guide)

If working with electricity daily is what you do, then you are very likely surrounded by dangers and risks of getting electric shocks. Whether it is working on a rigid floor or climbing up ladders while being exposed to electricity, an efficient work boot can be a lifesaver for you. The work boots for electricians are specifically designed to give proper protection from electric shocks up to 18000 V, and at the same time, enhance the comfort of your feet.

Best Electrician Work Boots


So, adding a good pair of work boots to your protective gear is the most effective and smart investment that you can ever make. This article talks about all the essential factors to consider while opting for the best EH-rated boots. To help you with easy decision-making, we have also added the reviews of the 10 best work boots for electricians from where you can easily pick the ideal pair for yourself. So, let’s get started!


What Makes A Boot Electrical Hazard?

When you come across any shoe, by looking at its specification, you can quickly tell if it is EH-rated or not. Now you must be thinking what the term EH-rated means. Well, any shoe that comes with EH-rating is supposed to have successfully passed the testing done by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and significantly offers protection against electrical shocks and prevents electrocution at ease.

So, when one works and deals with live wires and other electrical bases like railway lines, industrial underground electric base, etc., one needs to utilize the EH-rated or hazardous electrical boots.

The EH-rated work boots are generally made of pure leather coated with non-conductive particles. And this coating cuts off your bodily contact with the ground, thereby preventing the electrical charges to get through your body. However, EH-rated work boots are not ideal for wet uses; they can offer protection to the wearers only in dry settings.


10 Best Work Boots For Electricians 2022

Wolverine Men’s Tarmac Work Boot

Wolverine Men’s Tarmac Work Boot

If you are in search of the best work boots for linemen and electricians, then Wolverine Men’s Tarmac Work Boot can be an ideal choice for you. The work boots from Wolverine come in various sizes ranging from US 7-14 for the convenience of the customers. And it is apt for almost all feet types – medium, wide, and extra-wide.  Also, the product is available mainly in two vibrant colors, namely, black and brown.

The pair has been quite popular among the electricians for a long time due to its promising pure leather material. The rubber sole of the work boots is capable of providing adequate comfort to the wearers at the same time it has excellent shock-absorbing capabilities. Also, the two-toned work boots are highly durable and last long for several years.

The most significant advantage of purchasing from the Wolverines is that they come with reflective soles. The high visibility reflective wrap midsole gives a better view in the dark, thereby preventing you from tripping on any electrical appliance, and also doubles the comfort factor with enhanced shock absorbance.

With detachable, fully cushioned insoles, comfort is the most promised factor here for keeping your feet active on long hectic days. The moisture-wicking mesh lining present inside the boot prevents moisture from coming in your way and keeps your feet fresh and less irritated.

The cemented sole construction ensures a sturdy build of the shoes. In contrast, the rubber outsole with enhanced traction support gives a better grip on any surface, thereby preventing you from slipping or skidding. The composite toe also helps the electricians by directing electrical shocks directly to the ground. Moreover, this doesn’t cause even an inch of damage to the workmen.

Being non-metallic footwear, it is safe to wear while being exposed to high-voltage work areas. Moreover, not every work boot comes in water-resistant soles. Suppose you are worried about the durability of the work boots in bad weather conditions like heavy rainfall or snowfall. In that case, Wolverine will be ready for your rescue even in the most challenging circumstances.



  • The work boots from Wolverine do not get scratches quickly.
  • The shoes are water-resistant, making it suitable for wet weather conditions.
  • Shock-absorbent soles prevent the electrical impacts from reaching your feet.
  • It provides adequate arch support.
  • The boots have got reflective soles enhancing its visibility in the dark.


  • Lack of proper cushioning to the under feet.


Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock Safety Toe Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock Safety Toe Work Boot

If you are looking for some sturdy work boots, then Timberland’s PRO Men’s Boondock Work Boots might be just for you. The composition of the work boots is of pure leather, which lasts longer than most of its other competitors. With the brown oiled distressed look and multiple size variations from US 7-15, these are the best boots for medium and wide feet type.

The synthetic sole of the work boots from Timberland lasts long and provides adequate comfort to the wearer. Also, these soles are incredibly soft, which effortlessly balances the bodyweight of the electricians, letting them perform their electrical activities at ease.

The Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock Work Boots generally measure 6.5-inches in the shaft, giving sufficient protection to your legs from the electrical hazards. The work boots feature TPU outsoles that are highly water as well as oil-resistant by nature. It does not allow the electrician to slip over oily or watery surfaces, preventing them from having a hard fall.

The shoe features ever-guard leather that renders protection to your feet against various weathering agents like rainfall, snowfall, etc. The best part of the work boots from Timberland is its implementation of Anti-Fatigue Technology in its foot frame. It works in geometrical patterns to return the energy to your foot for surviving all day prolonged work pressure at ease.

Also, the shock-absorbing feature offered by the Timberland work boots provides support and protection to your feet by preventing the impacts from reaching your arch. It also protects your underfoot from various electrical shocks while working in an on-site electrical field.

The soft-toe system of the work boot helps in providing 100% satisfaction and comfort to the wearer. Apart from this, the incredibly stylish design of the Timberland work boots adds to your pride in the work field.



  • These work boots from Timberland are easy to clean.
  • These sturdy work boots are shock-absorbing in nature.
  • The outsoles with deep lugs provide enhanced traction on any surface.
  • Rubber toe protectors prevent your toe area from getting stubbed or compressed.
  • 100% genuine leather ensures durability.


  • Not much flexible


Wolverine Men’s Raider 6” Work Boot

Wolverine Men’s Raider 6” Work Boot

This pair of excellent looking work boots from Wolverine is worth the purchase. It is available in a stunning brown shade. Also, the product is available in different sizes ranging from US 7-14 and is an ideal choice for anyone with medium and extra-wide feet type. Pure leather products are rare to find these days. But unlike other work boots, Wolverine comes in 100% original leather making it the right investment of the customer.

The rubber sole of the work boots provides sufficient comfort to the electricians’ underfoot, even in the most challenging work fields every day. With 5-inches measurement of the shaft, the shoe facilitates enhanced arch support to make your long working days free from tired-feet. Moreover, the heel measures 1.25-inches, which is high enough to give adequate support and stability to your heel area.

This work boot comes with reliable abrasion-resistant Multishox lugged rubber outsoles that offer excellent traction support to give you a reliable gripping on any surface. The slip and oil resistance provided by this outsole prevents you from falling on working sites and avoid getting electrical shocks. Also, it gives enough shock resistance to absorb electrical as well as mechanical impacts from the ground to keep your under feet protected all the time.

The Multishox insole of the work boots is removable so that you can easily replace it with customizable orthotics. This shoe comes with a platform measurement of about 0.75-inches, allowing your feet to stay relatively high above the ground containing live electrical wires, panels, or grids. The high-quality CK mesh lining laid in the uppers of the work boots make them extremely breathable, preventing the accumulation of sweat in your feet and offering enhanced comfort.



  • The highly raised platform of the work boots adds to its stability.
  • The non-metallic safety toe prevents electrical shocks and impacts.
  • Enough shaft-to-arch distance prevents straining of the legs and muscles.
  • The flexible rubber sole gives you comfort in adverse situations.
  • Mesh fabric keeps your feet dry and cold.


  • These boots are not that easy to wash.


Irish Setter Men’s Wingshooter ST-83632 Waterproof Work Boot

Irish Setter Men’s Wingshooter ST-83632 Waterproof Work Boot

If you need work boots for electrical trade or railway services for electrical lines, then none can be a better option than the Irish Setter Men’s Wingshooter Work Boots. The pair is available in only one color, namely brown, which matches almost every outfit of yours. Besides, the shoe has a plethora of sizes ranging from US 8-14 to fit on any medium and wide feet comfortably.

The work boot features a polyurethane footbed that provides ultimate underfoot comfort to the linemen working in electrical fields. Also, with a shaft measurement of about 6.5-inches, the footgear prevents your shank from electric shocks.

The UltraDry waterproof sheaths present on the work boots of Irish Setter helps in keeping water rashes away in the summer. Also, the moisture-managing lining equipped in the uppers of the shoe makes your feet feel dry and cold. The work boots are efficient enough to protect your feet from high voltage electrical hazards at ease.

Irish Setter brings the best work boots for electricians with the most comfortable non-metallic Nano toe, which are apt for saving your toes from getting hurt from hard and sharp objects. Its composite toe box is quite lightweight and aids in balancing the body weight while working on a rugged electrical field.

The rubber-EVA traction tread outsole helps in walking around the site without any shock or impact-related problem. The heat resistant sole of the work boots also provides assistance and comfort to your feet while working on high-temperature surfaces. This way, they do not even get heated up after a lot of friction with the ground.



  • Being slip-resistant, the outsole offers excellent traction on any surface.
  • It ensures excellent ankle support, securing your ankle in place.
  • The work boots are compliant to I/75C/75 and ASTM F2413-11 standards.
  • The roomy non-metallic toe box gives ample space to relax your toe fingers.


  • The work boots capture a lot of moisture in the feet.
  • The toe leather wears out too soon.


Timberland PRO Men’s Work Boot 52562

Timberland PRO Men’s Work Boot 52562

If you want to please your feet with the utmost care, then you would not get a better option than the Timberland PRO Men’s Work Boots. These shoes are made of full-grain leather material and consist of comfortable rubber soles. The spacious shaft also provides enough space for the feet to rest in the work boots comfortably, making it easy for you to walk or run on electrical fields.

The anti-fatigue technology equipped in the boot features conical geometry to keep your feet fatigue-free for all-day comfort. Besides, the single-density, open-cell Polyurethane midsole is great in resisting shocks and keeping your feet energized all the time while you are working on electrical sites.

Made with a sturdy rubber outsole, the footwear features brilliant traction support, which lets you work on any rough surface at a construction site while reducing the risk of falling down. Besides, the Timberland Pro Rubber double toe along with Timberland Pro Rubber Backstay is incorporated in the footwear to offer enhanced abrasion resistance and durability.

The outsole is slip, oil, and heat resistant too, which prevents you from slipping off while working, thus protecting you from making bodily contact with live electrical wires. On the other hand, the presence of a ladder lock outsole radius in the heel area gives you adequate gripping to climb up on ladders.

The steel toe ensures the safety and keeps your feet protected from getting stubbed or compressed. These shoes, being suitable for extra-wide feet type, will be great for keeping your feet supported up to the mid-top area from the arch and helps in obtaining proper balance.

This footwear is available in a wide range of sizes from US 5-9.5 and comes in 2-shades of brown color. The high-ankle nature of this work boots confers adequate support to your ankle and arch area.



  • The lace-up closure makes the shoe snugly fit on your feet.
  • Mesh fabric with odour-control lining keeps your feet breathable and smell-free.
  • Wide toe room keeps your feet relaxed all day long.
  • The contoured padded foot frame ensures improved comfort to your underfoot.


  • The shoe does not come in the exact size fitting as per the standards mentioned.
  • The soles are not durable enough.


Irish Setter Work Men’s Crosby Nano Toe 83602 Waterproof Workboot

Irish Setter Work Men’s Crosby Nano Toe 83602 Waterproof Workboot

The Crosby Nano Toe Work Boots from the men’s collection of Irish Setter is a comfortable and lightweight Nano toed boot equipped with modern technology. This shoe, being available in a wide range of sizes from US 8-13, comes in only 2-stylish colors, including grey and black/ grey. And this footwear is ideal for people having medium and wide feet.

These boots are made along with Stable flex technology. It is combined with welt constructed heels and cement construction in the forefoot area to deliver enhanced stability and flexibility to your feet while working in electrical sites.

95% full-grain leather, along with 5% synthetic material, offers the best durability to the boots. Crosby’s non-metallic shoes provide added protection to your toe fingers and prevent them from getting stubbed.

The toe box of the footwear, being ASTM F2413-11 I/75C/75 compliant, is apt for resisting impact and compression at the toe area. At the same time, it abides by EH-standard, so these shoes are perfect for wearing while being exposed to high electricity risks.

Irish Setter’s UltraDry construction with moisture lining and waterproof components avert exterior moisture to come inside the shoe, thereby making your feet much more comfortable and drier. With ARMATEC Irish Setter Technology, the shoe features a protective covering that offers great and tough abrasion resistance while working over uneasy terrains. With proper ArmaTec placement in the high wear areas of the boot, it gets a long life.

This work boot comes with removable footbeds and dual-density midsoles padded with memory foam, which offers sufficient shock absorption and prevents electrical impacts from reaching your underfoot.

Vibram outsole equipped in the shoe is oil, abrasion, and chemical resistant, thus offering adequate gripping on all surface types and preventing you from falling off. The footwear is also known for its best heat resistant performance.



  • Stable Flex technology keeps your heel secured at a place.
  • UltraDry technology offers enhanced breathability through your feet.
  • Memory foam embedded midsoles keep your feet cold and cosy.
  • Vibram outsole makes the shoe puncture-resistant.


  • Shoelaces are a bit short.
  • The shoes run a bit small.


Irish Setter Men’s 6” 83605 Work Boot

Irish Setter Men’s 6” 83605 Work Boot

These brown boots from Irish Setter come with multiple size variations from US 7-14 and offer a great fit to any medium and wide feet type. Formed of USA-made, full-grain leather, this shoe has a 6-inches shaft measurement that gives sufficient protection and support to your upper calves area.

Besides, this footwear has a heel measure of 1.5-inches, which gives much stability to your feet. Also, having a boot opening of about 13.5-inches with metal eyelets, this footwear can be easily worn on/ off while doing your job in the electrical field. Additionally, with non-woven nylon lining, the shoe offers a comfortable and snug fit to your feet.

The lace-up boots possess a polyurethane footbed, which provides the utmost comfort to your under feet during your heavy-duty electrical work. Also, these are the soft toe boots that meet the standards of electrical safety, ASTM F2892-11, thereby making them suitable to be worn against electrical hazards.

The EVA rubber outsole present in the work boot offers high durability, along with heat-resistant features, which makes it an ideal choice for any high heat environment. This heat-resistant capability enables the shoe to become melting-resistant even at a high temperature of about 475℉.

The rubber wedge sole’s extra thickness is equipped with adequate traction, which provides an aggressive grip on various surfaces. This protective sole is specifically designed for reducing hazards caused due to contact with electrical wirings.



  • Being water-resistant, you can wear them in wet weather.
  • The nylon fabric layer facilitates enhanced air circulation in and out of the footwear.
  • Non-metallic toe box protects your feet from electrical hazards.
  • Padded memory foam in the midsole gives excellent cushioning to your under feet.


  • It lacks proper support in the ankle area.
  • Long break-in period.


Thorogood Men’s GEN-flex2 Series – 6” Cap Toe, Composite Safety Toe Boot

Thorogood Men’s GEN-flex2 Series - 6” Cap Toe, Composite Safety Toe Boot


These boots come up with an outdoorsy and sporty appearance, much more different from the traditional Thorogood look. These boots are available in two classy shades, including brown and black, and are great for medium and wide feet types with varied size options ranging from US 7-15. Made with lace-up closures, these shoes are the best for offering a snug fit to your feet.

This shoe comprises compression-moulded gel inserts along with removable polyurethane cushioned footbeds that let you work comfortably the whole day long. The GEN flex dual-density rubber outsole with EVA cushioned flex midsole ensures enhanced durability, along with all-day comfy feeling for long hours in the site.

The rubber outsole offers proper traction support to ensure steady and balanced steps on any surface. Also, being resistant to oil and slip, the outer sole prevents you from falling on the field, thereby preventing you from getting electric shocks.

These boots are lightweight and very comfortable. These composite safety toe boots with Goodyear storm welt construction are capable of working in any situation. Its non-metallic toe box protects your toe fingers or front feet area in a brilliant way from getting crushed against any rugged surface or hard electrical equipment.

The shaft measuring 7-inches takes care of your arch area while giving total protection coverage up to your mid calves’ area. These boots are manufactured and constructed with the shock-resistant soles and heels and capable of tolerating 18000 volts.

These boots are tested for ASTM F2913-11 SATRA Test Method TM144 and are entirely compliant to the EH-standards. The lightweight design of the shoe is created for keeping your feet light and tireless at the rough surfaces of construction areas.



  • Rubber sideways and toes bumpers are abrasion and shock-resistant.
  • Mesh lining makes it more durable and breathable.
  • Non-metallic hardware eyelets minimize the chances of getting scratches on your shoe.
  • Wide heels provide enhanced stability to your feet.


  • The expectancy of life of the shoe is short.
  • Laces can break if pulled very tightly.


Danner Men’s Vicious 8 Inch NMT Work Boot

Danner Men’s Vicious 8 Inch NMT Work Boot

Danner Vicious NMT Work Boots has an ergonomic structure and focuses on the toes to splay naturally, and it also narrows the heel for locking the foot in a perfect place. Also, this boot is designed for providing safety to your toe area. Though available in a wide range of sizes from US 7-14, this shoe comes in only one color variant, namely brown/ orange. However, this boot is mostly suitable for wide feet electricians.

Made with 100% full-grain leather, these boots speak the language of durability, which makes it withstand every wear and tear at your electrical site. With the help of Gore-Tex liner, these boots are attributed with 100% waterproofing technology and supreme breathability that keeps your feet cold and dry all day long, even in extreme conditions. Besides, with an abrasion-resistant heel cap, the durability gets an added touch.

The trail guard platform of this shoe makes it an outstanding construction, which saves a lot of weight and provides torsional strength by integrating excellent durable TPU shank with midsole. On the contrary, EVA midsole provides exceptional cushioning properties to aid comfort under your feet.

Moreover, this boot has eliminated further weight and added up the strength by molding the midsole to the outsole and removing the seam. Also, the roomy toe box works in a great way to keep your front feet relaxed. Along with the lace-up closure, the 7.5-inches shaft provides a snug-fitting comfort and adequate arch support to keep your feet balanced on any work surface.

The Vibram outsoles of the shoe give it an excellent traction profile, providing you with a firm gripping on every surface. Thus, it prevents you from slipping or skidding and protects your body from making contact with live wires, averting electrical shocks.



  • It comes with breathable leather that keeps your feet dry and fresh.
  • The extended shaft gives protection up to the mid-calf area.
  • Adequate heel measurement gives enhanced stability to your heel and Achilles area.
  • The Danner trail guard platform gives a lightweight comfort to your feet.


  • Laces can break if pulled very tightly.
  • The front rubber cap is quite small.


Wolverine Men’s Hudson W02194 Work Boot

Wolverine Men’s Hudson W02194 Work Boot

Another cost-effective pair from the EH-rated collections of Wolverine shoes is the Hudson W02194 work boot. The Wolverine Hudson work boots are known for the perfect mix of comfort, durability, and smart design. This one is being created to suit construction sites and electrical fields.

These shoes, being available in two basic combinations of colors, including brown/ black and grey/ black, these boots come in different size variants from US 7-14, which offers an excellent fit to any feet type ranging from medium, wide to extra wide.

These shoes are made with a blend of 100% Nubuck suede leather and mesh, which prevents your feet from getting wet and keeps them breathable. The presence of a 5-inches shaft gives proper support to the arch area along with a snug fit to your feet.

Also, these shoes are provided with a padded collar and nylon shank, which reduces the foot fatigue of the electricians quite effectively. The shanks are sturdy enough to protect your ankle, knee, and calf muscles from getting strained. There are fully cushioned footbeds to add up to your comfort during long hours of on-site work.

Besides, the synthetic constructed outsole offers sufficient shock absorption and gives enhanced resistance from slips, oil, heat, and abrasion. The ASTM-rated steel toe cap is designed sturdily to provide proper protection to your toe area from electrical hazards.

Moreover, the synthetic soles add enough bounce to your feet while walking. With a removable fully cushioned MultiShox insole, the shoe works in a great way to keep your feet fresh and cozy throughout the day while serving proper support to your under feet.



  • The synthetic outsole is slip-resistant and waterproof.
  • Removable footbed lets you accommodate custom orthotics.
  • The rubber outsole offers excellent traction on every surface type.
  • Sufficient heel measure ensures high stability to your feet.


  • The Toe area might wear out quickly.
  • It is not suitable for working in rock cliffs.


How to choose the best work boots for electricians and linesman?

Well, the following points might help you to choose the most suitable and best work boots for electricians:

Safety Toe Protection

When it comes to picking the best work boots for electricians, the first thing that you should consider is safety and protection to your toe. There are several work boots available in the market; however, the ones with a non-metallic toe are capable of keeping you safe from electric shocks at ease. The safety toe should be soft enough to let the electricians and the linesman continue doing their work without much problem.

Some EH-rated footwear comes with multi-layered toe and heel bumpers that provide insulation and added protection from shocks, compression, and stubbing.



Another vital point that you should never forget is your comfort in the work boots. Make sure the shoes you are opting for come with dual-density soles. The midsole must be made of either EVA or foam padding to provide your feet with adequate support and balance while doing heavy-duty electrical work.

Soft PU or memory foam embedded insoles not only provide sufficient cushioning to your heel, arch, and ball area of the feet but also absorbs shocks and impact obtained from hard floors. So, for those linemen and electricians working 6-8 hours continuously wearing such heavy work boots, a shoe with cushioned orthotics is of utmost necessity to keep their feet from getting fatigued.


Build Quality

As an electrician, the quality of the work boots matters a lot to you, so before buying one, check for its build quality thoroughly. You can judge the superiority of the shoe by looking for its stitching pattern, double or triple layers of glues, and substantial attachment segments. All these factors affect the hardiness and durability of the boots.

Make sure your boots can bear everyday wear and tear, and the leather doesn’t get blown out from the seams. If you want footwear that will last for years, then you can opt for the ones that have Goodyear welt construction.


Supportive Features

Since you will be working on the field throughout the day, arch, heel, ankle, and shaft support is necessary to be equipped in the shoe to provide you with sufficient balance and help you maintain your posture and stance.

Also, the additional supports present in your boot will prevent your leg from injuries and foot pain.


Outsole and Traction Profile

Good quality work boots always come with enhanced traction support. While working as an electrician, you will be surrounded by the roughness of the construction sites, slippery or oily surfaces, rugged terrain, etc. Without tread patterns or added lugs provided in the outsole, you can easily fall, injuring yourself. If it’s the high voltage area, then it can even cost your life. So, for better and adequate gripping on any surface, look for anti-slip and abrasion-resistant rubber outsoles with excellent traction profile.



People working in the electrical trades and railway lines for mending electrical wires always have to keep their feet active. So, you would require a springy and lightweight work boot that will help you bend and flex your feet easily without getting your legs twisted.

Some boots are not flexible enough for electrical field jobs due to their heavy cementing or glueing. It even increases the weight of the work boots to a great extent, which makes it tough for the electricians and linemen to walk or run around. So, before buying the best work boots for electricians, you should always ensure the flexibility of the shoe.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of boots does the lineman wear?

There are 2-kinds of shoes that lineman can wear. They are known as Static dissipating and Non-conductive boots. The non-conductive work boots have wide soles that are made up of EVA, PU, and Rubber. They are all EH-labelled boots. On the contrary, the static dissipating work boots allow static electricity to flow through the insole, linings, and outsole to the earth. The design of these boots might seem counterintuitive, but these boots work perfectly to prevent you from getting momentary electric shocks.


Will rubber boots protect from electric shock?

The rubber-soled shoes provide electrical insulation, which will help in protecting anyone from conducting the shock current through their feet. The mist standard designs are not intended to provide electrical safety because they are skinny and might not be the right substance. The presence of any dirt, moisture, and leakage of conductive salts from body sweat through the soles will also compromise the little insulation.


What does EH mean on boots?

EH means an Electrical Hazard rating on boots. It means that the shoes are manufactured along with electrical shock-resistant and non-conductive heels and soles. The outsoles can quickly provide secondary shock resistance to the person who is wearing the shoe against the electrical hazards. In simple words, EH on boots means that the shoes are electrical hazard-resistant.


Can you get electrocuted wearing rubber boots?

You can say ‘NO,’ because in such cases where the voltage is not much high, there you can be easily protected, but there are many factors that you should take into consideration. The human body conducts electricity, which passes through your body to the ground, resulting in the generation of electrical shocks. In case the electricity flows through your heart, then your life will be at stake. If your boots are in water and you grab a live wire, then also there will be a severe issue. But if you have a dry foot, then there are the least possible chances of such damages.


The bottom line

With the help of the above-given detailed reviews, you can easily choose the best work boots for electricians and linemen. However, if you ask us, then we would recommend Wolverine Men’s Tarmac Work Boots to be the best work boots amongst the others. It is so because this work boot is made of waterproof leather and possesses ultra-light midsoles that provide ultimate comfort to your feet while keeping it dry and soggy-free.

Also, this boot comes with a rubber outsole, which offers a great gripping on the ground, thereby preventing you from falling and saves you from getting electrocuted. In simpler words, this footwear can be called an all-in-one featured EH-rated boot.

Now, based on your needs and purposes, you should select the best one for yourself.

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