What Are The Benefits of Wearing Perfect Shoes (Explained By Podiatrist))

Benefits of Wearing Perfect Shoes

Your feet are the foundation of any activity or to maintain a balanced walk and posture. Therefore, it is very essential to keep them healthy and happy by investing in the perfect footwear.

At times, people get influenced by stylish or trending footwear on social media or any magazine. However, not everything that looks good is necessarily comfortable. Each person has a different feet type which may cater to only certain specific types of shoes.

Since a lot of people complain of early age feet problems, 70% of them are due to choosing the wrong footwear. Therefore, we need to understand the importance and benefits of wearing the right kind of shoes for your feet.

We decided to take a step ahead, ask various podiatrists and researchers, and come up with some wonderful benefits to your feet by wearing the right kind of shoes. Read on to find out how the right footwear can help you lead a comfortable and active life.



What Doctors Have to Say

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We did some immense research and asked various experts in the field about the issues with the wrong kind of footwear. In the process, we discovered that reflexologists say that there are pressure points in our feet that are some of the other way related to various parts of our body.

The pressure on our feet at the right places increases air circulation and helps in regulating various bodily and blood circulation related functions. For example, the ball of feet area of our legs corresponds to the functioning of the lungs, and the undersides of the toes help in the regulation of our sinus nerves and brain areas.

Therefore, shoes that allow good breathability with appropriate pressure points are very important if you want to maintain healthy feet that feel comfortable along with an overall healthy lifestyle.


The Problems with Wrong Footwear

Here is a list of problems that we have listed that is caused by choosing the WRONG Footwear:


A bunion is a condition that usually occurs in the big toe and is characterized by a bony outgrowth that runs in a direction against the rest of your toes. The skin over the deformed region may start peeling off and the affected area may look sore. It can also occur over the areas of your little toe.

Bunions mainly happen due to wearing tight and narrow shoes. These days, to look stylish, people end up choosing tip toed shoes that are way too narrow. In the long run, such shoes end up causing stress to your feet causing problems like bunions.



Hammertoes are caused especially due to the footwear being tight around the toe region. The toes become permanently bent and end up looking like that of a hammer, hence known as hammertoe. The bent toe may get very painful and sore and may end up developing calluses and corn in the feet.



Corns appear as thick spots on top of the toes or in between the toes and develop especially due to excessive shoe pressure. Over time, the skin may start peeling off and develop ugly spots on your feet which can also get very painful.

You require shoes that are roomy and don’t keep rubbing against your feet to cause friction and peeling off of the skin. Proper ventilation in the shoes is also a must to prevent corns and infections due to sweat.


Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails are characterized by the edges or corners of your nails extending into the skin that causes immense pain as the nail grows bigger. This usually happens at the big toe and can be very difficult to remove if not diagnosed in time.

If your footwear puts a lot of pressure on the big toe, if you wear stockings that are too tight, and if the shoes are extremely narrow, it can cause ingrown toenails. Improper foot hygiene can also cause ingrown toenails.


Pump Bump

Medically termed as Haglund’s Deformity, this happens when there is the pressure at the back of your feet, especially at the heel region. This is due to wearing high heels for a prolonged time or if the shoes are too tight at the heel area and lack flexibility.

If you have a high foot arch, then the heel gets severely pressurized as the arch does not support the weight of your body and the entire pressure comes on the heel. It can cause a bony bump at the back of your heel, redness or inflammation, or pain in the Achilles Tendon area that is attached to the heel.


What are the benefits of wearing perfect shoes?

Shoes should not only look perfect but feel comfortable on your feet which is why it is very important to invest and research about the right pair. You’d be happy to know that wearing the perfect pair has an immense range of benefits and improves our overall health and posture. Read on to know:


Protection for your feet

While at work or during any activity, our feet constantly come in contact with various types of surfaces, rough, smooth, hard, soft, cemented, unruly, rocky, etc. Such surfaces can cause injuries to our feet and nerves for which the perfect pair of shoes act as a layer of protection so that we can tread across such roads comfortably. It also protects against bad weather, dust, dirt, and bacteria in the surroundings to keep our feet spic and span.


Shock Absorbance

Shoes also provide good shock absorbance and protect our feet against impactful activities which helps in smooth landing during running and jumping. This causes less pressure on our nerves which can be helpful in the long run, especially during old age.


Prevents Injuries

One of the most important aspects of wearing the right shoe is that it helps in preventing injuries especially twisting or loss of balance due to improper fitting and design.

Shoes that are too high and don’t support your ankle and feet region can cause pronation, especially when they have to take the entire body weight, and are bound to get twisted or injured. The right kind of shoe keeps you and your feet safe in all ways.


Maintain Body Balance & Posture 

The right amount of heel, an open, well ventilated roomy design can help in maintaining proper balance while we run or walk thereby having fewer chances of tripping over. This is especially necessary when we require to do a lot of running and walking in our jobs or even if we are into activities like sport or dancing.

The right shoes also help in evenly distributing the weight of the body on the feet and does not cause pressure on just one section of your feet. It improves your confidence while walking and causes less distraction as well.


Arch Support

For people who have foot deformities like Arthritis, Achilles Heels, Bursitis, Plantar Fasciitis, etc, a comfortable and supportive pair of shoes helps in reducing the pressure caused on the feet due to such conditions. It is very painful to live with orthopedic and leg associated injuries and therefore, supportive shoes prove to be a game-changer for such people.

Hence, looking for shoes providing memory foam, cushioned insoles, and collars and supportive midsoles are helpful and beneficial for their feet as it supports the appropriate pressure points of the feet in the right way.


How to choose the perfect shoes?

Talk about the benefits of perfect shoes for your feet, it can get very tough looking for the right pair especially if you are purchasing online. Here is a quick guide on the features to look for to get the perfect shoes for yourself as per your comfort levels:


Shoe size:

Refer to the size chart and measure the dimensions of your feet properly before choosing the right pair for you. If the shoe is delivered a size smaller or larger, get them replaced instead of bearing the brunts of wearing an uncomfortable pair in the long run.

Keep checking your feet size every year because our feet are subject to changes over years. This can help you get the right pair easily.


Roomy Toe Box

Your shoes need to be roomy for your feet to breathe. Shoes that are tight around the toe box end up making your feet sweaty and can cause corns as well as ingrown toenails, hammertoes, corns, bunions, etc. A rounded toe top with appropriate depth is an ideal choice. Shoes that narrow down at the toe region is good for wearing once in a while but not meant for daily use.



Choose materials that provide good ventilation like mesh or leather. If the shoes have supportive memory foam, make sure that it is gel-based and has enough pores to allow moisture absorption and air circulation.


Heel size

If you want to improve the health of your feet, start wearing smaller heels and switch to something more sensible. High heels can cause swellings which are very painful to bear if you are barefooted.

This is a very common problem amongst working women and models who constantly need to stay on their toes and walk with high heels. If you do not need them, don’t choose heels.


Arch Support

If you suffer from any foot deformity or orthopedic condition, proper arch support and foot cushioning is a must. For which, look for shoes with memory foam that contours to the shape of your feet with each wear, and cushioning to provide good shock absorbance.

Padding at the collar region especially for athletic and work shoes can help in supporting the ankle, prevent pronation, and also support the knees, pressure points, and the joints over constant use.


Don’t go for the price

Most Comfortable Shoes DO NOT HAVE TO BE COSTLY. Just look for the features that are necessary for you and for the comfort of your feet. All shoes are not loaded with the best of features. Invest in the right type, which is when the price should not matter. With research, you may find a great deal for the pair that is appropriate for your feet.


The bottom line

Having a pair of shoes around your feet is a must but a “comfortable” pair works wonders. We have detailed you with all the aspects of getting the right shoe, be it from the problems associated with the benefits and even helping you choose the right pair as per your feet.

Investing in a comfortable pair may not be the most stylish option, but would be the best option to consider for the sake of your feet!!

Read our article above and tell us if we could help you choose the right pair and enlighten you with the benefits of choosing the perfect footwear through the comments section below.

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