Asics VS Brooks; Which Brand is Best for Running?

Asics VS BrooksRunning, as an exercise, owes its credibility to its benefits. It has multiple advantages- physically as well as mentally. But running requires sheer perseverance, dedication, and commitment. You will need light and thin pieces of clothing and the right kind of shoes in terms of attire.

Besides the proper technique, shoes are necessary to run appropriately. Professional runners and athletes swear by certain running shoe brands, two of them being Asics and Brooks. These brands are known for the agility and durability they provide. If you are willing to take up running and include it in your daily schedule, you must get the correct shoe.



History of Asics Shoes

Asics Shoes

Mr. Onitsuka first founded Asics shoes in 1949. It is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in sports equipment.

Basically, ASICS is an acronym for a Latin phrase, “anima sana in corpore sano,” which means “Healthy soul in a healthy body.”

Besides shoes, it also manufactures jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, compression garments, socks, bags, caps, backpacks, etc.

It started as a small four-employee business that became a home name amongst the Olympic athletes.

In 1949, Kihachiro Onitsuka was a military veteran. He started making footwear for children along with four other employees in a small office.

As post-war consequences burdened the world, Mr. Onitsuka pledged to liven the spirits of his fellow people by introducing a healthier lifestyle. Initially, he ventured into revolutionizing the basketball shoe.

He wanted to introduce a show with a superior grip over any surface. After getting inspired by the octopus sucker, he created a basketball shoe with the ideal grip on its surface. It was named Onitsuka Tiger, and it received so much appreciation that it went on to be worn by the Japanese Olympic basketball team for decades.

After tremendous success in the basketball field, Mr. Onitsuka went on to create shoes for tennis, volleyball and eventually running.

In the 1980s, ASICS came up with running shoes with GEL material that gave the necessary cushioning. Such a feature made it a go-to option for the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency.

It has offices in the USA, Brazil, Peru, Germany, Australia, and South Africa. It made a significant impact in the entertainment field when the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 shoes were used in Bruce Lee’s movie, “Game of Death.” Moreover, their iconic yellow shoes were spotted in Kill Bill.


History of Brooks Shoes

Brooks Shoes

Brooks Sports, Inc. is an American sports equipment company that was founded in 1914. Its headquarters are situated in Seattle, Washington.

In 1975, Brooks worked with specific runners like former Olympian, Marty Liquori, to design a phenomenal running shoe. This was considered to be a revolutionary product. The designers came up with their first esteemed running shoe, Villanova. This gave them the title of “Best Running Shoe” in Runner’s World and Sports Illustrated.

Their first shoe used EVA foam for extra comfort and support. After that, another running shoe, Vanguard, was introduced.

A major setback had affected the company in 1980 when the majority of the shoes came out to be defective. They declared bankruptcy, and Wolverine World Wide purchased them in 1981.

In 1982, the company introduced Chariot, which had a higher-density foam in the midsole. They also launched Brooks for Women.

The Beast was introduced in 1992 that used diagonal rollbar technology. It had a wide forefoot and high arch. This became their best-selling running shoes of all time.

In 2011, Brooks hit a high revenue with investments from Warren Buffet. They reintroduced Vanguard, Chariot, and the Beast as the Brooks Heritage Collection in 2016.


Difference Between Asics and Brooks

Difference Between Asics and Brooks

Besides history, specific differences between Asics and Brooks can affect their overall performance. The following are some of those features that can help you make a better and more informed decision:


Durability depends on several in-built features and overall construction. On average, Brooks has a life expectancy ranging from 300 to 500 miles. In other words, they can last from three to six months.

On the other hand, ASICS last within the range of 450 to 500 miles.

However, there have been instances where Brooks has come out as a more durable brand. As the shoes by ASICS are more lightweight, they tend to last for less amount of time. At the same time, Brooks’ shoes have a mesh upper that increases their durability and longevity.



Breathability is an essential component to factor-in while purchasing running shoes. As running is a taxing sport, you might profusely, especially in the feet. This can be an uncomfortable experience that can be avoided by opting for shoes with breathable material.

A breathable material will help in keeping the feet dry and fresh.

Brooks utilizes two varying technologies to enhance the shoes’ breathability: Engineered Mesh and Fit Knit. The Engineered Mesh provides the essential structure and stretches to the fabric. On the other hand, the Fit Knit provides a sock-like fitting, even with rigorous foot movements.

ASICS has an Ortholite Lasting material construction that cushions your feet while also wicks away moisture.

In terms of breathability, both types of shoes work in the same manner. However, as ASICS has a lightweight construction, they might feel more breezy and well-ventilated.



Cushioning is vital as such a feature helps in supporting the feet, heel, and arches.

Brooks uses two types of cushioning:

  1. DNA LOFT: It accommodates itself to the wearer’s profile, speed, movements, and stride. It is a soft midsole compound that is made by a mixture of air, rubber, and foam. Moreover, this also makes it more durable.
  2. BioMogo DNA: It provides the same benefits as the DNA loft and adds a bit of a spring. This offers neutral support for the runners by giving a soft feel.

Coming to the ASICS brand, it uses Flyterfoam technology that makes it more bouncy and flexible. It uses GEL technology that absorbs any additional shock for more comfort.

In terms of cushioning, even though both shoes use similar technology, Brooks offers more cushioning and comfort.



Shoes should have a snug fit. If you opt for shoes that have loose-fitting, it might come off in the middle of their usage. Contrarily, tight shoes might lead to blisters.

A fit is essential for runners as it can directly affect their performance and stride.

Brooks has a wide toe box which is why they are well-appreciated by runners with wide feet. On the other hand, ASICS provides a snug fit around the midfoot and heel. If you have wider feet, you must skip the ASICS shoes and opt for the Brooks shoes.



Stability is a pre-requisite in running shoes as it supports the feet while preventing any slippage accidents. The outsoles are fairly responsible for maintaining stability.

Brooks’ shoes have two types of technology known as Neutral and Support that allows the runner to maintain stability and friction with the surface.

ASICS shoes have a dual-density midsole system known as Duomax. It also has an external heel clutch that allows you to maintain your foot movements while carrying out frequent strides.

Both the shoes use rubber outsoles that work well for enhanced stability.

It should be noted that ASICS uses a TRUSSTIC system that prevents the shoes from getting twisted. So, if you are going for stability, you must go for ASICS shoes.



ASICS and Brooks shoes have varying price ranges that depend on their material, construction, structure, and technology.

ASICS cost between $110 to $160. Brooks shoes cost $100 to $160. So, if you are on a budget but wish to get the best running shoes, go for Brooks shoes.


Which Shoe is Better to Running?

Now that we have discussed ASICS and Brooks’s features, it is time to come to a conclusive answer. Which shoes are best for running?

Well, such a question has a subjective answer. If you have wider feet and require more support while running, you must go for Brooks. On the other hand, if comfort and lightweight are what you aim for, go for ASICS shoes.


The bottom line

Getting the right shoes for running is the first step. Make sure you get the appropriate ones along with light and breezy apparel. Before you go running, stay hydrated and warm-up properly. This will allow you to run to your best potential for faster and better results.

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