How good are Wolverine boots? (Revealed)

Think about it, do you wear the same pair of shoes everywhere you go? Different types of shoes serve individual purposes. Some are rugged, while some are delicate. Some are used in extreme situations, while some are for dinners or dates.

Likewise, a brand of footwear specializes in robust and athletic boots known as Wolverine boots. These shoes boast potent construction, reliable material, and intense dependability. But are these boots good? Will these boots stay true to their words and protect your feet? These might be some of the questions lingering in your mind, and we are here to find their answers.



Wolverine Shoes: History

Wolverine Shoes History

Before we get to it, you must know the fascinating history of wolverine boots. G. A. Krause and Fredrick Hirth founded them in the year 1883. This makes the company 138 years old!

This company started as a small leather shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It began with marginal capital investment. When the business started booming and when Krause and Hirth had significant profits, they build a plant in Rockford, Michigan.

Krause had to get his own electricity to achieve his dream of opening a plant. So, he purchased the Rogue River Electric Company. After this, the plant was established, and there was smooth functioning, making around 300 pairs of footwear every day.

The operations began in 1903, and the company was in the position of processing its raw material and manufacturing its shoes.

History was made when Krause met a tanner, John Pfingsten, in 1909. He inspired Krause to make boots from cordovan horsehide, leather taken from the horse’s rear. As it was considered to be stiff, not many boot makers used it. This was less expensive than cow leather and also more robust and strong.

They changed the company name from Hirth-Krause company to Wolverine Shoe and Tanning Corporating in 1921.

During WWII, the company worked for the U.S. Navy. They developed pigskin gloves (which were later known as pigskin suede).

They changed the company’s name to Wolverine World Wide, Inc, in 1965 and were listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the same year.

In the present times, 80% of Wolverine’s sales are in Canada and the USA. Most of the shoes are manufactured in South-East Asia, while there are two factories in the U.S.


Are Wolverine Boots Good? & Top Characteristics of Wolverine Shoes

Top Characteristics of Wolverine Shoes

Wolverine shoes are known for their rugged construction and enhanced longevity. But besides that, several other characteristics manage to keep these boots in the limelight, like the following:


The Wolverine shoes have flourished over time as it has adapted newer technology in its various footwear lines. A particular Wolverine line is made with nanotechnology. As they have a thinner toe cap wall, you get more room in the toe box.

This significantly eliminates the possibility of your feet getting swelled up. Moreover, this makes the shoes light in weight.



Wolverine shoes have a 6-inch or an 8-inch shaft that protects your feet. It is all around the wearer’s ankle and a part of the shin, thereby providing overall protection from any external factor.



The shoemakers of Wolverine understood the importance of making the material breathable. Therefore, they inculcated a moisture-wicking lining that allows your feet to remain fresh and ventilated for hours.

Moreover, it also safeguards the feet from bacteria build-up and other allergens.



Wolverine boots have nylon or fiberglass or a ladder shank. This makes it an ideal choice for people working in rough environmental conditions. The shank feels soft and comfortable on the skin and prevents any external strain.


Removable footbed and midsole

If the shoes do not feel right, you have the liberty to remove the ortholite footbed and PU midsole. It can help in achieving the ideal arch support.


Shock Absorption

These shoes feature a multishox outer sole with lugs. Such an element allows the boots to have shock-absorbing quality, preventing any damage to your feet.



This goes without saying, but Wolverine boots are made to last. They have an intense and intricate construction, increasing their ability to withstand any circumstances.


Different Types of Wolverine Shoes Available in the Market

Different Types of Wolverine Shoes Available in the Market

As Wolverine is a well-established brand, it had launched a series of footwear. Each model was distinctive, but all served to give the utmost comfort, protection, and support to the feet.

Steel Toe

Steel Toe

Wolverine’s Steel-Toe shoes were specifically designed for people who work in hazardous conditions.

It has a rubber midsole, ortholite footbed, and also waterproof qualities. The upper has waterproof leather. If this wasn’t enough, it also had denier nylon and ArmorTek Guard for all-around protection and comfort.

It has a Boa lacing system through which you can quickly tighten it, even with your gloves on! Convenience at its peak, isn’t it?

Lastly, it has MultiShox technology that absorbs any sudden jolts and keeps your feet intact.


  • It is slip, water, and oil resistant.
  • The shoes help with free-flowing movements.
  • The arch enhances the comfort levels.


  • If you have wider feet, these might feel a bit uncomfortable.


Soft Toe

Soft Toe

Not all shoes are meant to be worn in extreme conditions. If you require shoes for everyday usage, look no further than the Wolverine’s Soft toe boots.

These boots are made for everyday wear. They are light in weight, making it more comfortable to wear them for hours at a stretch.

Just like other Wolverine boots, these have a waterproof construction, thereby increasing their durability.

If your job does not require you to work in harmful conditions, these are a must-have. It guarantees flexibility, allowing free leg movements without any obstacles.


  • It has a removable insole.
  • The outsole has a rubber construction that forms a reliable grip over the surface.
  • The mesh lining makes it comfortable to wear.


  • The lack of a toe cap makes it uncomfortable for people with wide feet.


Work Boots

Work Boots

Wolverine’s Workboots are for comfort and everyday wear. They are ideal for wearing in the office or walking on a concrete surface.

As they have a nanotechnology construction, they are incredibly lightweight. The shoes have a thin diameter that allows you to have enhanced friction with the ground.

The flexibility offered works as an added advantage.


  • It has water-resistant properties.
  • The shoes are lightweight.
  •  They allow you to maintain a comfortable grip over the surface.


  •  The arch support provided might be questionable for some people.


Advantages of Getting Wolverine Boots

Advantages of Getting Wolverine Boots

Wolverine boots have their set of advantages, making them one of the most famous and renowned footwear brands.


Wolverine is known for its rugged look, and the reality does not disappoint. It gives out a rough impression.

The color is bright and doesn’t fade with time. Even though the material is thick or chunky, the boots are light in weight. This makes it easier to style it with your wardrobe.



Nanotechnology construction increases durability. Its shock-absorption qualities prevent any external jolts from compromising the material.

Its 1000-mile vintage boots are intricately made to last for years. The rubber outsole carries the ability to resist any kind of rough surface without damaging the material.


Water-proof qualities

If you have to work on muddy surfaces, Wolverine boots are a prerequisite. Its water-resistant and waterproofing qualities allow your feet to remain dry. Moreover, even constant contact with water does not damage the surface.

Not just water, these boots will function well in sleet and snow.


Bottom line

Wolverine as a brand has sustained in this business for over 138 years. If this isn’t living proof of their reliability and credibility, we do not know what is! Not only are comfort and support guaranteed, but you can also use them for years without worrying about the change in quality.

Therefore, we would like to conclude by saying that Wolverine boots are ideal for all kinds of situations- rough as well as ordinary. As you have a wide range of boots available in your basket, choose the one that fits you the best.

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