What Wearsty.com is all about, and who we are?

Welcome to wearsty.com where we will help you best take care of your feet with the recommendations of highly qualified experts! We are a bunch of shoe enthusiasts based out of Brooklyn, NY. Gone are the days you would have to spend hours researching the right footwear according to your feet size, medical condition (e.g. plantar fasciitis), or activity level. Wearsty.com will manage all the hard work and provide you with the best options suitable for you!

Our team harbors some of the best talents who have years of experience in their respective fields. Sore feet? Work at a construction facility? Active runner? Our experts know and understand your requirements and carefully assemble the finest choices for you while keeping your budget in check.

We began our journey with this website with one thing in mind—offering unique solutions to footwear consumers with genuine and unbiased advice. Our selection process is a hard one to crack, and no flimsy, overrated, or uncomfortable products can make the cut! Our experts put their feet in your shoes and examine each product subjectively through a lot of scrutinizes.

How We Pick Best Shoes At Wearsty.com

In order to pass the test that our experts have designed, the footwear needs to meet the five most essential standards—fit, comfort, support, stability, and durability! Hundreds of hours are spent in assuring and reassuring the quality of the products before we present them to you. Our articles provide you with a collected summary of the best products that have gained critical acclaim from both experts and consumers.

But what steps go into making this process so tight and seamless? Let’s dig into it!

  • First stage: We begin our process by first acquiring products according to a specific requirement that our readers are looking for. Maybe you (our reader) work a retail standing job or have an active lifestyle that takes a toll on your knees and hamstrings—our expert team rummages the reader mind and takes care of it! 
  • Second stage: This stage of our process consists of testing! A lot of testing! Our experts stretch the potential of all the products (quite literally too) and shortlist some of the best ones available. The shortlisting is done keeping budget, material, fit, comfort, traction, type and durability of the material, and other vital factors. 
  • Third stage: The shortlisted products are now compared to side-by-side and put to the test again. In this step, we show no mercy! These products are reviewed, rated, and ranked according to their advantages and disadvantages, keeping all kinds of consumers in mind. 
  • Fourth stage: A highly-qualified podiatrist puts in hours confirming the information compiled by the team experts and puts a seal of approval before it has been presented to you.


Our Team of Experts at Wearsty.com


Brandon Katz

Brandon Katz

Brandon R. Katz is a registered professional nurse who has been instrumental in providing us an informed opinion on the medical aspects of footwear. He graduated from NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and currently provides his services at a non-federal long-term care hospital in Brooklyn, NY. 

Brandon proves to be the champion in the group of expert writers with his in-depth knowledge in foot health, how to take care of it adequately, and what shoes, socks, or insoles will be supreme for you. He has previously worked with hospitals where he has foreseen both inpatient and outpatient departments and has been a practicing nurse since 2009. 

Brandon hails from Jersey City, NY, and has a loving family of four with a small pupper called Rozo. His decision to become a nurse arises from the desire to be in the position of helping and rehabilitating people. 

To relieve stress from his daily grind, Brandon takes out time to indulge in recreational activities like cooking, gardening, and running! He takes pride in his homemade sauces and blooming carnations and tulips. Brandon also swears by his morning yoga routine and believes it offers him the motivation and energy he requires to provide care to his patients. 

Brandon also loves to write! His work experience provides him with a profusion of knowledge which he turns into lucid and understandable articles at Wearsty.com. He helps the team by shorting through, researching, and trying various footwear suitable for foot injuries, paramedics, and nurses. 


Oliver Smith

Oliver Smith

Oliver has been a frequent writer on the Wearsty platform, and we love him here! He has a Masters in Sports Management from Georgetown University and since 2013 has successfully trained thousands of individuals in leading a better and healthier life through exercise and a clean diet. He tackles the sports shoe section on this platform and provides an excellent resource of knowledge to readers who love hitting the gym or the road. 

Oliver grew up in a small town called Kingston and spent most of his childhood and adolescence there. Growing up, he was an athletic child. He bagged multiple state swimming and diving championships around 17 and always had a pumped-up activity level. His older version is no different! Oliver keeps the winning streak alive by completing many challenging marathons like New York City Marathon, Sehgahunda Trail Marathon, and even Lake Placid Marathon. 

Swimming, running, and writing is three of Oliver’s greatest hobby horses! Thank goodness for that, since these balanced traits produce the most well-informed content for Wearsty. When it comes to an athletic lifestyle, Oliver knows how to take care of your feet properly. From blisters to heel spurs, to bunions—he knows how to treat them and even avoid them in best scenarios. He joined Wearsty to provide actionable and sustainable knowledge about right and wrong type of footwear and their impact on an athlete’s foot health. 


William Jones

William Jones

William has hands-on experience with construction sites, and the hazards employees face while working. He has been a dedicated worker since 1995 and is currently looked up to by many of his subordinates for the work he has done throughout his tenure. He has passed several certifications regarding safety at the workplace, including OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Silica in Construction Certificate, and the National Association of Safety Professionals Certification.

He has ample experience in woodwork and welding and understands the importance of a tough work boot in dangerous occupational environments. His achievements, experience, and knowledge allow him to be an expert in the field of work boots. He selects and tries all the products that he reviews and presents to his readers. As per him, the safety of the boot is beyond the beauty of it. He carefully scrutinizes each aspect of work boots, including flex, laces, length, breathability, strength, and more. 

When William is not working hard on the site, he often enjoys a quick workout in the park. He also expresses a great interest in riding bikes on a Sunday morning with his bicycle buddies. Another thing that he absolutely cherishes is the time spent with his family. He has two daughters named Samantha and Cyndy, who he dearly adores. 

Ethan Miller

Ethan Miller

Ethan comes with a wide array of knowledge when it comes to fashion. Since 2008, Ethan has been reaching remarkable heights in the fashion industry. He has a bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising from CUNY New York City College of Technology and currently owns his fashion studio in New York City. His styles exude a powerful statement, and he tries to bring this magic in the products he reviews. He ensures his readers always put their best foot forward. 

He grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and currently lives with his wife and five-year-old kid, Scott. In his free time, Ethan loves indulging his senses in pottery making and even knitting. He has celebrated many achievements in his career and has conducted workshops for many celebrities and public figures. At Wearsty, he ensures the testing and scrutiny of how fashionable products are and how comfortable and supportive they are. 


Dr. Kristine Hill

Dr. Kristine Hill

Dr. Kristine Hill has a Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from New York College of Podiatric Medicine, and currently assists our team of shoe experts by fact-checking and confirming the information presented to the readers. As a podiatrist, she has previously worked with numerous athletes, working professionals, and high to low activity individuals on the impacts of a lifestyle on  She has submitted many research papers on the role of the correct footwear in foot health and how to take adequate care of your feet. 

Previously, she worked in a foot clinic attached to a hospital, before she decided to have a private practice in 2012. She has more than 15 years of experience in foot health and has been incredibly gracious in providing her expertise to the Wearsty team! Her patients have ranged from ordinary people ailing with foot problems regarding obesity, old age, and foot stress—to athletes, runners, and workers who have demanding routines. 

In her spare time, Kristine likes to read and research further on foot health’s core subjects. She also enjoys watching crime/investigative movies and binge-watches Netflix rom coms whenever she has time on her hands. She has a loving family of three with her husband Paul and daughter Ruth. 


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